A new pirate GG similar to Hades

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [PΛЯΛĐΘX]™, Apr 29, 2023.

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  1. As some are aware Hades gg contributes towards mission kills like uber bks and boss sibs missions. Perhaps a new gate which would be built for 80 spins and would be primarily pirates aliens. Min 4 players

    Have 3 waves in total

    First wave: 80 Interceptors, 60 Saboteurs after 30 Interceptors left, 40 Barracudas once 20 Saboteurs left. First wave done.

    Second wave: 40 Annihilators, 3 shielded Battle Rays with 15 Interceptors for each ones shield. Second wave done.

    Third Wave: New entire boss.

    Rewards: Any booty rewards, green, red/blue, apocalypse, obsidian. Low chance of Bo3 shield.
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  2. Great Idea .
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  3. Larrakin

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    Why another group gate?
    I can't do Hades or QZ now why put something else I can't do?
    Some servers just don't have enough active players to do group gates, unless you belong to a clan of botters and even then you need to be in the "chosen few".
    And BTW, these rolling bans are making things worse. Now instead of competing with bots for Invokes I'm having to solo them which is far slower and way less "player friendly" with a small ship. Between all the rubbish npc's (abide, steadfast) and Impulses - Trying to do BL content sucks.

    Paradox while new content would be nice, fixing the things that are not working first is a way better idea. DO is adament about getting many to just quit while not offering any reason for them to give up their old ways and keep playing.
    Not really good business practice but then DO management were never too good at forward planning and consequences of poor design.
  4. are you sure about this
    since 4 players with only 1 kamikaze each and the whole wave is cleared , this also applies to the 2nd wave...
    and in practice you want to go through the entire portal with 2 kamikazes in about 1 minute including the wait between waves
    I want to ask again if you are sure about what you want. If you say that he should also give double honor to Hades, then you are one of the people we want to get rid of, you know what I'm talking about.

    I see that you are worried about specific missions for the ubers, I can assure you that they are easy because there are specific events during the year in which these ubers are killed without any problems
    (somthing like killing UBK with 2-3 shots (medium range ship) take impressive rewarding and boosters to ) i can't remember this special event name
    i think this was heloween event on october
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  5. its more game content , so yeah im down for it . i used to play hades all day long. it gets boring after a couple of weekends.
  6. Excessive

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    It's more content that is EXACTLY the same as everything else in the game. Just more repetition.
    You got bored doing Hades all day - You'd get bored doing a Pirate gate every day.

    I would love to see new content added to the game but it needs to be content that isn't just "The same old thing" under a new name.

    Pirate quests are boring and tedious, adding a gate to do them in just adds more tedium that costs uri to complete.

    Paradox, you want to kill Pirates in a group - 5-2 is the place for you.
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