Accusations of Auto Locks

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Hi SpudnicK I will accept without question, I feel embarrassed getting dragged into the debates with okapi as they do not focus on the main content of a thread, far too often I find myself debate the irrelevant issue.
    However you only need to read pecanin posts in this thread, who was a regular contributor to the old forum, to see okapi too often post idealistic and / or incorrect posts as fact.

    Facts Directly relating to the thread:-

    A player
    (without manipulating code ) can have a massive viewing distance advantage over another player.

    There are a number of factors that affect this.
    (The mini map is not relevant to this)

    You can easily check out what I posted for yourself by following the post examples on page 4.
    Just as an example, open the game window in a browser then reduce the width of the browser window by half and compare the two.

    The issue of vast difference in relative viewing distance, will lead to unfounded accusation of auto lock. (Not withstanding that there are still many that are using auto lock.)

    The game should have the same relative viewing distance for all, but it does not.

    Slightly off topic accepting manipulating relative viewing distance is an option and relevant these days, the game is about tacking any advantage that help a player farm in this excuse for a space war game.
    The game these days is a farming game where some have an advantage over others. It is a far cry from the game that gave DO the cult following it once had.

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  2. Omega

    Omega User

    lol I'm the noob that doesn't know jack and keeps commenting and spamming like he knows everything .. I didn't know how to explain it ..I know it for my self and I can loosely explain it .. so how about again .stop calling people noobs for no reason especially when u r wrong or somebody is not on ur side
    so bye bye pacman what ever u say . it still doesn't matter
  3. Omega

    Omega User

    u feel embarrassed ? lol like u do in every other thread in this forum .. ohh how I wish there was a function that says block this players so you won't be able to see his or her messages again..
    so bye bye pacman what ever u say .
  4. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Well, I tried resizing my browser to all sorts of silly sizes and I was unable to increase my viewing distance so it was more than when it is set at fullscreen on native resolution of 2560x1440.

    All I know is that if you have a higher resolution then you see more space map.

  5. its funny how you pretty much do it on every post okapi comments on you dont get dragged you drag yourself into it and believe you are always right... give over and pull your head out
  6. Ive been Seriously following this Thread.. why.. Ive made 2 Sweaters for my dog already..

    and I think this is Very Constructive .. Let em.. Have at it.. Im bean Schooled..

    brrr-rr-akak-Ak-attt.. opps..

    someone open a window.. fast or there will be.. DEAD Silence.

    Im gonna try to use this info to Expand my Viewing Distance, I want to be in a Galaxy Far.. far away.. now
  7. There is some kidna glitch that has been on and off for a long time now. I've chased people through ports ....and still had lock when I shouldn't....It is irritating because naturally the person you are chasing assumes u auto'ed them half way across the map after a port jump...
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It is not funny on any stretch of the imagination. Okapi32 post as if DarkOrbit is this idealistic everything is rosy approach and posts partial code to prove he is unquestionable correct. When I read these so called fact from him, I question the logic in saying it is fact.
    I Rarely suggest I am posting fact unlike you counterpart Okapi32.

    This thread is about an unfair advantage from one account being able to see and lock another, because they have an increased viewing distance.

    I will reiterate why I questioned Okapi32's post

    He has shown that maximum resolution is more significant than I was showing.
    We could argue that at some point resolution will not help, but that was not in anyway suggested here.

    So he proved himself wrong here!

    The OP was comparing his 15 inch monitor with his mates 72 inch monitor with greater resolution.
    I will add that I suggested that monitor size will help as the relative size of npc and ship becomes restrictive with a small monitor.

    The thread was about ships to ship visible distance. not resource, but ignoring that;

    There is no question (and if what Okapi32's video shows can be seen) using a much high resolution with the 72 inch monitor will give a massive advantage. Especially compared to a 15 inch monitor.

    As Okapi32 confirmed and showed screen size is not relevant to the range at which one can see another ship. All the monitor size will do is show everything bigger.

    Okapi32 first post suggest something completely different to reality.

    I questioned it, because the thread was highlighting the inconsistency in relative ship to ship viewing distance.

    I will continue to point out when Okapi32 is trying to suggest as fact, something that is not true.

    It is a shame that because Okapi32 focuses on subject matter that is not related to the threads we end up debate side issues.

    The net result of the thread has shown that the ops point is a valid one.

    Some player will be accused of auto lock because they can see a ship a significant distance before the opponent can see them.

    More importantly we should all see the same ship, npc and resource regardless of aspect ratio or resolution.
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Look Pacman, I too can pick and choose parts of sentences to change the context and manipulate them! :D

    The Pacman fact count:
    Tune in next week for more!

    At the end of the day Pacman, you have something against me, I don't really know what it is but get over it.

    You started arguing with me in this thread, you took it upon yourself to always go out your way to cause an argument.

    You say I hold DarkOrbit as some sort of utopia just for saying that a player with a bigger resolution can see further and that there is a range it which resources load in and out so any resolution that sees further than that is effectively useless in this game.
    Have you never played another game in your life? Bigger resolution = See more game screen!

    Every time I provide evidence, be it video, picture or code to back up my points you immediate tell me I'm wrong, yet if anyone else had posted it you would't have said a word.

    You tell moderators that when they say you are wrong that it is just their opinion.

    You accuse me of saying that bots, autolock, glitches and bugs never existed yet you conveniently cannot find any evidence of me every saying it. Still waiting for either you or Pecanin to show ANY evidence of that.

    Either just tell me what grudge you have against me or just give it a rest trying to argue with me on everything I say in any big thread. It's sad Pacman, it's really sad. Makes neither of us look good.
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  10. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    As I repeatedly point out it is not you, it is that you post as fact an idealistic view of DO reality which is so often proved to be wrong.

    pecanin who was also a major contributor to the old forum has a similar view of many of your posts.

    Using this thread as an example, the Op was pointing out that there was the potential for accusation of auto lock due to relative viewing distance.

    Your post totally ignored that fact. Your post did not add anything to the thread as it totally ignored the issue the thread was intending to highlight.

    It avoided the main issue of the potential for significant relative viewing distance.

    I do not go out of my way to cause an argument, but I will not ignore it when you I do not agree with what you post ,even if you will not get back on topic using irrelevant points to avoid focusing on the main content of a thread.

    You did not even accept that there was a potential difference between viewing distance in your first post.
    Many of your post give an unrealistic, idealistic view of DO reality, avoiding the true issues being addressed in a thread.

    The post was so clearly about ship to ship relative viewing distance.

    You introduce resource into the debate which is not relevant, you introduce the mini map into the debate which was also not relevant, but in the same post you totally ignored that it was possible for a player to have a significantly greater ship to ship viewing distance.

    A typical example of irrelevant input.
    What a stupid question.
    Are you acting like a 12 year old?

    Also, Bigger resolution does not necessary equate to see more game screen.

    Every time you post that you are proving you are right by posting say code
    (I point out that the code you post does not give the whole picture so is not proof.)

    That is exactly my issue with what you post most of the time.
    You say it is prof when it is so far from it. Typically you are posting along the lines of things being better than they are in reality.

    Your final video seemed to backs up what the op was saying, however it was a code manipulation.
    Your first post which I questioned did not even remotely imply that there was a potential of difference in ship to ship viewing distance.

    How sad, read through your posts in this thread. ( including the point below.)
    Stop taking things so personally, then you might actual be able to focus on the thread topic.
    I need not say more.

    Absolutely not
    I questioned if what the mod was saying was based on fact, as we both know like you was posting,
    it was not based on having access to the code that could easily return a totally different outcome.

    The fact was in that thread you was using a limited amount of code an pushing it as proving you was correct.
    The fact is that there is a massive amount of server side code that does affect the outcome of the limited code you use to prove what you was saying.

    But here we go again you are turn this debate in to far more than what the thread is about.
    Once again I rest my case.

    LMOA show where I have accused you of saying "that bots, autolock, glitches and bugs never existed"

    I have shown often that what you post as fact is far from it. Especial when you use limited code to insist it is prof when it is not.

    You do also often post as if issue that are so obviously evident in DO are not possible or not as we see them.

    The LF4 day thread is a perfect example of were you used a limited amount of code suggesting it proves you are right which it unquestionable did not.
    That being the same thread where I question the mods input as to whether it was fact or supposition. As we know the mod like you did not have access to all the relevant code.

    It is not about convenience far from it, if we still had the old forum search I could find plenty or references where you post idealistic view as fact trying to backing them up with limited code or other information as fact, when what you was posting was so far from reality.
    See above as one from within this forum.

    This must be the 3rd or 4th time I have told you in this forum alone, that I do not have a problem with you, just when you post as if things are not as bad as they are and suggest it is fact especial when you say you are proving the facts when they are not even true.
    It is sad that you focus on anything but the main intent of a thread, in an attempt to be right on something, rather than staying on topic.
    Try Focus on the topic of the thread rather than going wildly off topic in you vain attempt to be right about something.

    The size of the monitor does not necessarily dictate the resolution. A PC monitor can have far less resolution that a TV screen. although when we get up to 32" and above, it is likely that a monitor will have greater resolution.
    PS having investigate the latest TV resolutions, it is possible to have resolution as high as 5120 × 3200

    So your post here is once again totally irrelevant.

    PPS here is
    a 72" monitor that is currently available new with only Display Resolution:1920 x 1080
    LG Electronics 72WS70MS 72-Inch Screen LCD Monitor

    So you are even wrong with this statement "so a 72" PC monitor would be considerably larger in its resolution. If they were using their television that it would just stretch the pixels across the screen."

    I think it is you once again bringing some obscurity to the debate. I never mentioned A TV screen. It is you that has added tv to the debate.

    The fact is and I have consistently pointed it out, the relative ship to ship viewing distance can be significantly different.
    This as was pointed out by the OP, can cause some players to be accused of auto lock when they just can see so much further.
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  11. hang on a second you just said that you will not ignore it so how can he go back to the original thread when you have stated that it is yourself are not agreeing with what he says of course he will argue for himself its your fault if it goes off topic so again and anyone with a brain can you see cause this to go off topic
    maybe it would stay on topic if you didn't cause arguments as you just said you will not ignore it and expect him to just roll over and let you be right but who is to question you even mods are wrong according to you how do you no that mod doesn't have the rights to the code? pull your head out honestly you are the one causing this not him if it goes off topic as you just said you try to be right stating so called facts but again who has said these facts are factual no one just yourself so again pull your head out
    and btw post the persons full sentences not parts which take away from the point of the argument/post not just parts which you can change and see are manipulated and not the original post just part which you have dissected to meet your needs
  12. Hooking up to a TV doesn't change your screen resolution, it automatically sets to the computer screen.
  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    hang on a second what are you going on about.
    So are you say if Okapi32 post something that is wrong and I point it out I am arguing?
    This is a forum in speakers corner in which we debate a subject.

    The main two post recently was the lf4 event in which Okapi32 just wanted to post code and discuss gates, and would not get back to the lf4 event.

    Here it was many post before he even accepted that there was the potential for different viewing distance between two ships.

    What are you bringing to the debate?

    As I say it is speakers corner If I disagree then that is the point of having a debate. Just because I disagree does not cause the debate to go so far of topic.

    I questioned whether the mod had access to the code or if it was supposition.

    I would say with extreme confidence that the mod did not have access to the relevant server side code.

    It is only you and Okapi32 that have suggest that the mod said I was wrong. He just posted how thing would be in an ideal world not necessary how thing actual are.

    What are you bring to the debate of accusations-of-auto-locks from relative ship to ship viewing distance?
  14. 1st you causing arguements
    2nd you clearly state that anything he posts is wrong and FACT you try to always be right
    3rd well done
    4th and 5th to this disccusion i will admit i bring nothing but whose going to stop me from commenting im just joining the debate and id like to no why your such a bell
  15. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    1st I do not causing arguments as you put it.
    2nd I do no such thing, even in this thread I referenced a post were he was correct, In the same way I referenced his post when he is wrong.
    3rd thanks I guess.
    4th and 5th It is ironic that you are bring nothing at all to the debate on the ops subject matter, I guess you must have been looking in the mirror when you wrote this.

  16. well i have got dyslexia so please try not to bully me as you seem to be doing this forcing me off the thread by saying i have nothing to bring im not that great with words but you seem to bully people off posts by stating they have no need to be here but hey
  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    This is the last post in which I will comment with this discussion trail between us. As it has totally no relevance to the topic.

    Firstly I am also dyslexic.
    I am not in any way trying to bully you.
    I am not in anyway trying to force you off the thread.
    I have not suggest that you have nothing to bring to the thread topic, just that your input seems to have been directed at me rather than the thread topic.
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  18. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    wow this post is STILL going? I thought that energizer bunny had stamina.....
  19. Well Im Lost..
    I got my Eye Lids Washed and Can't seem to get a Break, Visine just Rolls off and Tastes like Duct Tears .. Pi-itt-tuue-ee.. excuse me.. off Topic again..

    ===> I have been searching for the "Resolution Settings" on my Game screen and Seems to me.. someone has Removed em..

    ==> will any of you Einsteins .. Explain how I can Play with the Resolution Settings without Peeling my Girlfriends Eye lashes off..

    my Eye Lids won't be back they were on their way to Earth for a DryCleaning.. and While on theSpace Shuttle my Delivery Boy.. Martian Bob.. got hit by Space debris and Sandra Bullock let him out.. Watch the move "Gravity" and you will see him.. Float away-yy-yy

    it's beginning to look like DarkOrbit.. Removed

    ak ak akak
  20. It no longer does a you choose resolution. It automatically fits to your SCREEN size.

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