Accusations of Auto Locks

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. I just want to say that ever since fullscreen mode came out their has been alot more accusations on auto lockers in chat. I myself play on a 15 inch screen, but my friends play on a 72 inch tv they hook up to their PC. Their is no limit on fullscreen mode, so if i am on a 72 inch screen i can pretty much see the whole entire map, so if a person plays on a 72 inch screen they can see a lot more than what the regular player can, so what i suggest is add a resolution max to the fullscreen mode. ex.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There will be people who accuse no matter what, the game could be flawless and with 0 cheats and people would still accuse, it's just part of the game at this point.

    As for max resolution there isn't much point, there is a certain range (how far the minimap can see) at which resources load in, anything beyond that range doesn't load in until you get in range. So after that point, screen size becomes useless. A 72 inch screen will go way beyond this range so will be pretty useless.

    Just take accusations as compliments, they think you are so good that what your doing is impossible, their loss.
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  3. SkyKid

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    Yep I agree this is a PvP game there will always be players who would rather accuse someone of cheating rather than to admit someone bested them.
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  5. Sadly there are auto locking program's in use... and until those players are removed there is going to be an issue. If someone is accusing in chat screen shot it and post it in the chat forums.
  6. I dont think the size of the screen you are playing on matters, I see more on my 22 in computer monitor than I do on my 52 in TV.

    And as far as autolock accusations, they will never end, even IF DO were to get rid of them people would still accuse people that are skilled at locking.
  7. whoeva

    whoeva User

    It's the resolution that the screen can show rather than the size that is important. Many players can't understand that just because they can't see you on their screen it doesn't mean that you can't still see them on yours if you have a higher resolution.
  8. all in all game is mess ever since they put in new UI.
    i tray to play with 2 acc at same time. and when i start going up with one acc 1 sec after with other one i sow that it show different positions on both acc. what i am saying what you see is not what other guy next to you see.
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  9. -Pacman2-

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    The size of your monitor is insignificant to the view distance you can achieve compared to another account viewing distance , on the same monitor with the same resolution setting on both accounts.
    One can adjust the viewing field distance between what both accounts can see compared to each other significantly by just adjusting the browser. A 72 inch monitor would enable the size of view image overall, to be significantly greater therefore a bigger monitor will help utilise the maximum viewing distance..

    There is not a certain range of distance "at which resources load in" and the distance viewable on the mini map is the whole map with the game screen viewing range having nothing to do with "(how far the minimap can see)".


    The following is two accounts on the same PC on the same monitor with the same resolution setting on both accounts.

    With just making adjustments to 1 of the browsers, you can see a massive difference in the viewing distances of the 2 ships

    The discrepancy between viewing distances of the ships and surrounding npcs is a function of the aspect ratio.

    The first 2 views on the left are of 2 different browsers running at the same time.

    The second 2 views on the right are the same 2 browsers running at the same time with the browser aspect ratio being adjusted on the browser for the far right of view.

    You can see in both set of view, that the aspect ratio set for the far left browser and third view from the left (the same browser for both views, with no adjustment to the aspect ratio) view is not as have less and significantly less viewing distance respectively compared to the second browser where I adjusted the aspect ratio.

    The potential for significant discrepancy of viewing distance between 2 ships is massively greater since the introduction of full screen mode / full browser window and related updates at the time.

    I will see if I can find my post from the old forum I made in the Tech section to showing the potential to adjust the view distance from the old days which was significantly less adjustable that it is these days.
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  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Here we go again, you love to try and say I'm wrong don't you :p

    On those pictures the viewing distance is different yes. However all the things you can see are on the minimap as well.
    My point was if it's not on the minimap range then it won't load in on your screen, everything in those pictures is in minimap range and therefore loaded in.

    So you haven't proven me wrong, all you have done is helped me prove my point, thanks I guess :/

    I will go and record a video right now if you wish for me to put forward my own proof?
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  11. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Here we go again;

    The view on the mini map is irrelevant to the distance that can be seem between two ships in the same vicinity.
    If one account can see a much great distance then their mini map will also show the same information.
    ( but if you are saying it in any context relating to view ability, it would be like saying if I can not see something around a corner, if I view it at a different magnification I still can not see what is around that corner. So it is totally pointless and irrelevant. )

    You use the mini map and related words in conjunction with
    "So after that point, screen size becomes useless".
    Screen size has little or nothing to do with the massive discrepancy that can be obtain between worst case viewing distances.

    However if the screen size is used efficiently then in can aid in the ability to utilise the optimum browser set-up. as you can see from the screen shot the ship / npc image becomes relativity small when optimising in game view distance.

    Your whole input relating to viewing distance was basically waffle.

    As for max resolution there isn't much point, there is a certain range (how far the minimap can see) at which resources load in, anything beyond that range doesn't load in until you get in range. So after that point, screen size becomes useless. A 72 inch screen will go way beyond this range so will be pretty useless."

    If this post of yours isn't just waffle and gives some information relating to the potential for viewing distance discrepancy between two account, then by all means point it out.
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  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Please watch this video in 1080p full screen so you can see everything as clear as possible.

    It appears like things such as bonus boxes and rocks have an even shorter range than the mini map, however my point still stands - there is a range at which resources load in, for NPC and players it is the mini map.

    I have taken the following screenshots from the 28 second mark, please look at them carefully.

    No streuners on bottom of the mini map. No streuners loading into the screen.

    The second the streuners appears on mini-map. Streuners begins to load into the screen.
    Link to an enlarged, unedited version of the second image >Here<

    Seriously Pacman, I don't know what you have against me but you need to drop it, I could tell someone a triangle has 3 sides and you would try to tell me I was wrong somehow.

    I am trying to help the OP - you are just giving out wrong information once again, do we really need for a mod to come in say what you are writing is wrong, again?

    If there was no limit to at what range resources load in then the minimap would be able to see every alien across the whole of the map.
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  13. this happens to me often, it words dont hurt so dont worry as long as you dont use them, bp wont do anything to you. just play fair.
  14. Omega

    Omega User

    I have 4 pc is hoked up to a 68 in .. one to a 23 in monitor one to a 19in monitor and one which is one of my old ones . 16in monitor.. on the plasma I see a lot more on the screen but the range is the same .and okapi in right .. and again pacman is wrong
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  15. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Why would I need to watch the video you are now just reshowing what I already have shown in my screen shots.

    Once again rather than just accepting the fact that your input relating to relative viewing distance was just waffle and not relevant to debate (noting you presented it as if it was meaningful) you just post loads more irrelevant information in an attempt to avoid the facts.

    And my point still stands, that is like saying;

    If I can not see something around a corner, if I view it at a different magnification I still can not see what is around that corner. So it is totally pointless and irrelevant.

    I do not have a problem with you, I do have a problem with you presenting information as if you know so much when in reality you do not. Then rather than just accepting it you put massive amounts of effort it to justifying you position.

    If some one asked how many sides triangle had and you posed 3 I would not say anything, however when you say to that question:- a square in DO has 4 side or that it has 5 sides and I point out that was irrelevant or just wrong you try to avoid the facts.

    LMAO you was the one giving out irrelevant information which reflected nothing about the potential for very significant differences in relative viewing distance between 2 accounts.

    The information I gave demonstrated quite clearly that there can be a massive difference in viewing distance, but;

    you attempt to play down any DO issues

    I just show it as I see it.

    The mod did not say I was wrong he gave his opinion based on supposition as to how it should be, not how it actually was. The fact is we including the mod do not know and can not check what reality was. I did not say things are a certain way it was you attempting to do that with limited information.
  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Oh well, you refuse to watch the video is your own loss, I'm getting really tired of it, whatever you have against me get over it.
    If anyone else says what I did, and they have, you wouldn't have made a single post to try and argue them, but because it's me you do.

    Get over yourself.
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  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Omega I guess you are not able to work out my original post which so clearly show I am correct.

    Just look at the screen shots and explain If I am wrong how I managed to adjust the viewing distance on one browser while maintaining the same viewing distance on the other?

    The screen size (in) had nothing to do with your ability to see different distances on each of you systems. If you are trying to say you see the same range on all set-ups then I would say you have not check closely enough to see if that is true.

    Just for you I have just watch the video and as usual;

    What relevance does it have to being able to significantly adjust the relative viewing range and therefore the OP thread.

    No one else would post irrelevant waffle to imply they know what they are on about in the way you do. If I see information that is wrong then I will and do point it out. It just seem that you do far more than most.

    I would suggest you did not even know that it was possible to so significantly adjust the relative viewing distance between 2 ships.
  18. Omega

    Omega User

    if its the same monitor . then just adjusting the browser will just zoom in ur ship or zoom out .. nothing to do with what I said .. try on 2 different monitors
  19. FLΛSH™

    FLΛSH™ User

    This argument has grabbed my attention. I think you are both arguing 2 different points...

    Okapi32 is saying that items will not render on the game screen unless they are within the visual radius of the mini-map. Although it is hard to tell from his screenshots - I will give him the benefit of the doubt as it is a logical assertion. I would prefer to see the entire gamescreen with that minimap out of the way...

    -Pacman2-, It is difficult to determine what you are arguing, if any, as your grammar is very difficult for me to follow. But if I am correct, you are claiming that the visual radius of the minimap increases as players increase their resolution. Unfortunately, your screenshots do not seem to prove anything but the OP's original claim as you have cropped the minimap out.

    So in my opinion, for which I am entitled, I would support Okapi's claim.


  20. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The only difference between the viewing distances was the aspect ratio of the right side of the two browsers.

    I could use any monitor and demonstrate it is possible to significantly adjust the viewing distance between 2 or more ships.

    I could make the biggest monitor have the least viewing distance between to ships and the smallest monitor to give the biggest viewing distance however with the smallest monitor the relative size of the ships / npcs would be very small.

    With the large monitor currently it would be possible to maximise the view distance with out compromising the size of items like ships and npcs.

    I will start by pointing out I am dyslexic that is why so many of my post have changes as when I reread most of my posts I see more of the spelling or grammatical mistakes I have made.
    So I apologies when I have not been able to redress my mistakes in spelling and grammar especial when the responses are soon after my initial post.

    No I am saying something quite different.
    Firstly, lets stop mentioning the mini map, it is not relevant and that is part of the point I have been trying to make with Okapi32's initial post. THE MINI MAP IS NOT RELEVANT TO THIS THREAD

    The actual viewable distance between your ship and another ship or npc is significantly related to the aspect ratio of the screen window.

    The resolution is insignificant in relation to viewing distance compared to what can be achieved my changing the aspect ratio.

    The op is suggesting an increase in accusation of auto lock.
    I would suggest, most likely as there has been a significant increase in the potential, to adjust the viewing distance between your ship and items like ships and npcs that are around you (well more correctly in one direction). Rather than being directly related to screen resolution.

    the issues of auto lock accusation and the effect on game play from being able to have a different viewing distance, compare to other players ship and therefore being able to click or re-click on a ship that you can see, but they can not see you. I showed how easy it is to significantly change that distance, without changing resolution or monitor size.
    Assuming what the OP actually meant was to fix the viewing distance between ships and therefore the potential for one ship having an unfair advantage over another.

    My post was to show how significant the viewing distance can be adjusted by. (note I could have increased the difference even further, but the view shown was enough to show a major difference just from changing the window aspect ratio.)
    The advantage of better resolution on a bigger monitor would just be the size and therefore clarity of the ships, rather than the ability to see them before they see you or the ability to click on a cloaked ship.
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