A change will be made to the dispatch system

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Larrakin, May 24, 2023.

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  1. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    And why not?
    Not like the client isn't over crowded and bug ridden enough - Lets just add more clickables to an already laggy client that regularly locks up and freezes.

    Wouldn't it be nice and good for players if just once, instead of making a cluttered interface worse by adding more to it DO actually FIXED one of the many known things that break the client.
    From a player point of view, moving the Dispatch system serves no real purpose. All you are doing is creating more clicks that consume nothing but time and resources in an already laggy broken client.
    Captcha's will become more common than they are now, getting logged out will become more of a thing ALL because you now have to spend more "idle" time clicking non "play" related items.

    I already have to clear Captcha's and get logged often enough out while doing anything with the assembly - Now you want to add the same with Dispatches.

    If you're developers really have nothing else to do but change things that work well as they are - Maybe you could get them to actually FIX the Assembly. Or even sort out why my pet again closes everytime I jump through a portal. How about fixing Captcha's that appear while I'm in the middle of a PVP fight or getting logged out while half way through killing a Behemoth. Or any number of little things that make the game far less than user friendly.

    I have to ask, does DarkOrbit really want more players to quit due to game design making the game less user friendly? If so then you are on the right track...
  2. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Noticed no Dispatch tab when I logged in today.

    Had not seen any information or notice of any changes in the forums.

  3. Dr.Ruppel

    Dr.Ruppel User

    no more dispatch then ! - was a simple daily thing to do
  4. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Nicely done.
    Got to collect 3 Dispatches before "Connection to the server was lost"
  5. Show us the Devs do not play the game without even trying.

    They should know the game drops your connection if the ship doesnt move for regular players.

    Just messing with battlepass and assembly get me dropped. 5 retreivers? Tnanks for the latest way to steal booster time from players.
  6. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Anyone else find "RO1 3 hours 200,000 credits" taking over 3 hours to complete?

    They were started at 01.04AM server time, it is now 04.17AM server time, time remaining 2hrs 45 minutes..


    EDIT; I just used Prime Coupons to finish the ones running and started more.
    Would seem RO1's now take 6 hours not 3.
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  7. They probably have now tied it to being actually signed in to get the time.
    Another deployment without testing or player input BUT we know who is on 24x7 and it works well for
  8. What the hell is this, lol. Can a mod actually explain what happened with the dispatch?
  9. Yes, just checked in on the r-1's. It's been just a few minutes past the 3 hour times that are shown they take, but at this moment, they still have well over another 3 hours.
    The developers and/or owners just do not seem to care about the lack of quality going into the coding.
  10. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Yeah I just started some RO2's (after waiting 6 hours for the RO1's to complete), instead of 6 hours they are saying 9 hours.

    Going by the times for RO1 and RO2 an RO5 should take 18 hours. I'm not testing it lol...
  11. I can confirm that an R-05 takes 15 hours to complete. Also been running 9 hour R-02s since the "update"
  12. https://prnt.sc/LRI8oyNcVnZB
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  13. Pedro[BIA]

    Pedro[BIA] User

    Unhappy with this in an understatement. Previously I could send dispatch from iPad on back page, to keep my resources going for assembly - Diametron et al!. Now you are preventing this by having to enter from front page.. which we cannot do from an iPad... Strangling the honest users yet again..

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