A couple ideas to improve the game.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by -DiminisheЯ-, May 18, 2022.

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  1. No, this isn't a "ban all the botters" post. I'm pretty sure DarkOrbit has come to accept their presence as its roughly 70% of the player base and the server populace wouldn't exist to justify keeping the servers open. However, this is just some of the things I've noticed that could improve the game and maybe bring some people back.

    Drone Repair CPUs - remove them. There's been no need to have them for a while since drones no longer take damage.

    Cargo Bay doubler - remove this and make it a stock item. Just double the active cargo space of all ships and remove this extra so the slot can be better utilized.

    Radar CPU (green chip) - remove this. The majority of players use premium and those that don't have premium don't really equip this. This doesn't serve much purpose.



    Starting with the auction house, once a player has all of the ships in the weekly trade, it serves no purpose. I suggest adding large quantities of ammo into the weekly trade so those of us with plenty of credits to spare have something to dump them into. Sorry but 1,000 rounds hourly, I fire that off in 2 minutes. It's no longer enough and should be adapted to the current state of the game.

    Suggested amounts:

    MCB-50 - 1,000,000 rounds
    SAB-50 - 1,000,000 rounds
    PLT-2021 - 100,000 rockets
    PLT-3030 - 75,000 rockets

    Notice I left the MCB-25 ammo out, I firmly believe this should just become a credit ammo. Definitely not as cheap as LCB-10 and definitely not just doubled in price to represent the x2 damage modifier.

    Suggested cost:

    1 round - 1,000 Credits (1,000 rounds would cost 1,000,000 credits. A new player can still come up with 50mn credits to buy 50k rounds of this ammo, and it would serve them great purpose.)

    Furthermore, with the suggestion to move the MCB-25 to credit ammo, this would remove it from the pool in GG spins, booty chests, and auction. The chances for other ammo (in the case of the first 2) could be increased slightly to negate the loss of MCB-25.

    One more suggestion to ammo changes is to allow Attends to be affected by the A-BL ammo x8 multiplier. They are ammo sponges and suck up large quantities of ammo for new players who don't have these resources on hand.



    With the changes to ammo and quantities, I think aliens should also be updated to recognize the advancements.

    -All classic NPCs have their stats raised by 25%.

    Example: Kristallon

    500,000 hit points
    375,000 shields
    5,000 damage

    511,500 credits
    160 Uridium
    64,000 Experience
    320 Honor

    375 Prometium, Endurium, Terbium
    160 Prometid, Duranium
    20 Promerium

    - Bosses should be updated to x5 strength, ubers updated to x10 strength. Their rewards would be updated by a factor. Bosses would receive an additional 10% rewards, Ubers would receive an additional 20% rewards

    Original Uber Saimon | Updated Uber Saimon |
    48,000 Hitpoints 600,000 Hitpoints
    24,000 shields 300,000 Shields
    1,400 damage 17,500 damage
    12,800 EP 185,600 EP
    64 honor 930 honor
    12,800 credits 185,600 credits
    32 Uridium 470 Uridium

    Uber NPC should truly feel like its worth their while to shoot them. Is 470 Uridium steep? Not really. Considering a lot of UFE's fly around with millions of uridium at their disposal, this allows smaller players to catch up as well.


    **Galaxy Gates**

    I know Galaxy Gates are a tough subject considering botters love hiding in them. But some difficulty changes are in order after you reach a certain level.

    After reaching level 22, some galaxy gates become volatile.

    ABY gates undergo a 1.5x multiplier. This will make it take longer to complete these gates with better rewards

    This isn't exactly game breaking. This just means the gate is harder and you're rewarded at a higher level for completing harder challenges. Alpha Gate would award 30,000 Uridium, Gamma would award 90,000 Uridium. it sounds a lot more worth the while now, doesn't it?


    I realize some of you may read this and freak out about the changes I propose, but think of it all. When did you truly feel powerful last in this game? It's just been a constant power grind. Strength constantly increases and doing the same old things over and over is like getting on the swingset at 30 years old. You don't fit in it anymore, it's not the same feeling, etc.

    Having some harder, familiar npcs, with better rewards, and an easier progression system for new players may not only discourage some bots (let's face it, they're not going anywhere), but maybe the new challenges would bring some old players back. We all have friends who got burnt out on the game.

    I'm open to constructive criticism, but don't just shoot it down. Come at this with an open mind, and a sense of feeling powerful vs feeling bored of grinding.
  2. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    if only BP wold listen to players.

    Seems they only cater to bots.

    I like your ideas but likely BP won't give a ..

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  3. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    I agree with many of the OPs suggestions and have a couple to add.

    With regard to the repair drone cpu - I would also like to see the repair vouchers removed from gate spins for the same reason.

    Ammo changes - I don't know how long it is since the OP was a new player but as one who is returning, I can say 50mil credits is not as easy as you might think to get when you factor in trying to purchase everything we need to build up (irises, guns, extras etc.). So I would agree with the changes suggested inasmuch as adding what you suggest to the weekly for the established players, but leave the hourly ones there as well - I would increase the amounts we could gain though. 100000 seems a better amount for the hourly. This way there's plenty of options for gaining ammo for all.

    Aliens - I'm a little wary of these proposed changes to be honest. I DO see where you are coming from since you are clearly an established player, but these might prove problematic for players trying to build up. So my suggestion would be rather than increase the stats as a blanket amount - why not do it incrementally depending on the maps we play on? For example, a kristallon on x6 would be a bit easier to take out than on the x7; mordons on x4 would be harder than on x3 and so on.

    Finally, thank you for proposing the Galaxy Gate changes for level 22 upwards. I think they are just right for players below that level although I am, of course, only speaking for myself here.
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  4. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    I'd also add the suggestion of separating Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates when spinning for gate pieces. It's ridiculous how many times we can build Alpha and Beta while still trying to get Gamma just once! I'm still five pieces shy of my first shot at Gamma, can't get them for free spins or uri but have built Alpha and Beta two or three times each!
  5. What does Radar cpu have to do with premium? Nothing as it tells you where specific npc's are and premium doesn't have that when you purchase it.
    Unless your stating players who use a bot don't need it this is the only answer i can come up with!!!
    I use it all the time it would also render any pet protocols that allow it to see npc's further away useless.
  6. What you are saying does not even make sense. Radar cpu is an extra that does not have anything to do with your pet. Google it before you post a reply.
  7. LOL maybe you should find out what your talking about first cause your Radar protocols for your pet allows your cpu range to get larger the more you have equipped on your pet.
    You also just explained it to yourself that the radar cpu is an extra is also not given free just cause you purchased premium.
  8. Nobody said anything about Radar Protocols. We are talking about Radar cpu. Radar cpu does not have anything to do with pet. It is really that simple, stop fooling yourself and polluting this thread for no reason.
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  9. to collect only the gamma is not very profitable
    together, these ports sometimes even allow you to earn uri

    now try to kill the uberkristallon yourself
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  10. For starters i didn't know the cpu was to see alliances always thought it worked with pet protocols until i found this in forums https://board-en.darkorbit.com/threads/radar-cpu.42094/#post-331954 anyways i haven't been in a clan for a while so can't test it, but i will like to thank you for assuming I was just polluting the forums and just thought i knew something they didn't. Feel free not to answer anymore of my post's as I think it's your attitude that pollutes the game not just the forums.
    Instead of starting with a crappy attitude you could have found that thread and just posted it but not you LOL!!!
    I also wonder how the OP figures this might bring players back to the game considering most legit players quit from the introduction of bot's and bot's don't all spend money the top ones earn premium free and spend nothing on the game not trying to change the topic just wondering how this might bring back players?

    I have a thought that might bring back legit players and even maybe get bot's to buy premium also even though they have unlimited uri, How about if you purchase premium your rewards are doubled from NPC kills even uri so XP, Honor and uri all doubled if you purchase premium has to be purchased not won from an event so the team would have to take out the free premium from event rewards.
    This way players who support the game can compete with botters for rank if they choose not to purchase premium then so be it, this way BP wins so do players who support them!
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  11. Do not build alpha or beta, just leave them with full parts and you'll get the last parts for gamma easily
  12. how do bots get premium?) no bots can win ratings in events, you just need to play with your own hands there
    they just buy it so that on weekends they can constantly drive galaxy
    doubling the uri will further make the difference between newbies and old players, 90% of whom are bots

    if a player does not know how to collect ports, then it will not be easy for him
    and it's not beneficial at all.
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  13. Well that I don't know about never used one I always assumed cause they reap all the uri and have all the ammo and boosters from doing gates or ubers all day long that they would all be top bread winners.

    I do win events but not rank 1 usually in the top ten the top ones as i say just must have more upgrades than I do and maybe a bit steadier of a hand.

    That is such a waste of uri when as stated above you can actually earn uri just completing A B or Y As they are built regardless how many times you have to do A and B to complete Y otherwise you are just buying low case ammo and maybe even drone repairs or something as useless as that!!
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  14. My comment got removed because I "mentioned 3rd party programs" didn't name a single one, but DO wants to hide from their failures. Anyways, as I said, I'll never feel powerful vs all the cheating and duping and bug abuse. Even gaining on lvl 26 I don't do what others do in damage, this game needs a lot of changes, these have been things I've thought about (not all of this) but still, its all pointless when its just all bots anyways.

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