1 hour boosters

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jack, Feb 10, 2014.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    If the cost is 1k uridium then there's no point to this idea, maybe useful to someone who wants a booster for awhile but doesn't have the 10k uridium but even then it's still worthless.
  2. Jack

    Jack User

    OK, how about this: 1 hour credit boosters could have also 1 hour cooldown time after they wear off, and only then you can buy another booster of the same sort ;) Do you think that would solve the problem?
  3. Sorry i ment 15 million..not 50..
    And it shpuldnt be 10 % like normal booster but like 5%

    BOSS~ADAM User

    This idea seems worthless, each new suggestion just seems to make it worse....
  5. armandark

    armandark User

    Okay a second idea how about instead of getting 1 hour boosters on buy, we do it the normal way and thats by killing boss npcs. Only thing is that it stacks up as you kill more boss npcs upto a max of 24hrs?
  6. No offense but your idea on Jack's one hour boosters are ridiculous. Just stop. Fifteen million for a 1 hour boosters means 150 million for 10 hours. If you want that, be my guest and bid it. As far as us, we'd like something that we don't have to compete with ufes to get.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Boss Npc's already give out boosters and they aren't terrible like this idea.
  8. armandark

    armandark User

    Well, this idea may not even pass through. Looking at it from bottom to top.
  9. :O That would be perfect.
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  10. Well i´m not ufe player and i can get my credits my own. Its redicillus to think that u get that boost for cheap and same ability like normal ones. Can´t bid or buy...then work on it. 1 houer booster should be limited ability. And 15 mil creds is very very easy to earn.
  11. As I said before, I'm glad you can earn 15mil. Be my guest and bid then, while I buy the 1 hour boosters:p

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I feel like I'd be better off bidding those 15 million credits to win boosters that last 10 hours then buying one that lasts 1 hour, remember you get credits back to bid again, with the right timing I could probably win any booster with 15 million credits and besides that I prefer saving credits for cloak bids over bidding on boosters let alone buying them. This idea just doesn't seem feasible and it seems to get worse with every new suggestion.
  13. The principle of 1 hour boosters is good but as stated they should be Uridium items to buy but as auction items they would take some of the pressure off the high bids on 10 hour boosters.

    Just as a suggestion the Daily or Weekly Auction could have shared boosters, the logic being that the more booster items available to bid on the more players would be able to participate & not just the credit rich elite who although mostly paying players have huge credit reserves in comparison to new or younger players with less access to hard cash.

    Coinciding a once a week Mega Auction where ALL items are available to be bid on with Mega Happy Hour as either the start or end of the auction period.
  14. Go back to the original idea. One hour credit boosters that give the same boost as the normal boosters but do not stack(aka you cannot buy them if you have uri ones running) and cost 5mil credits each. I like that.

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