10 drones for all

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -zombiedude-, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Great idea it would make more sense that the current 8 iris / flax limit.

    However DO is unlikely to introduce this, as it would only help new average players / spenders. New WW would not gain much from the update. DO is very unlikely to introduce it unless they see short term profit in it.

    How would it defeat the purpose of the apis?
    Once you get the apis you still could have 1 more flax drone so you still gain 1 slot.
    (Noting I already have 10 drones so it will only help players with less drones than I have. ;) )

    Considering you can get a free apis from gold booty boxes while reducing the cost of the zeus drone, the difference to a free players is very limited.

    Omega, :rolleyes: Again A cheap dig at an Idea that would help new players without making a significant difference compared to an UFE ship with full consumables.

    How sad;
    that you feel the need to show your insecurity, by dissing an Idea that would add 2 flax to a noob ship or 1 flax to an 8 iris with apis ship.

    Are you that weak and lacking in skill, that this would really affect the outcome of a battle against you?
  2. "Oh meh gurd! This guy beat me because he had an extra 2 flax! That's so unfair!"

    I can imagine him saying this in chat.

    You tossed down some valid points btw.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I like this idea but I can't help thinking that mid levels (which is who I'm assuming this idea is primarily targeted at since it's highly unlikely that a low level would have any more than three or four flaxes) would have a hard time getting the ninth and tenth flaxes. The ninth flax would cost 25.6mil and the tenth would cost 51.2mil, the latter of the two being a fairly solid iris bid (on GB2 anyway.)

    I support this idea, but I wouldn't mind seeing how it could be adapted for lower levels. Like maybe make the ninth and tenth drones both cost 12.8mil like the eighth or maybe have a less drastic price increase rather than having the price double with each drone they do with all the drones before those two.
  4. Omega

    Omega User

    pacman instead of insulting me for my opinion .how about u take a min to udnerstand why I said no .. I said no .because most of the guys that like this idea never work for anything and always expect something free .an extra drone would be fine .. but 2 more would be a slap in the face for every guy that bough apis to have 2 more slots .. they would have it for credits..so having 8 iris and 2 more flax would not be fair for them . if it would be just if u have flax with no iris .then yes ,other than that no

    I have 3 ufe ships so I'm not worried .but I also have some clan members and friends that worked for their apis ..that's why I'm saying its not fair for them .its not because I care of a lil extra dmg from noobs .but like I said if it as only for flax then ok .. if its for 8 irises and up .then no .again someone with 8 iris and 2 more flax would be like having apis without the extra slot for zeus .. so unfair for the other small hard working players,
  5. Funny how i liked it and i have all drones. And i saw a friend like it, and he doesn't have zues but can sure as hell spank me in a 1v1. You sound like a rager to me, grow up.
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  6. Omega

    Omega User

    maybe ur friends ..I have s mall acc on the west server ..rarely play,,most of them are noobs that I kill with x3 or x2 ..easy kills ..I'm taking about ge7 and ge4 ..I have some friends that don't like it and they worked hard .I would be totally ok if it was only for the players that only have flax .or or maybe lets say 4 irises,,and I need to grow up ? humm I'm not the one that gets mad when someone else states their opinion..so yeah u could follow ur own advice..
    and I sould like a rager? really ur the one that on every threath complains about something ..I complain about galaxy gates probabilities sicne I spend real money (a lot) u complain about everything almost.. since I started playing 2 weeks after DO came out I had to go through what every player multiple times on multiple servers and since I've spent around 10k dollars on this game in total or more ..I think I have the rifht to express my opinion ..
    with ur lag no wonder he kills u ...
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  7. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I did not attempt to insult you.
    I just think it is sad that you struggle to see the bigger picture and feel the need to use the real money spend/ effort argument, against ideas that could actually be beneficial to the game and future player numbers.

    Most of the guys that like the Idea, have played for thousands of hrs and are still nowhere near UFE so don't try mitigating your response with irrelevant points.

    When I consider the reality of a suggestion like this, which at beast is 2 extra drone slots:rolleyes:,
    with, in reality no upgrade, on a ship that is unlikely to have many if any l4fs, with few if any upgrade on lf4s and bo2 and not full havoc and few if any Hercules etc. etc.
    Not to mention not having all the elite consumables.
    I do not see it in any stretch of the imagination as a concern to WWs.

    Give up already on using the who bought what argument.

    Players that spend significant real money on the game before BIO came out and who help to promote the game to the cult following it once had, have been totally thrown aside with no consideration for what they did to prompt the game or how much they spent before BIO.

    A basic FE ship today is little more than a peanut was back then. SO a returning high spending player from the pre BIO days would be the only player that had reason to complain.

    With regard to your friends that worked for there apis, it would still be a little help to them until they got there zues.

    2 flax is nothing like having an apis once you have the apis you would still have 1 more slot from the flax.

    For a player like myself I truly see the benefit even though I already have all 10 drones.

    I am not scared of helping new players progress, or being a little stronger for an insignificant period of their playing journey.

    For anyone that uses the real money argument against this suggest, really need to consider why they feel the need to, and the reality of at best 2 extra flax drones.
  8. LOL Wow you're mad, quite a rager alright. And no, he beats me because he has more LF-4's then me, and way more laser upgrades.

    I have spent money too, you're nothing special scrub. I came to this game in January of 2007, again, you're not special compared to me. My lag? The game lags, our whole server complains about it. When i have nothing but DO up, i only lag when DO is bad, and you know what? The last video i put up where i had ridiculous lag for a couple of days, Support themselves told me, the server with a couple of others were experiencing lag, and had fixed it, which i stopped lagging hard when they did. You're a cry baby noob who spends his money like crazy on this game, and doesn't want people to have it easy.. pfft, pathetic. And i complain about every thing? I point out facts when needed, and yeah, if something is up, i will complain, got a problem with? Shove it :) I get mad when people state their opinions? 80% of the time i say "you have a point but.." or "okay i understand" and sometimes i go at it with them till they come up with a valid argument.

    PS Nice spelling dope.
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  9. Omega

    Omega User

    like I said I spent money on this game even when the bio came out ,anyway like I said if u have 4 irises then yes if not no .. one extra drone flax yes why not .. the point is to make them work to get the better equipment not the flax .. I already said on what conditions I would say yes. my opinion if u don't agree with it .fine what ever . if u have 8 irises or already own apis then no

    I never lag on the west server ..humm whole server complains about it ? ,and no I don't spend anymore since there is nothing else I could get with money anymore.. besides premium and rebate .. I'm the noob ..lol yeah what ever from ur videos ur the one that stays with hercs when ur not even half full herc on the running config just so he can get away..
    and somebody wasting time and effort to get 9 drones apis and 8 irises for uri or at least the apis with uri ..and then someone comes along with 10 flax which is the equivalent of him .. I want people to have it easy since I also wish there were more players on this game.. but when it comes to just straight up giving them everything then no ..where's the point of trying to get the better equipment
    PS sorry about the spelling ..I'm doing gates so I don't have the time to check everything.. and 2nd English is not my native language ...
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  10. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You do not give a valid argument to reject the idea. The extra 2 flax as I point out will have a limited effect on a relatively weak ship.

    If you and others that are scared of helping very weak ships, truly consider the reality of such an insignificant change, then maybe the game would be much better for it.
  11. Omega

    Omega User

    dude I agree it won't help much if ur a noob but then people ith apis some that are full lf4 like some on eg7 that I know will use this fair for the others? no.. and I help small players.. help them do quests,give them credits etc. .I help them ,but I also like to see them work for something not expect to get it for free
  12. Yeah West has complained about lag, of the 4 different TS's i used on that server, i have heard many complaints of lag, cause that server has a lot of issues, it's also known for connection issues. Many things happen there that i dont get on GA1, but when i said whole server complains i meant GA1 as it is my main server. Where it has many script users, and has over 30 people in just a normal EIC map, which that is my laggiest video where i fought wars in the EIC maps.. 5-3 has over 200 eic in it with the npc's which create an immense amount of lag, any logical person would understand this. And use hercs even though im not full herc? Wow, you make it sound like hercs do nothing like havocs when you're loaded with them. Those hercs give more shield for each shielded drone i put them on. So they're quite useful to me, and many times have helped me win a battle when i had to rely on crab.

    You keep trying to argue my lag to try and shut me up thinking lag makes me see things. To inform you, i normally fly around with a 55-60 fps, and only drop when i am in 5-3 or surrounded by a TON and people shooting, as anyone would especially with a bugged flash player that is official and adobe themselves has said it, but are to stupid to know the cause and the best way to fix it.
  13. Omega

    Omega User

    they give u a maximum of 50k shield useless. that's one hit with x2 and rockets use shield backups if u want some extra shield sometimes, havocs always give u 10% and it could help u more then 4 or 5 herc
    u could use grab on havocs and use sab etc to get shield and also hit him harder.. and u only use crab when ur next to the portal running .. from what I saw in ur videos
  14. Everyone uses strategies differently. And yeah i normally due to my sitting situation... don't move too much on using things, i normally use crab when jumping out and nearly dead yes... pretty good "saved my butt" moment lol.

    All havocs gives 10% and when i have a confige with only lasers on the ship, 10% isn't much... does some work, as in my currently in progress video i did it at one point.

    when you're up against a player bigger then you but have the chance of living with more shields yeah, those hercs can be quite useful.
  15. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Take a bit of time out, consider every item, upgrade and all other non consumables that are required to have a truly UFE account.

    I would even dare you to list all the separate items required to be UFE in this thread, with a list of the typical cost and battle benefit, while considering the fact that this is only 2 extra flax at best and 2 flax are not a long term addition to an UFE ship.

    Then consider that information when delivering a valid argument for this not being a good idea for the game.

    So far your arguments have been irrational and seemingly based on selfish intent rather than looking at the bigger picture.
  16. Omega

    Omega User

    fair enough .. I'm just saying it would be more useful for havocs most of the time they also work really good when u have half and half 5 drones or 4 with lasers and the rest with shields .. fair amount of shield and decent dmg ..

    selfish ? I just want it to be fair for everyone that bought anything..I want to help new players and noobs but like I said , I don't like giving everything to them I want them to work a lil bit.. I see ur point though . and ok ur right on some .but if u have more then 8 irises then no .. 8 irises 2 flax .ok apis and flax ..not really since it would be like having a zeus drone for credits ..
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  17. I do like the idea in a few ways, such as being easier available for the smaller players with less uridium to spend.
    However do i think that BP would not see in why to do this and the UFE still can use this too increase their (already high) damage even more.
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  18. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    As I have already pointed out the most unfair part of DO for anyone that spend on DO is the players that spent significant time and money before the BIO came out.

    Anyone that bought anything gained the benefit immediately, every high uri costing update has diminished the value of prior real money spending, but I have never seen WW using the argument of those updates.

    This suggested update pails in to insignificance to the fairness to existing players for all the major battle increases from all the high uri costing updates since and including BIO.

    How can you post this when being against such an insignificant update suggestion, that just helps new / average players that have not even got their zeus drone.

    1. 2 Flax drones is not everything in any stretch of the imagination.
    2. They would still have to work for the credit to get the extra flax which will become obsolete when they get their apis and zeus drones.
    3. An apis and a zeus is still 1 less slot than an apis and a flax.:rolleyes:

    The idea would give at best 2 extra bo2s or 2 extra lf3s on a relatively weak ship.

    Have you really considered the difference it will make?
  19. Omega

    Omega User

    there are other ways of helping them I help them with quests and credits for bo2 and lf3 logs etc..
    what would the cost be ? apis and a flax 19 slots apis and zeus 20 slots .that's what I said before.. that's like getting half a zeus for credits.. it would be ok .up to 8 irises .2 flax . ok yeah .what ever, anymore then that.there is no point.
  20. Full_force

    Full_force User

    I like the idea but i think it should be got differently then just tossing down a hand full of credits.

    Maybe add to the daily quests a weekly/monthly quest that gives them.