10 drones for all

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -zombiedude-, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. good idea +1 for me I have all 10 drones this would be a big help for new players to have the chance to stay alive running for port lol.
  2. For those people that say it would make the apis and zeus useless, let me try to clear the rust off their tiny brains. 10 Flax = 10 Slots. 9 Flax + 1 Zeus(or)Apis = 11 Slots. 8 iris + 2 flax = 18 slots, 8 iris + 1 flax + 1 Zeus(or) Apis = 19 slots. Please explain why it would make the apis or zeus useless, I like this idea, +1.
  3. 1 slot do not make any diference that is fact. 19 or 20 slots what is diference? but if it hellps this game to get more people to play why not add 22 flax for them who care. just 1 more thing apis is easy to get while zeus is not. 8 iris + apis + flax is almost ufe and those that have 8 iris are not new players but noobs that do not know how to play. newbs fly around whit caple flax not full iris and stuf. even if you give them 10 flax they will not make it to port anyways.
  4. Well, it will give them a little more firepower:/ More lasers = More dmg = more faster kills = More Uridium = More lasers.
  5. in theory it looks like that. but actually this will only hellp those that stay to play and will take efect after caple months.
    when i start playing i buy 5 or 6 flax then i buy 1st iris and after that i buy more etc. i never even had 8 flax because they are expensive. for new player 20 mil credits are big.
    this will only hellp to those that play long time and have no idea how to make uri for zeus and apis so it will hellp noobs that already play. but as i have already said if you all think it is going to hellp keep new people...
  6. Oh yeah forgot about that :/ the prices... O.O
  7. I like the idea but once they get their 8th iris would say they wouldn't be able to have the extra two flaxes since it would be like having a apis. dunno if someone already said it so many post didn't read them all.
  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Very good points but I have to say, As HarleyD mentioned earlier along the lines of; 'how many of you would actually upgrade their flax'.
    Supposing someone did get an APIS and a flax (19 slots), Chances are they won't even be close to ufe. To be ufe it requires near 40 million uridium. Pretty sure once they have enough to get a zeus, they'll still be enroute to get to ufe.

    Few members from my clan have APIS and recently obtained ZEUS but they're still incomparable to ufes.
  9. Thanks to all for making this my longest lasting post ever.:cool:
    I am hoping this stays in front so developers can take a look at the points everyone has made.
  10. If apis is so easy to get as all you WW say, then why doesn't everyone have one? LF3 and B02 are easy to get. I have four LF4s and no apis, so how exactly is it easy to get ?o_O
  11. lol
    i have apis and zeus and almost everithing else. and no i am not ww i buy maybe 20k uri and that was when i start playing for leonov and later for 1 lf-3 to have blue lasers xD
    and no i didnt use bots. so realy i have no idea how you can have all lf-4 but no apis and zeus. i have 1 extra apis also.
  12. I believe he said 4 L-F4's I think the main reason a lot of new people don't have
    Apis is because they don't know the best way to acquire it. It's not to hard, all you
    have to do is spend your save up keys on Zeus day It tends to give a lot of Apis
    parts.Do this until you can easily afford to buy it. Hopefully you'll have Zeus parts
    too as it helps. 15 or 20 will knock several 100k off the price for Zeus. BTW it's
    good to have rebate when getting elite items:cool:
  13. Also I have noticed the amount of APIS parts in the boot boxes are not as common.
    I have a APIS but have noticed I rarely see a design part these days in the boxes.
  14. The majority having affirmed in the positive, the motion is passed and the idea shall be forwarded to the tin can at the side of the desk. Next...
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    Now thats funny
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  16. Well that's great man, but I knew all that already. I have spent a lot of time figuring out the "best way" to do things on this game from the forum to outside sources and guess what, I still don't have an apis. I've used about 400 keys so far and gotten 0 skill designs, 3 LF4s, and a whole boatload of absolute rubbish(except the x6). I only use keys on double LF4 or zeus day. 13 zeus parts so far...so tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  17. For me it seems the same on 2 different servers.
    4-1 for designs 1-7 for LF4 lasers.
    Along bottom half of map for 1-7 all the map in 4-1.
    That is just me though where I have had the best luck.
  18. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    APIS: Most players purchase the drone once they acquire an adequate amount of pieces and uridium. 20+ pieces would be approx 240k or less uridium. During APIS event, that cost is lowered by 25%. So for certain it's under 200k. I haven't got an APIS yet but this is what many players do.
    Source: Questioning players on server.

    ZEUS: It's difficult to obtain. Even when the pieces are available, there's a high probability of getting an APIS piece... (Hope there's a thread with the intent to change that); point is, Obtaining ZEUS is far more difficult than APIS. The cost to fully complete it is well higher also. APIS can be obtained along the roads eventually but ZEUS will take time.

    Unless you spend money on here that is...

    Back to the OP's first post: It looks like a decent idea. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.
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  19. I did the apis thing you mentions.

    And as for zues, i gave up and bought uri with rebate and saved some more uri and then payed about 760k uri for it.
  20. My apis costs 66k right now and it's not apis day, but I'm not gonna blow 60k uri when I still need zeus parts. I'll eventually get my apis free and get zeus sometime after that probably with uridium. Back to idea: I'm game for 2 extra flaxes.