10 drones for all

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -zombiedude-, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. Full_force

    Full_force User

    So theres a advantage to having 16 slots?
  2. A noob could NEVER have 20 slots in the OP's idea... so UFE's STILL have the upper hand....

    16 + 1 + 1 =18
    16 + 2 (apis OR zues) + 1(flax) = 19
    16 + (2apis) + 2(zues) = 20 ....but thats with apis and zeus ...NO flax.

    SO as a 20 slot UFE fighter, who cares if a noob can go 16 +1 +1 ...OR AT MOST

    16 +2(apis or zues) + 1(flax) = 19 OHHHH scary ....imma hide at port now ....

    THE ONLY effect this creates is it lets noobs gain HALF the effect of the Apis and Zues for "free"...I'm secure enough with my ship to let noobs have HALF the benefit I get.

    AND if a noob wants those FULL 20 slots ...they have to PAY for the Zues and Apis JUST like the REST of us.... so no advantage there...

    SO what advantage are some people crying about ? seriously ...flaxdrones ???!! lmao

    PS : Thank you Pac for continuing to drive sense into ppl...I wanted to respond all week, but when I tried to type I started to get nauseous thinking about the insecurity and nonsense I would have to respond to...I didn't have the patients for it. I'm glad you carried the torch on this thread.
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  3. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Are you a Doctor?

    I'm just joking, I think everyone is agreeing with this idea even if some didn't really understand it at first. It's something free players can use to help them get a little bit better on their seemingly never-ending grind to ufe that, to be honest, doesn't narrow the gap between fe and ufe that much at all.
  4. leogvf

    leogvf User

    Nice idea.
    10 drones while have not apis, zeus 2 Flax.
    i like this '-' ;)
  5. I love this idea. Would also make it possible for people to get the achievement for having 10 drones more easily. Gimme my extra 2 B02s! lol. I need them.
  6. +1
    some saying that 2 flax = apis,, lol NO simple reason NO-ONE is gonna upgrade flaxes so its nothing like a uridium drone at all
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  7. ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ User

    this would be epic lolz, think of seeing havok'd flaxes :O
  8. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    In regards to those that argue "2 flax = 1 Apis", In one way you are right as it gives you 2 slots however please bear in mind that Flax drones are not as long lasting as even iris drones which means you will have to repair them a LOT more often (40 hits before destruction for flax, 60 for Iris and 100 for Apis). Also would you want to upgrade an flax drone all the way to level 16?

    The bottom line is that it will give the totally free player an extra slot or two to hang a laser or shield on. I can see the UFE players crying as it MAY give those newbies a chance to get to safety and jump port more often (yeah right with the way some of you guys hit......)
    Personally speaking I quite like this idea and I will pass it along to thosew that make the decisions (can't promise anything mind).

  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Cool idea. Reading through every comment, this idea looks brilliant. No harm in implementing it. Quick question: Cost? or required method to obtain? A huge sum of credits? or consistency in completing a specific objective over a time period?
  10. This is why i love HarelyD (Not in that way) haha
  11. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    I like this idea. But as HarleyD said, 20k more shields from 2 BO2s (on 2 flax drones) is not really that much. But all in all, it helps everyone. It allows new players to have more firepower, and allows others to have a space holder, so that they can continue to hit the maximum damage possible or have the most shield possible.
  12. Wow, he actually passed it on. Good stuff Harley :D
  13. I think yeah... 10 drones max, but being either 10 iris, 10 flax, 8 iris 2 flax 8 flax 2 iris.. etc. +1
  14. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    10 iris? Are you even using your head?
    That's what the APIS and Zeus drones are for...
  15. Yeah i don't think this person even payed attention to the idea thoroughly.
  16. You are obviously a Wallet Warrior. Go ahead spend your money, and keep spending it. It'll help out Big Point so they can make this game better.
  17. I like this idea. It has the potential to add MORE SHIELDS! lol

    We (well most of us) start out with flax. We end up either 8 flax or a combination of flax and an iris or two. We eventually build up to 8 irises dropping the flax as we buy better. This is no different.

    I see no real downside to this idea and it will help the little guys have something rather than nothing.
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  18. It wouldn't hurt... +1
  19. you don't have to be wallet warrior to get apis and zeus...

    to the topic if that is going to hellp the game to get more players +1 from me.
  20. Really, I don't see how this could hurt. Newbs will still pop before they can jump
    port anyway....If anything It will make them wont the best drones sooner.OSRS. Have we forgotten we were once newbs and newbs are the true life force of this game. Newbs
    become wallet warriors. For the people that seem to bash these ideas to help newbs
    ask yourself. (If newbs are an important part of the game) How many are gonna stick around long enough to become spenders under these conditions?o_O
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