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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jack, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Jack

    Jack User

    What do you think about adding 1 hour boosters to the shop, and their price would be 5 million credits each? :)

    In my opinion, this would help everyone: smaller people would grow a bit faster and big UFE PvP people wouldn't find this too useful, cuz they already bid 50 million credits or more on 10 hour boosters, and when you are hunting, a 1 hour booster wearing off in middle of fight is just the thing you don't need ;)

    Leave only constructive criticism, thank you!
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  2. +1 from me i love it must me implemented
  3. yeah it is completly true and i would also love this .
  4. Sorrow

    Sorrow User

    lol, 5 million credits for 1 hour boosters? Then I will always be boosted and it will be years of being boosted. Boosters cost uridium and not credits, it should be at least 1000 uridium for a 1 hour booster.

    I agree with the credits and all but it's not going to happen because BigPoint (Darkorbit) will lose out money. They will not implement this, I wish but let's think like DarkOrbit for this one.
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  5. Jack

    Jack User

    WOW, 4ever boosted lol, just how many credits you can earn in 1 hour, bub?

    Besides, in that case you'd be able to win a new booster on auction every 10 hours and BP would've gone bankrupt already ;)
  6. Sorrow

    Sorrow User

    I can make around 25-40mil credits and hour.
  7. i can understand Sorrow there are a lot of peeps that got billions of creds. I don't know why they keep them and don't buy boosters with them. Lets say 10 million for a 1h boosters. a 10h booster costs less than 100mil. So it would be fair because u can buy them everytime.. Also this should only exist for normal booster
  8. Jack

    Jack User

    Good for you, then you are 4ever boosted already, cuz in 10 hours, you could earn 250-400mill credits and win a new booster 4free every time lol ;)
  9. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    Some people DO win a full set of boosters every few hours as they have several billions of creds on hand. I know I earn enough to win my boosters in auction whenever I need them.
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  10. Jack

    Jack User

    Then you of all people would understand the best that this idea would benefit more FE players who are struggling to grow, then UFE players who have their free boosters already ;)
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  11. Meh why not just by them in trade, they are not that expensive.
  12. I give a +1 to this issue but it seems a little unrealistic to me giving boost for sreds thall make everyone boosted and just like u said for 5 mill thats like a penyy for every one however i would definatly like this to happen in real
  13. Jack

    Jack User

    Thank you for supporting :)

    As for the 5mill-penny, it sure doesn't seem like much from UFE-perspective, but an average FE player has to work hard for a whole hour to earn that "penny" on his own, I know cuz I've been there n seen that first-hand. I think that 10mill creds for 1 hour booster would be too much, but if its the only way for the idea to hold water, then guess I agree ;)
  14. Some like to save credits, I don't like the idea or the price lol.
  15. plaku

    plaku User

    yes i like it at least we can have some new variant just in case we dont have enough big chunk of credits to by them from auction.
    furthermore sometime when u lose booster on auction u have to wait 1 more hour and so on. although u might need it right away.
    Finally the price should be a bit more higher as u purchase the next booster . for example first booster 5 m second booster 6 m second 7 m and so on.
    I say this because if u buy 10 booster with 1 hour u will pay 50 m in total(equivalent of 10 hour boost) so this will create the top price ppl will pay in auction , no1 will pay more then 50 m because they can purchase them for credits taking away the emotion of the auction and the randomness.
    If you put this formula of increasing value with each booster ppl might still chose auction... to buy a booster i hope u understand my point
  16. Dude ur loaded...:)
  17. Jack

    Jack User

    Plaku, I understand your point, though I personally think that no booster is worth more then 50 mill creds, at least to me. It would also be a pure waste of credits, because its physically impossible for a sane/normal person to play 10 hours a day, and having only 3 basic boosters (dmg, shield, hp) would cost 150 mill per day, which is an insane amount for everyone who's not already UFE. So, if a player manages to somehow play for 5 or 6 hours, he wasted about 50% of his boosters, because he simply cant play continually for 10 hours. Bottom line: UFE score 1 and FE score zero, and then people get bored and go to play EVE online, cuz at least fireworks are more fancy there lol.
  18. Once, the player logs out, the booster timer stops, till the player logs back into the game again. Therefor they don't actually lose any booster hours...(this doesn't apply to 50% boosters though)
  19. Jack

    Jack User

    Even if that is the case, there's no way for me to see how much time my boosters still have and or how long I've used them, unless you are suggesting a countdown timers to be added to booster panel, so we could check it out?
  20. Ok some constructive ideas o this. Let them be 2milll credits each with a limit of 3 boosters or 3 1 hour boosters per day

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