A few ideas to save the Game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Oracle, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. In your dreams. No LF-4 is going to be in auction nor shop.
  2. Oracle

    Oracle User

    I'd have to say that the Money or lf4 is a good idea.2.5$ just for a stupid picture aint little.So about the auction yes it shouldnt be there.

    For all others:Lets say no to the credits/uridium Idea.I rethought abou it so I will remove it.Thank you for critisism


  3. Oracle,

    The credits to uridium idea is good but it needs more credits to be turned into uridium
    How about 10.000 credits for 1 uridium? That's like credits for a 100.000 Uri.
  4. Oracle

    Oracle User

    Still bad m8.Ufes have over 100 bil crds... Just think of the uri they woul make..


  5. they could do promotions like these for idea 6 that can be used with HH/MHH possibly?

  6. Oracle

    Oracle User

    This one works with mhh too??


  7. yes it does, not sure of the requisites to make it come up with the offer though, could be level specific? or length of time not logged in? as all the accounts that have them are level 16 or under and i haven't logged in them for a long time

    there are different ones though ive seen a 66% 50% 33% so far and are not specific to the 330 uri it could be any of them as well as premium offers

    like i said though just throwing ideas out there
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  8. Hmmmm , then its better to wipe out that idea lol
  9. Well... Do ufes need uridium? Or credits? If they do.. they are still noobs.
  10. Ufe's need uridium for making gates buying ammo such as rsb , emp , etc.
    They need credits to buy x1 if they wish to farm with x1 , or even plt 2026 or even bidding cloaks,boosters.

    So your answer is yes [=The-Juggernaut=].
  11. masterhunt

    masterhunt User

    i got the uri discount after being away for a year......but now i have it again cos i havent paid for uri since using it,,,,think i have missed 4 mhh or 6 mhh but its not that many
  12. server merging.. Hmm!
    I would like an opportunity to take my main(GB1) for a spin through other servers. The terrorswoop has become vegetarian due to lack of meat. I have played and payed hard for over 5 years, any goalpost changes RE: % chance of havocs etc. not welcomed by me. server merging.. Hmm!
  13. what level is your ship? just to help narrow it down
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  14. Meh, They don't need, They just pally.
  15. [=The-Juggernaut=] , so you are saying they dont buy rsb,emp,etc because they dont need uridium? or even pet fuel?
  16. I like a lot of your ideas Oracle. Much as I need LF-4's, I must admit I agree with those who say no to purchasing them. I would like to see the chances of getting them out of booty boxes, gates, events etc increased as others have suggested.

    I do agree that the elite ships should come out of daily auctions and placed in weekly if they must be in auctions at all.

    I also think that uri prices need to come down as someone else already said.

    Thanks for this thread Oracle!
  17. Just for clarification, ufes need uri just as much as everyone. Many of them are working on building up a second hangar so that they can just warp between ships and still have all of their LF4s and havocs, ect. People who think ufes don't need uri have obviously never been ufe or even friends with one. Boosters, gates, ammo, LF4s, item upgrading...all takes uri.
    Back to topic: Hurry up and lower the price of uri BP!
  18. Well, to begin with..just because some noobs started to play, I don't wanna have them getting stuffs easily which I worked hard for. BP has already made the game pretty newbie friendly anyways.

    LF-4s, Havocs and Hercs sold for real money? Not a chance.

    Server merges, Yes. Sure, why not. But BP won't do it 'cause they're lazy as hell.

    MHH is pretty much on a specific time of the week. Though it's said random, it has a fixed 3 hour slot when it 100% does happen.

    The Elite ships changes from Daily to Weekly gets a +1 from me, but LF-4s, Booty keys and Drone formations, I'm not sure. I'm leaning on a 50-50 chances in that favor.

    Triple the uri purchased from Uridium page - Yes, please. I doubt BP would triple it but we need an increase in them because of all the updates and pricey stuff.

    Pally Exchange rate - suggested tons of times and rejected.

    x2 for credits? Why not. x4 buyable? No way.​
  19. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    server merge is a bad idea so no point in it
    thank you
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  20. I don't think there's any need for the profanity here!

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