A few ideas to save the Game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Oracle, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Oracle

    Oracle User

    I understand your point but theres no need to be offending.
    I dont really understand why you dont want equipment to be easier to noobs.If there are no noobs in the game, it will die.And then even you who doesnt want noobs to get better you will not find anyone for pvp.


  2. Ban inc.

    I didn't say I want the server to be filled with noobs and no one to PvP. My point is all those out there who have most/all of the elite gear have WORKED HARD for it and giving them out easily to new people will just make every UFE player rage and mostly the wallet warriors.
    And as far as I can tell, the WWs would be the last of the players BP would want to enrage.​
  3. I appreciate what you're saying about working hard, but this is a game and must, like everything else in life, must progress to stay functional.

    If people are leaving the game then (besides doing something about DO/BP's awful customer service) something needs to be done to encourage them to stay. If this means making things a little easier for new, and more especially free, players to progress then so be it. No new players means the game will eventually die which it may already be doing anyway.

    And BP already enrages its paying customers!
  4. You'd think so, but not really.

    Everyone wants to be a billionaire in life but only the ones that work hard get there.
    Life ain't fair, my friend.​
  5. Oracle

    Oracle User

    Do you believe that noobs would stay in the game if the chance is 0.0001%??Well some of us are stuck in the game cause we played the game once it was easy to get fe(2008 etc).at these times we had fun.Even if someone has the equipment,He is still no ufe.U need to pay for boosters rsb emp etc.Even gates are hard to build in free mode.If we dont make the game cheaper, its going to be lost.


  6. Well hopefully they do inject something into the game, all the lower ports i see are pretty much empty which wasn't the case a few years back.

    You also have to remember ships weren't hitting as hard as they do now which puts a lot of new players off the game.
  7. Oracle , If your idea number 8 got accepted how much is the price of 1 round of UCB-100?
  8. I agree things need to get abit easier. But pumping up the chances isn't the solution.

    Mind you I'm a player from 2008 myself.​
  9. Hey there Oracle
    RE ~1 & ~2
    The havoc, herc & LF4 are sought after top end equipment and as such should be difficult to achieve. I have 10 havocs and do not wish to calculate the cost per havoc, It took me 35 zeta to get all 10. To put an actual price on any of these items which would keep the loyal players, like myself, who have continued to play DO for years happy and keep the price within reach of most potential new players would be impossible. £10 per havoc, ??

    RE ~3
    This for me is paramount to DarkOrbits survival. New players are needed, advertising of some sort is required and YES merging of servers IS needed. I have a generous helping of perseverence which helps me in my life. Believe me when I say this was needed 5 years ago when I started to play this game. I do not have an answer with regards to `how to keep new players interested in a game when they constantly getting smashed up`... training maps ? lol

    RE ~4
    MHH is random... It happens same time of same day each week randomly *OK sometimes an hour earlier.

    RE ~5
    I agree with everything here :)

    RE ~6
    Yep, again I agree. As a paying player for over 5years I can and will say the amount of uri per pound even on MHH is poor.

    RE ~7
    I only gone pali fields once or twice but do think exchange rate is also poor 15:1 is rubbish, I suggest 8:1 :)

    RE ~8
    I have millions of x2, I use it in gates, helping noobs etc. I have not used x1 for a couple of years. My perseverence and cash has enabled me to say the last sentence. Keep x2 as is, A bonus for those afflicted with gate fever.

    Overall Oracle it is plain to see that you care about this game that you play which is why I took time to read and comment

    Rob x
  10. Tbh, anyone that has played the game more than a couple of months can tell you some changes need to be made. As a long time player its embarrassingly obvious to
    me what needs to be done.For the love of DO I can't understand why aren't some of these changes being put in the gameo_OThere's not to many new players thats gonna
    play years or pay loads and loads to play a 2D space game.How many new low/med/high spenders are you gonna create for the game when people don't get what they pay for?o_OHow many medium to high spenders gonna stick around with no one to pop.Just the other day a High spender kept chasing me in my vengie,Though he didn't have a snow balls chance in hell to pop me piloting a Golio_OI'm starting to see desperation setting in on the few players we have left.Is it too late? Are we beating a dead horse.Is there anyone up there in charge?The game needs this.We the players need this and we need it NOW.o_ODO/BP have went too far. We want a balanced game for everyone.Do whats right for the game and it's community you'll make money hand over fist.The old way doesn't work.
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  11. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    The Lf4's should be put in auction
  12. Oracle

    Oracle User

    I pretty much appreciated the fact that one person on this forum made actually an complete comment on an Idea.But Think of anyone who starts this game.He may reach the fe Level for 10-20$ But after that its like climbing on the top of everest 2 times to get ufe.Do you think anyone who isnt that stuck to the game to pay 1k $ would try to get elite equipment and get popped over and over?It would frustrate him and they will quit the game as soon as possible.I agree that Nigpoint has added the new auction which is really helpful(although I payed real cash for my aegis back last year I dont care) but they need to implement new stuff to the game.As for the Lf4 in trade, now that I am thinking of it they shouldnt be there,As for the 100% chance in gates yes this shoould be applied.Think of how hard it is for an FE to do 10 Zetas for example.Believe me , once I was fe my first zeta took me 3 months!!!yes 3 months actually!!!!So again, semi ufes will be helped by this too.The game is a pay-to-win , but I think that it should be more like pay-to-top up your account(boosters rsb etc) Just like 2010 where everyone got fe but a few got topped up(people were spending 100$ per week for their RSB/Gates/Emps).And remember at those times havoc didnt exist, but bigpoint was making more money than now.They killed the game by putting the chances so low.They need to take these suggestions into account as fast as possible.They should listen to their community, because they are the actual players who can tell them what is needed.


  13. This is the most sensible thread ever created. If only we could get some sensible developers...
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  14. Blah

    Blah User

    -_- no way and the devs already said they wouldn't do it.
  15. Increased probability means we still have to work for it(LF4). Auction just means it will be going for 2bil every auction for the next few years.
  16. Wait.. I don't know what you guys are talking about.. I said pally. Palladium = Extra Energy = Spins = Ammo + Gates = Uri + Cred + Honor + Ep + Ammo + Booty keys + Elite Equipments + Log Disks. So doesn't palladium solve all your problems? I guess you guys aren't UFE yet. So pls don't disturb the comments for UFEs.
  17. I know that from pally we get ammos but ur saying that ufes dont need double boosters and rsb?
  18. pip..

    pip.. User

    Sorry but these ideas are making it EASIER to become STRONG on the game. Im F2P and i dont care people have 45+ lf4s n smash me around the bloomin maps because u know i can just catch them while cubein ^_^ Besides your ideas will make people focus on a single paymont to get ufe. UFE = cubes on x2s in 30 secs. which means NO players spending. The MONEY for the SERVERS MUST come from somwhere, THE STAFF must recieve paymonts or they will WALK. Doing this will kill the game. Yes i admitt i would like what your saying but the reality is Doing this WILL KILL THE GAME. sorry. - 1 from me.
  19. A
    Hate to break it to again pip.., THE GAME IS ALREADY DEAD & dieing quickly for
    a lot of other people.TBH you seem to be more worried about the staff being paid
    than making the game better for everyone.The funny thing is the other day you
    were throwing hissy fit because you couldn't log on, now today you make a post
    saying this, strange.o_OATM we don't care about the staff getting paid or them
    walking (some should probably be fired by the way)we want some balace restored
    back to the game:mad:
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  20. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    I've read the originals' poster's ideas and I've read the server merge three times today alone I cant help but stress bigpoint have already said they'd love to merge server but they are unable to do so due to the technical issues witch will be presented if they do ..

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