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    Greetings Fearless Space Pilots,

    Welcome to the vast world of Dark Orbit, where aliens are hiding in plain sight and invaders are cloaked and waiting. While the danger level of venturing out into maps are very high, protecting your account against roaming intruders is far more of a challenge.

    1. What you are Protecting is your USER INFORMATION.
    By the Terms of Use this is your responsibility.


    However we will give you some tips on how to do this, and what to watch for.

    1. Choose a Good Password.
    Not all passwords are created equal. I once read that the most common password is "password" - a very bad choice for a password. Your username is another example of an extremely poor password. Avoid using terms people might guess correctly, make your password at least 7 or 8 characters long, and throw in some numbers, punctuation, or uppercase letters. Some programs will actually try a list of common or short passwords on a given username in hopes of finding a match.


    ***Moderators/Admins/Support will NEVER ask you for your password so anybody who claims to be one of them yet ask for your password, promptly report them as well. A moderator/Admin is representatives of Dark Orbit who answer any questions you have or problems that arises within the game. You can contact them through forums or by simple typing in global chat “Is there a moderator here”. A moderator will promptly answer you if they are available. Please remember moderators aren't on 24/7 and so if one doesn't answer in chat take a screen shot and email it to support

    3. Sharing Account Information
    Although sharing your username and password with someone else is against the Terms of Use of most games, people still do it. Often it's quite innocently splitting an account with a family member or friend, but it is also done for purposes of "power leveling" - having a third party level a character for a fee. Some power leveling services have been known to steal characters and take advantage of people who forget to change their password after using them. Keeping your account information to yourself is an obvious way to avoid these problems.

    4. Phishing
    One of the primary means used to obtain passwords is "phishing," and it's no accident that this term sounds exactly like "fishing." Typically it involves a fake email or fake Web site that prompts you to enter a username and password for the game. Thieves often pose as developers or game community managers, and they even try to use email addresses and URLs that are similar to those of game's official site.It's relatively easy to avoid becoming a victim of phishers. No legitimate game company will ask for your password in an email. You might, on occasion, be asked for your username, but they don't need your password for anything. If the email is actually from the game company, they will be able to override the password on your game account anytime they want without your help.

    Some games use the same login information for their official forums as they do for the game itself. Familiarize yourself with the URL of the game's official site and bookmark it if you plan to visit regularly. Beware of strange URLs linked in game chat, even if they appear to be from someone you know. The first thing a phisher or hacker will do with a compromised account is try to draw friends of the account's rightful owner into the trap.

    5. Software Updates
    It's always wise to make sure your Web browser, operating system, and security software up to date. Windows users should by now be very accustomed to the constant stream of patches released by Microsoft, and most software these days offers a straightforward way to get the latest updates directly from the developer. These updates frequently address vulnerabilities in the software and make it harder for hackers to exploit your system.

    We realize you star out as this.....


    and you grow to be fighter like these guys... we can't help you if you don't protect yourselves.


    6. Forgotten Password.

    If you forget your password the easiest thing to do is use the forgotten password function and have it sent to the registered email address for the account.


    Here you simply enter the username or email address and it will be emailed to your registered email account.

    Remember YOU are responsible for the safety and security of your account. As long as you have control over the registered email address then you can regain control of the account by changing the password.
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