Accusations of Auto Locks

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I suggest you do a screen share with someone who has a higher resolution since that seems to only way you will believe that just because you can't see them on your screen doesn't mean they can't see you on theirs.

    I do agree with you that it is annoying though that people are still getting away with using autolock and just like with the botting, the more people that do it the more others will think they can get away with it too :(
  2. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Try it for yourself, before you continue to make yourself look stupid.:rolleyes:

    I will even start a new account on your server, so you can take a screen shot of me at the edge of your view area and I will take a screen shot at the same time showing you a long way inside my viewing area.

    Follow the instruction and see for yourself.

    If you can achieve a greater viewing area by changing resolution or viewing area size without changing the aspect ration, then describe how and I will check it out.

    We are not saying that autolock does not exist, the thread is about players that are accused of using autolock, just because they can see further, so can click another ship that can not see them.
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  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I know I'm not Omega but I'll answer it for him since you have been arguing to same point to me.

    I will use the 16:9 aspect ratio, the most common.
    Common resolutions for 16:9 are 640×360, 854×480, 960×540, 1024×576, 1280×720, 1366×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080, 2048×1152, 2560×1440, 2880x1620, 3840×2160 and 4096×2304.



    Both images use the same aspect ratio, the one with the higher resolution can see further.

    This was done by editing the internalMapRevolution html styles and attributes to get custom resolutions of whatever I want. The only issue is you need screen capture software to take a picture of entire webpages and not just what is showing on screen.
    Feel free to attempt it yourself.

    Hope this solves your problem Pacman :)
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  4. Clearly WE all Know that There Are Cheaters in this game.. It has been admitted by those that manage the GAME..

    However the Fun remains and The Info here is EyeOpening..
    I have noticed some changes in the RELoaded Version as well.. technology improves the Responsiveness for those that can PAY for it,

    me.. Im gonna get Blasted until my Income Tax check bounces back into my pocket and Holo-Gram projectors, causes the HD 200" 4k TV Monitors to be listed in Cragslist freeads or OBO..

    " I'll Buy that for a Dollar " :D

    long live the Free players.:p

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  5. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    So at last you have found away of increasing the range of "the entire webpages" by editing the internalMapResolution to get custom resolutions.
    That has nothing to do with the debate I was having with Omega.

    Also if I am understanding what you are saying and what the images are showing, is also irrelevant as
    what you show is more than can been seen on your monitor. So it is completely irrelevant, as you can not play the game with the viewing distance shown.

    If I am miss understanding what you posted please explain this "take a picture of entire webpages and
    not just what is showing on screen."

    Why do you insist on bringing irrelevant information to a debate?

    I know I'm not pecanin, and I was not going to get involved with the debate he was having with you, but many times you have used irrelevant information to prove things like Bots do not cause lag when we all know they did, you posted shield and damage hacks were not possible and many other statements that you posted as fact that were not true. Like pecanin said I wish we still had the search option in the old forum then I would reference some of these posts you made.
    When you ask why I have a problem with I post it is not you it is what you post as fact that is anything but. pecanin clearly has the same issue with what you post as fact.
  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You asked for resolutions from the same aspect ratio showing different viewing distances.

    I gave you different resolutions from the same aspect ratio showing different viewing distances.
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  7. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    What are those pictures actually showing?

    It looks like all you have done is chance the background viewing area.

    This debate is about relative ship to ship viewing distance.
    More importantly while actually playing the game. Not from capturing an irrelevant "entire webpage image"

    Open two accounts put one at the edge of the viewing area at which one ship can see the other for both resolution while actually playing the game then repost.

    Here is my original images with some additional explanation. I could easily continue to extend that difference in viewing distance while playing the game. the only relevance to monitor size would be that the relative size of ships and npcs become restrictively small as the viewing distance is increased, so a larger monitor would allow for larger ship image at greater distance.
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  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Few things first:

    You say a larger monitor would allow a larger viewing distance, I agree with that and haven't said it doesn't, just as long as it has a bigger resolution.

    You say aspect ratio can alter viewing distance - it can as your picture demonstrated, I do not argue that it can't however it does significantly distort the image if all you do is make the width of the window less like you have.

    Final you said that resolutions under the same aspect ratio will not have a larger viewing distance, this is what I am saying is wrong.
    I have already posted pictures of 2 resolutions using the 16:9 aspect ratio which you deem to be invalid because I am not showing ships on them.

    So I made a video, no pictures encase you just decide that I have photoshopped them.
    The video is uncut, it shows you how I do it - by making the client think my screen has as much larger resolution that it actually does.

    P.S to those how know about it, the dosid is now invalid so no point pausing and trying ;)
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  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You total ignored this:-

    If I am miss understanding what you posted please explain this "take a picture of entire webpages and not just what is showing on screen."

    You also posted this "The only issue is you need screen capture software to take a picture of entire webpages and not just what is showing on screen"
    Which suggested that what you was showing was just a video rather than what you was able to see if you was playing the game.

    You did not expalin either.


    The debate I was having with Omega did not involve changing code.

    It is questionable if what you did to achieve that is totally against the T&C, as you modified code to achieve it.

    More over you once again posted code that we have been told will receive forum penalties:-

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  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Pacman, I am not about to buy a brand new screen for the take of getting a bigger resolution, I made the client think and act like I had a bigger resolution.
    Just like you made the client think you had a different aspect ratio by changing the width of your browser window.

    Why is yours valid and not mine? Simply because you did not know how to do it / can't?

    As for posting that video with inspect element. Report me if you think I should be banned.
    It's not like a mod and other players haven't done it themselves.
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  11. Omega

    Omega User

    thanks for explaining it to him I tried to say the same thing.. then I just said what ever.. thx okapi
  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You can change the resolution of your monitor without buying a larger monitor so as I posted under Resolution:-
    "The viewing distance does not change. Therefore I would say with reasonable confidence, resolution does not affect the ship to ship viewing distance."

    I did not make the client think I had a different aspect ratio I changed the aspect ratio of the browser window.

    You manipulated the code to act like you had a bigger resolution but your resolution was not increased. That is totally different.

    It does however add a slant on the debate as it is possible that relative resolution can be used to manipulate the relative distance.

    Omega please you do not have a clue what we are talking about otherwise you would have explained long ago just carry on being a noob and to quote you bye bye.
  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Now lets look at what you originally posted which I thought was waffle considering that the thread was about:- Accusation of auto lock because of relative ship to ship viewing distance:-

    Since I question that post as irrelevant waffle, you have gone out of your way to work out how to manipulate code to prove me wrong.

    All you have done is totally shown your first post was the waffle I suggested it was.

    Event to the point that the mini map is irrelevant to the debate.

    With a 72 inch monitor the size of ships or npcs would still be large compared to say a 19 inch monitor if you say doubled the relative ship to ship viewing distance.

    I would suggest you use your knowledge to add to a debate, rather than blindly trying to suggest that DO is better in so many ways than it is, or I guess more accurately naively wishing things are rose coloured.
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  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Changing resolution in control panel just stretches the individual pixels to fit across the same size screen but a lower resolution.
    This is not an accurate simulation of a different size of screen.


    It kind of was though, the games resolution was made bigger - I am just not about to go out and buy a bigger screen with a better resolution so I will simulate it instead.
    Save the picture I posted to your computer. It will tell you what the resolution is:


    My monitor was not magically increased in resolution but I made the game think it was, as you can see the dimensions of the screen shot is a resolution of 2880x1620.

    You shouldn't be double posting Pacman ;)

    Yes the thread is about autolock accusations relative to the "ship to ship" viewing range of each player. However I was pointing out that a 72inch monitor will go well beyond the resolution at which resources load in and out and so will be a waste of money since you will see so far but the resources won't load in that far.
    This is of course assuming the person is playing on a PC monitor and not just their television.
    The Dell UP3214Q is a 32" PC monitor and has a resolution of 2840x2160, so a 72" PC monitor would be considerably larger in its resolution. If they were using their television that it would just stretch the pixels across the screen.

    I have manipulated it to show my point, all I did was make the client think my screen was bigger than it actually was, a higher resolution.
    The minimap was only relevant because it was involved with my advise on not buying a big monitor due to its resolution meaning you will see further than the range it which the resources load in.

    It was not a big deal until you made it into one.

    A PC monitor is not the same as a television, I think you are getting the two confused.

    A television stretches pixels across a large screen because it is meant to be viewed from a sofa.
    A PC monitor keeps pixels in their native state and a 30" PC monitor will have a much higher resolution than a 30" television because it is meant to be viewed up-close.
  15. your wrong end of... stop posting waffle
    just joking brroooo
  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I will start by posting the edit to my last post that I post while you was posting this.

    I would suggest you use your knowledge to add to a debate, rather than blindly trying to suggest that DO is better in so many ways than it is, or I guess more accurately naively wishing things are rose coloured. Then I would not shoot you down.

    I will end by posting the following quote:-
    Noting I was going to read through you post and comment, but the quote says it all. I might come back to it and point out the error of your views if I need to.

  17. yes it does say it all i agree with okapi32 cheers for agreeing pacman :)))

    maybe if you knew the difference between a pc monitor and tv screen then it might help

    and im guessing you not wanting to reply is because your wrong and dont want to admit it.. GG :)))
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  18. SpudnicK

    SpudnicK User

    What this thread needs is an actual person who knows what they are talking about and can provide ACTUAL solid FACTS(rather then a bunch of theory's and fairy tales) as all pacman and okapi are doing is confusing players with a whole load of useless crap , neither of them is going to back down as they both have forum ego's and do not want to look silly now after all this arguing , i would imagine if an actual EXPERT on this subject was to come on and comment then both pacman and okapi would look very stupid indeed , i suggest players ignore all posts that okapi and pacman have posted and seek some intelligent advice on the subject from people who know about it .
  19. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I did not agree with okapi32
    I forgot that you add little to a debate but naively like okapi32 are you his clone?

    so I guess I will continue read through the post and point out the waffle.
  20. well lets be honest here okapi32 posted and pacman like normal jumped on like he knows everything to prove he is right pretty much saying that okapi is wrong and he is right saying everything okapi says is waffle which if you look at many other posts he does

    and if someone was to look which in many cases they wouldnt because lets be honest they cba they wouldnt exactly say much

    just like on another post =SERAPH= said he was wrong and pac man said and i quote thats your opinion to a mod...
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