5-4 Emperor Map !

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  1. [​IMG]
    Hello Im BeteNabe,
    I have a idea for a new map.
    Everyone know we have an uber map.. And today i asked to myself "Why we dont have an emperor map ?!"
    -Map 5-4 will be like 4-5, its mean same with 4-5 but the different thing is just all aliens will be emperor.
    -I think about aliens, and this map will have :

    1 Emperor Kristallon,
    2 Emperor Lordakium,
    4 Emperor Sibelon,
    8 Emperor Kristallin,
    8 Emperor Sibelonit,
    8 Emperor Devolarium,
    12 Emperor Streuner(From x-8 map),
    16 Emperor Mordon,
    18 Emperor Saimon,
    20 Emperor Lordakia &
    20 Emperor Streuner.

    *It will be like PvP map, if you under attack, you cant jump*
    I want to say, im really bored about all maps. I know if Darkorbit want, they can. Put new maps to this game, and do aliens more strong ! You know full lf3 players can pop cube solo right now..

    My ideas about this map ;
    -Only +18 Level players can jump,
    -And New npc mean is New missions !
    -Put 125 bray to this map please :D:cool:
    -If you jump on middle, you will get 1/750 chance for jump Graveyard. (Middle portals will take you to your x-1 map)
    -I want a limit, its like a you can jump only 3 times in 24 hours, (Peoples will play too much hours this game)
    -The best question will be "How to jump 5-4 ?" I think about it, and i guess on x-1 or 5-3 or 4-5. I dont know where. Tell me which map is good for put one more portal ^^
    -Put a rock for build base.

    If any player-mod have ideas about this map, tell me, i will fix it.
    I am sure if Bigpoint want, they can do this map in 1 hour.

    If you think anything, put a comment. I am ready for read everything ;)
    If you not mature, please leave me alone with my little thread ^^
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  2. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I say good job on the effort you put into making this thread. :D
    I support anything new added to the game.
  3. All efforts for a better game !
    Thank you for reply.
  4. I see this as the only idea so far that DO might actually apply.
  5. I didnt think like a player. I think like a game-owner before create this thread. and I show my offer to them. I didnt said Emperor streuner will give 8 uridium. Because i guess 8 uridium is too much for it. I just offered, they can change the rewards or something. I did all things logical.
    Thank you for reply.
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    125 brays so all server could sit and earn while afk ?
  7. Oh, great another new map to play AFK. Spread the lack of players on another map :rolleyes: Your choice of NPC #'s would be random, but I like the map colors :cool:
  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

    yea as submarine said , great AFK map :D
  9. If an Emperor StreuneR doesn't even pay 8 uridium then that's a plain rip off by any stretch of the imagination. The map would be laggy and not very diverse as well as being quite difficult but possibly fun, a mix of uber and emperor aliens while factoring in a few new ones, making some aggressive and not aggressive, throwing in something crazy like boss and uber cubes and perfection :).
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  10. Who doesnt like bray's :p Lol, thats a joke. o_O

    I mean Emperor Streuner from x-1 map :) Why i want go to 5-4 for uber aliens ? I dont want mixed aliens, only emperor ones. I want one map for strong players :) Peoples will go 5-4 for farm or finish their missions or just for fun. and lag isnt my problem.. Why im not getting lag in game ? Please delete your cookies.

    I have more backgrounds but i guess this one is best for fps. This map not for AFK players :p You will be pooffy in a minute =D If you want i can show the other ones.
    Thanks for the comment.
  11. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    How about Emperor Icys, Emperor Bots on 5-4 for those events?
  12. I like your idea is very cool, but probably ... LAGS A LOT ! :confused:
    Sadly if they ever decide to implement this it's ready 2025 or maybe after at their current speed.o_O

    I suggest in from 5-1, and out to 5-3, since 5-1 is pretty useless so far. :rolleyes:
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  13. I have more backgrounds but i guess this one is best for fps. This map not for AFK players :p You will be pooffy in a minute =D If you want i can show the other ones.
    Thanks for the comment.[/QUOTE]

    Your Welcome...Do (haha-rhymes with DO) share. DO might hire you. Some players have hard hitting PETs, so AFK is possible.
  14. More diversity in this suggested map, that's why a mix of emperors and ubers and a few new boss and uber aliens would suffice. There wouldn't be much motivation for anyone to go or stay in said map if it got boring quick and didn't pay off.
  15. Emperor Icy's seems good, and events too.
    Im not worry about lag, if you lagging on any map, of course you will be lag on 5-4 too. Actually i never got lag. My all settings even high on crazy cube event but no lag, i remember when i record video on Crazy Cube event, still im not lagging :)
    Your Welcome...Do (haha-rhymes with DO) share. DO might hire you. Some players have hard hitting PETs, so AFK is possible.[/QUOTE]
    Everything is possible :p !

    Man, if you Full, you will understand me one day. Im playing this game since 2006. and im bored about same maps. I see one ufe player can pop solo cube in 23 secs. I mean all aliens too easy for us ! I want more strong =)
  16. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    looks interesting!!

    I'd suggest making it a 4-6 map? because 5-x maps were exclusively for pirates ..
    but it looks nice.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
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  17. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

    Closing due to inactivity.
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