A note from designers on the Tunnel of Terror

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  1. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Hello Space Pilots!

    We are excited to see that you have already started to dive in all the special features we’ve prepared for you in the Halloween 2015 event. We hope you enjoy it, and rest assured, that we keep a close eye on all your reports to make any adjustments if necessary.

    We have heard concerns about the rewards of the Tunnel of Terror, and I just wanted to clarify, that this time we made sure, that the reward is evenly distributed across all the maps. So as you progress, you’ll be picking more and more drone designs, so after just one full run through the gate the players will be able to get 8 different new drone designs. Therefore there is no specific concentrated reward in the end of the gate.

    Don't forget, that you have to kill the Demon drones and grab the boxes it drops to one of drone designs.

    We decided to do this to make sure, that players who cannot go too deep in the gate still have a fair share of rewards.

    Looking forward to your feedback! Have a lot of Halloween fun!

    Yours truly,
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