A few ideas to save the Game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Oracle, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Agree with just about everything this person said, LF4's in auction...NO.
    Also I think an increase to the uridium packages is severely needed; not the price increased but the amount of uridium.
    I do not think it should be increased to 990,000 uridium, as on MHH this would total 2,970,000 uridium with only $100.
    But since the game back in 2007 only required $100 on MHH to get FE and another say $200-$300 to make a good rank and top user spot; an now it requires well over $2,000 on a single MHH to get UFE; I think the 330,000 Uridium package should be atleast doubled.
    Honestly since I already payed well over $3,000 to get my UFE status I could careless about the price to awful much; I do though now care about the uridium price as my only option now is to go for top user and Rank.
    If you think getting UFE is expensive just wait until you have nothing left to do but go for top user; galaxy gates as the main source of top user far exceed the amount of money you will spend to get UFE.
    To put it into prospective for you $100 on MHH (990,000 Uridium) of which you can spam A, B, and Y gates a couple times might get you say, 500,000 top user points; this is if you do not spend the extra money to get 50% EP boost.
    As I have a friend who has spent $2,200 on MHH for top user this only got him a total of about 8,400,000 top user points; and welll you see this would only put you into the top 80 (on USA (west)). You now have to put on another 53,600,000 top user points to take spot #1 or even 30,000,000 to take spot #2 or #3. In total to do that It would cost you between $8,250 and $14,038 Just for top user points (UFE status not included). This is of course If you hit every 50% ep boost along the way; If not it could end up costing you double this....

    Increase to the uridium packages +1.
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  2. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    my eyes hurt after reading an esay like that but I have to agree
  3. pip..

    pip.. User

    I do have a reason to be worried about the staff not being paid. The game isnt DEAD YET it still HAS players. NO STAFF = NO GAME. so thats why i may be worried. But i do agree some should be replaced because of the way they are running this game.
  4. Something good to save the game would be to put in a PvP setting, (So people who can't participate in PvP don't need to,) and so people can go out and get credit's without being annihilated by all these people hitting 90k+ that only go after the little guy with 2 flax and a Nostromo. It make's it hard to be able to get credit's when you can't kill even 2 devolarium's before you get blown to bit's by every uber player in the game.
  5. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    I agree with replaceing some of the staff if it was left for me to judge I recon there hireing kids who past an i.t course they need people with more knowledge
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  6. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yes to everything and include a level cap on the pilots that can enter the opposing companies lower maps.

    I would suggest level 14 to be the cap since that is the same level most other pilots leave to the uppers.
  7. Blah

    Blah User

    ....ive seen u little noob leo with 1 flax in 3-3. Of course u wouldnt want enemies to go into lowers. -_- Its a pvp game, it shouldn't have level caps for entering a map. If you don't want to get popped then stay in 3-1 and kill struners until u get better.
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  8. What the devil.. Pally = Gates = Uridium = (Buy) rsb and Double boosters. Omg..

    Agreed lmao but once he get to a certain lvl would you send him the rewards from the streuners?
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  9. *Yamasaki*

    *Yamasaki* User

    i really like 2-7-8 , mostly 7 cause everybody collect palla and the bad thing about that it takes a lot of time so 10:1 looks fair enough
  10. Blah

    Blah User

    ^_^ he'll make like 40uri a day... once he gets past that level he could go to 3-2 and be a port hugger until he reaches level 16... then he can go kill struners in enemy x-1 :p
  11. I think a 50:50 Chance is better because Bigpoint shall earn some money.
    I think the lf-4 shouldn't be offered because you have many chance to get them:
    - Galaxy Gates
    - Pirate-Boxes
    - Mission Priority: Alpha 17
    - Soon: You can get two of them for inviting 25 friends if they are on level 12.
    Nice idea!
    Yeah, but it should be top secret, that Bigpoint send a Mega Happy Hour for all users. So I think Bigpoint won't do it yet because they want earn their money.
    No. It's good to have the group-ships in the daily auction. But I think they can offer more items, like what you've suggested.
    There you can bank your money for soccer-games like GB vs. X or you are able to wait for the mega happy hour.
    I agree with U.
    Yeah, this is a good idea. They shall offer the MCB-25 for 25 Credits or 50.
  12. completer

    completer User

    The game needs to stop having glitches. When you thinking you can play alright then something happens like the sounds of my repair bot repairing for no repair and not stopping the sound for repairing. They need to just have somebody playing the game for 1 hour each day at every server just to see if glitches or something is happening so we don't get tired of trying to tell them the game's got problems like I definitely got tired of doing last year and before.
  13. 50% chance is a bad idea because there'll still be people like me doing 5 gates and getting nothing. Make is a definite reward or no reward. Like every other zeta gives a havoc guaranteed. That gives peace of mind to us.
    We don't want to wait for MHH. We are asking for more uridium for our money, because 1mil uri for $100 is a rip-off. It was good back in 2009, but not anymore.

    I've already stated that I'm against x2 for credits. That's like doubling the base damage. Why don't we offer double uridium for npcs instead so it still takes a good amount of time to kill and you get a proper reward...same thing in effect.
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  14. A lot of people play DO now, And I Believe if you cant afford it then well your out of Luck.
    If they made URI Cheaper it would be upseting because, Then Noobies would be able to get stronger easier.
  15. That's the point of this thread. All but two of the ideas have to do with making it easier on the players.
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  16. I do agree with the Havoc part.
    Peace of mind would be worth it, With Zeta i've done 3 or 4 of them and only have 1 havoc.
  17. AkVioletStorm[VIO] TBH it's people with the same mind frame that you have who are
    mostly responsible for the situation the games in now. Alot of people play DO. All the
    servers are ghost towns compared to what they used to be.The only people left are die
    hards, cheaters and the few newbs that keep being blasted into oblivion constantly.Not
    only should newbs get stuff/uri quicker they should also be able to get stronger easier
    be they pay their way or work their way to UFE.
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  18. I can understand that
  19. Idea 1: Zeta chances are fine, Kappa I agree does need increasing a little but it is liveable. I got all my havocs pretty much by farming the bray and got a few pilot points/LF-4/zeus along the way so I am happy with it as it is.

    Idea 2: I disagree with a 100% chance purchase of them, but what would be nice is an increase in chance in the booty boxes. And I mean a proper increase in chance where they inform us the chances are a lot better now. I have 36 LF-4 so this wouldn't affect me, just think it would be good plus I quite enjoyed collecting booty at the time. Still do, kinda wish I still needed booty stuff as it was good fun. Putting havocs and hercs in a teeny chance (similar chance of a ship design) would be nice as well.

    Idea 3: I totally agree with this idea as the maps do need filling and those traitors :p on GB2 would be a suitable addition to our server. There would be a problem with ranks etc. but it is about time the rank system gets an overhaul.

    Idea 4: I don't mind either way with this one, guessing the time of the entirely random Sunday at 7pm MHH isn't that difficult at the moment :p

    Idea 5: Trade is fine as it is I am very happy with what they did to it. Only thing I want changed personally is mines to be put back at 50 and possibly have us able to bid for booty keys.

    Idea 6: Lowering uri prices would be fantastic good idea that would be a little too cheap for bigpoint's rules of acquisition but something along the lines of a bit more uri for what we pay for would be great.

    Idea 7: I don't pally but that would help the noobs so that sounds good.

    Idea 8: Got 4 mil of it so don't really care what you want to do with that :rolleyes: and making x4 buyable... meh if you do alpha beta gamma the "correct" way you can make plenty of x4 with very little uri.

    But some good ideas there overall just a few need changing a bit IMO. Hope you don't mind my criticism I did try to make it as constructive as possible!
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  20. Okay, it's really a big rip-off but Bigpoint must earn money. I think they can change the price. 500.000 Uridium for 100$.

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