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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Oracle, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Oracle

    Oracle User

    As mentioned above this thread is about some ideas that woudl help the game.So let's begin:
    Idea 1:
    The chance in zeta to be on 90% for havoc or even 100% . This would help everyone get their havoc by completing their havoc collection.For all you that spent money on this gate, think of the noobs who just began to play the game...If we dont give them a good reason to stay the game will have no future.This Idea would also apply on Hades/Epsilon for LF4 . Kappa chances would go 33,333% for each item(Kappa booster/Lf4/Hercules).
    Idea 2:
    LF4 to be sold for real money on payment page.Each LF4 will be around 2.5$ which is a logical price for everyone.It would give noobs a chance of receiving elite equipment Faster. This may apply to havoc and Hercules Too.
    Idea 3:
    Merge The current servers and start an advertising campaign on tv.I think That the reason for this is completely Obvious...More players will join and the servers will be full once again.
    Idea 4:
    Make Mega Happy Hour on a specific time a week.This would help people know when to spent their money.
    Idea 5:
    Remove Aegis/Citadel/Spearhead from daily auction and place them On weekly.Aegis and Citadel cost more than the items that are on the Weekly Auction So I think That they should eb put there.Elite Ships Place would be taken By Lf4 , 25 Booty Keys 5 apis Parts and 5 Zeus Parts.Also , Droen formations should be put in weekly auction
    Idea 6:
    Triple the uri given from Buying them.I mean that 330k for 100$$ is way too low as theres nothing that you can do with 300k Uri.make it like 990k normally for example.This would bring some action back to payment.
    Idea 7:
    Make pally exchange rate from 15:1 to 10:1.This would actually help a lot free players to build gates.
    Idea 8:
    This one has been suggested before.Make MCB-25 known as x2 available for credits.100 credits per round would be nice to see.This could take place on MHH And HH.Also make X4 Buyable on MHH

    Any constructive Friendly criticism should be accepted.
    If you don't Like the Ideas, leave your comments in a nice way and try not to be offencive.pleas elet me know If you dislike anything of this or want to make an Improvement.I think that these ideas should be taken ino account before we let the game die.After that it will be too late for all of us.


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  2. Bravo Oracle! However, I don't think BP will do this anytime soon. I believe
    they think Updates like this would cost them to much money.It wont happen
    Until theres a fundamental shift in how they view the game.Until then things
    will only get worse:( Love the ideas.Maybe they should fire Rick and hire you:cool:
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I know it's just suggested pricing but I am against people being able to buy 45 LF-4 for $112.5, if you want to make the game even more pay-to-win, that's how you do it. Along with that there are issue with giving out even more uridium when using real money - it will increase the gap between free and paying even further.

    Something I do like is decreasing the palladium-to-energy exchange price and changing the way galaxy gate rewards work.
    If DarkOrbit aren't keen on getting rid of chance in gates then it might be good to introduce events where there is a 15% chance to receive double rewards, so double uri, EP, 2 havocs etc

    There is also issues with credit-to-uridum exchanges. Credits are easy to get, especially on small server. During ref bot events an UFE can make well over 1 billion, there are also quite a lot of players who have 30+bil credits, that would give them 30,000,000 uridium. Not to mention that fact that credits are sold on external sites in batches of 1+bil

    To finish on another thing I like, x2 for credits and more advertisement, although T.V might not be the best place to advertise due to the target audience, ads on stuff like youtube videos or stream advertisement would be much more effective I think.
  4. OK Yes to the x-2 for credits, Yes to the palli exchange rate, Yes for credits to Uri, Yes they advertise more, No to lf-4 for payment, Yes to the redo of the auction house far as replaceing items , No to lf-4 being in auction, Yes to zet gate havoc change, Yes to merg servers, Yes to mega being specific.
  5. No server merging, decrease prices and increase uridium. Don't put the Aegis, Citadel, Spearhead, everything else is alright.
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  6. I think you missed a big thing and that is just lowering uridium prices in the game. Everything should be 50% off from what it is now. You NAILED IT with #1,6, and 7. Excellent. I disagree with LF4 for payment.
    I personally think that increasing the LF4 chances in game would be a much better idea. 5% chance in the chests and 10% on double day. Epsilon always gives LF4 and Kappa gives it 33% of the time. There should never be an empty gate. That drives everyone nuts when they spend all that time/uri building a gate only to get nothing.
    Not sure about idea 9. Sounds interesting, but it may just increase the gap between lowers and highers because obviously, a ufe can earn more credits than a noob, but then again...could say the same thing now about uridium.
    Mods keep telling us server merge is impossible btw.
    I wish you were part of the dev team or something.
  7. Napsie

    Napsie User

    -X2 for Credits.
    -Palli exchange rate.
    -Credits for Uri / Uri for Credits.
    -Change gate rewards.
    -Yes for X4 uri.
    -Yes for better prices, not £75 for 150/330k uri ;x Gawd -.-
    -Yes to change the auction again :/

    -No LF4 in auction
    -No LF4 in payments
    -No change of AEGIS / CITADEL / SPEARHED from the Auction 'Daily' .
  8. Yes for Lf4 in the auction.
  9. I think that Aegis/Citadel/Spearhead should stay in daily.
  10. L
    Lol I like him. Same as him :D +1 with all these from him
  11. Buying with uridium, yes. Payment, absolutely not. LF4 only for payment means you just screwed most of your players.
    Also, why does everyone want x2 for credits? Just double normal damage in-game?? I'm not for that. Yes, no one uses it for pvp, but you can npc all day with it if it's credits and just make twice the uri. Go get some lasers if you want to do more damage.
    Everyone shot down the thread for double uridium in aliens, yet they all support double damage...idk why.
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  12. Lol please i am so amo poor i get seped and use it to pop noobs in lowers xD and because double uri in npcs don mean you necessarily kill them faster
  13. It's the same thing man. Using x1 and getting double uri, or using x2 and killing twice as fast.
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  14. cont1212

    cont1212 User

    No lf4 in payment,auction.In rest +. We can see on the test server where do you have from start something that a lot of people are fighthing.This will be in the main servers if we make the game better for free players .
  15. Oracle

    Oracle User

    Well I dont think so m8. I payd 25 pounds for my aegis and now pwople get it fro free every single day.In a years time the price of aegis will be 5 mil just like all other s
    You miss understood.I never said lf4 will be available ONLY for money.I said that it will be available for money too.2.5$ per Lf4 aint much or little.If someone sis bored to do a gate ( After the 100% increase in chance) they will be able to pay for the lf4.What is wrong with that.In every game if you want elite equipment you either pay for it or earn it by playing hours.And believe In DO I have spent tons of hours and still not even close to ufe.If LF4 is available in payment too it would help all people have a chance against ufes.The battle maps will be full and the fight will become fair once again.


  16. i would agree with them all

    with regards to the LF4 why not bring it up on a one use promotion every so often like they do with the log disks & booty keys? just throwing an idea out there and not sure how many should be on offer though
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  17. Oracle , your idea is very good but i disagree with the Credits to Uri exchange function.

    If we took 90k prom from skylab using a citadel ( lets just say citadel cargo is 9k) and sell it using a Trader gear lv 3 then we would get much more then a 100 Mil credits with just 10k uri using an instant send.

    So the players would just get 90k uridium + but losing 90k prom. 90k prom takes 1.5 days for skylab to make it back to full cargo on skylab.

    For me its not a good idea because peoples can just sit at base do skylabs and get free 90k uri's without npcing.
  18. Getting 90k uri every two days, how long would it take you to become ufe? Still over a year because one year of that would be 16.425 million uridium. Yes, that sounds like a really bad idea to many now, but it sure would help lessen that huge gap :D
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  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The only issue is that it goes beyond that. On top of selling prom from skylab people can make millions, or billions on some events, a day.
    Don't get me wrong, it would be really nice, I would love to make 3+ mil uri a week. However I think its far too open for abuse - buying and selling credits on external sites would become a huge business.
  20. I see the light :( Phooey.
    Should discuss idea #6. That's the biggest one in my opinion. Triple the uri or halve the price. DO is way too expensive and they would actually get more business if they lowered prices.

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