Accusations of Auto Locks

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. Damn.. so If I wish to be Accused of being a " AutoWasher "
    that was Movie Triva.. anyone know Which SyFi movie.. I will give em a Bag of Orbital RickenBacker Brand Poppin Corn.

    .. I mean, AutoLocker I will have to Go to CraigList and Find me a 72" monitor.. not a TV..
    they are Different, you know.. I Can Read, with these Bug Eyes.
  2. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Yes you are almost guaranteed to get called an "Autowasher" if you play on a higher resolution. Just happened to me yet again by people playing on a laptop with almost half the screen that I have.

    Funny how they never remember all the times when they are cloaked and you can't lock them, it's only the times that you can they come out with accusations.
  3. yeah.. It aint fair.. but it happens.. I have never used a cheat, Script nor anything that will give me an Unfair advantage.. I even lag out and lose a Repair credits.. I play the game for the Fun of it.. and Dont take myself too Serious as most can Tell by now.

    " AutoWasher" I like that..
  4. Only 5 times have i been accused of cheating, and the one i remember so well was priceless. Was circling a BBK, an aegis came up to me, my own company, tried killing me off, i popped him. Killed the BBK, he came back when i had 25% hp, tried again, i popped him again. He whispered me and called me a botting hacker. I laughed at him and told him never botted or cheated in my life, i just have skill, he said, you mess with wrong person, watch your back when you botting. He then proceeded to log out LOL.

    The one time i remember i got accused of auto locking i was in prot field and locked someone by chance and shot, he ran and jumped, whispered me im an auto locker lol.

    Today i got kicked from chat for mentioning an auto locker. He had a title on him, so i was cloaked around the map creeping around gonna take it, but every time i would head toward him, RSBs would start showing up on my screen. I jumped each time and came from another side, same thing always happened.

    We know this game has cheaters, and they are high in numbers, and that's a fact.
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  5. Yup auto's are still about, just so they know those of us that play the game honestly with no cheats think you that use them are 'Pathetic' get some skill and learn to play the game.

    This does beg the question exactly what is BP doing about it?

    Does BP have some plan to rid the game of these cheats?

    It would certainly be nice to know seeing as its our cash monies that pay for servers etc and such cheats really do spoil the game for the rest of us.
  6. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    We only need to truly consider the bot issue to know that little is likely to be done about auto lockers and other battle cheats.
    First it was denied that they even existed, then it was a ongoing battle to detect and rid the game of them.:rolleyes:o_O( more like an ongoing battle to appease the honest players)

    Then we were told that they were being banned. At one point there was supposedly a 13k ban wave in one sweep;

    which I showed there was a maximum of 10 accounts in the top 250 GB1 account that either went inactive or was banned so the 13k did not reflect reality and certainly did not affect the top 250 ranked accounts if in fact anyone was banned that used the main bots.
    It was show that DO actually had the ability to detect who was using bots, and nothing was done.

    When there was an actual ban wave;
    It did not ban all bot users, only those that continued to use them after being told there would be a bot ban.
    It only banned them for 72 hrs and only took bio and upgrades as a punishment.

    In my cynical view;
    this was whole heatedly a commercial decision, more and more spenders were starting to use bots, unfortunately the late comers to bot use were set up to loose the most (just like the Kami prem issues).

    It was even pointed out that it was a commercial decision with an increase in revenue of 25% after the ban ( if I rem the exact statement but is around that).

    It surprises me that the truly active player numbers ( players adding any EP in 7 days ) has not dropped that much in the last year, dropping only about 10%.

    These days in my view DO the once great space adventure war PVP PVE game with a cult following,
    is now little better than an ego driven farming game that some are still spending thousands £/$K, being suckered into chasing the ever diminishing badge rank.
  7. i wouldnt ban the cheats, they have as much right to play as anyone else..but what i would do is stick them all on the same server! Would love to see chat then...'oi you autolock', 'yeh well you autolock' 'but you autolocked first'!

    as far as im concerned, anyone who cheats is scum, and the way people bare face lie about it is even worse! what is the point in fighting these people, where emp's and cloaks are just a wasted asset because they can lock you just as quick when your cloaked as when uncloaked! and they lock you straight after emp's?

    so yeh, stick them all on same server and let them go at it, leave us in peace
  8. either put them all in a cheater server like GTA5 does. or reset them all completely, see how much fun they have working up then lol.
  10. HAHAHAHA! that's why you didn't respond yeah, that's a 30 day ban, flame got it about 2 months ago too lol.
  11. but why my whole ccount I mean whats wrong with this people -.-...
    dude i have 1.7 million uri right there that i didnt spend and I was ready for this jackpot man this sucks bad...
  12. because you said a word to be found racist/offending. Flame said it too, and hes black lol. it's only a 30 day ban, that's what he got, and you should be the same.
  13. that totally really sucks.... i asked them and they only said it was suspended idk for how many days -.- this time i was so prepared for the jackpot this people cant do this to me.... i have premium Doubler and rebate.. i will complain about this too....
    is not that you got to a store and buy something and if you say something bad about it they take what u bought away -.-......
    im really (sorry for the word!! i did not now it was not accepted in the forum...) mad now...
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  14. Botts.. Dots or Pixel fairies but the REAL Question is Where and How can These Cheats Exist in a Realm such as this Game..

    Imagine this.. Dark Orbit has been around for awhile.. its Software is a Product that must be shared with its Code Writers, they are People just like most us, except We Dont Exploit the Game or its Code for Greed or for the Purpose to focus a Grudge against our Former Employer..

    the Botts may have been just a Proto-type Program for what have now developed into the " PET".. the Damage Hacks.. are nothing more that a Weapon system Stripped from the " ADMIN Ships " its Shields, and even the Invulnerability Hack from this Source..

    Where Did these Illegal Programs come from.. First they are not Illegal if they came from DarkOrbit Coders in the first place, and these were posted on a Public website to be used.. many are using these programs to Boost their Ranks..

    for what purpose.. to what ends..

    What really Hurts my EyeBalls.. is when a Game Admin, Forums Admin or CM will Ban or Strip off the posts of what is Clearly an expression of Ideas such as this one..

    I dont expect anything will change with the Game.. those that Cheat will continue to Find ways to Escape Detection or they are in an Exclusive Group of Coders and Bring on Company Wars, Revenge Harassment of Legit players that are upset and have Exposed them.. We on Each Server must band together and Flood Support with Emails..
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  15. BORG1

    BORG1 User

    BP wont get rid of them prime example was when eic was in 3-6 last night showing off waving their wands like crazy fairies that made them hit super high, shields and hp didnt budge,emps without cooldown and the great locks.

    If i know they were coming i would have recorded it im sure we then could all sit with popcorn and just laugh at these players which are rubbish at the game, but next time they come will try and record a vid of it just to prove what we all know and see everyday in game.

    We can all live in hope that BP will do something what you think BP will do keep cheats = earns money or delete cheats accs=lose money you decide.
  16. Most people accuse because they get popped and can't handle it :)
  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    My cynical thoughts:-

    Most that inaccurately accuse, are confronted with overwhelming debilitating odds compared to the player they accuse.

    These days the game is not about skill
    :(, it's about what advantage you have, that helps you farm weaker players. Or how many gates you do to get badge rank.

    DO is a sad excuse for the once great game we played back in 2007-2009 / early 2010.

    I have given up hope of the "string pullers" turning this game into anything other than the excuse for a farming game it has become.
    Why anyone would spend stupid amounts of money these days is beyond my comprehension.:(
  18. Or most of us have been in this game a long time and know when something is bull. A single goli can not hit over 255k yet they hit over 300k on GA1. i'v been hit 1.3mil before. everyone watched me die in outfit, and i was double shield and hp boosted so about 400k shield and over 400k hp and they all saw me go from full to 0
  19. Pull-eze.. Pull-eze..

    This is not a Plead to Pull my Finger after Eating a FULL Plate of BEANS...

    What we want... is a Restoration of the GAME we Love.. PvP on a Equal Foot..

    I have been Rated as high as number 12 on the West Coast Server.. have Purchased Premium Status more than a year in advance.. and have my Box Doubler paid to the END or this year..

    I will Post this "Promise" to BigPoint..
    If this game.. is NOT Restored/Repaired by Years End..

    I will Invest my money in an X-Box and a MEGA Huge Big Screen Monitor and Game at home without Internet..

    they can Kiss my Uri..


    Damage Hacks, and all Cheats currently abusing the Legit Players,..Bullies that Challenge an Entire Company and NO Admin Support.. what is the Purpose of a "CM"

    if not to ===> Email Telephone a GAME Admin to log on Their Code ClusterBreaker and Find the Offender and Remove Them...

    " Customer Support " that Treats a knowledgeable Tech.. like like a pre-elementry school complainer about the Flavor of the Salad..

    We are Paying for " Service in exchange for "Uri" = It was MINE and NOW its.. YOURS.

    sounds like URI...

    If we have a BoyCott of this Game.. We will " Go Google" and the "Cesar Chavez Foundation " will have to have to send a Photo Copy of his Bones to " Uri-anus " pronounced Uranus.. the other Planet out there.. that Defends the Earth from being hit by Asteroids..

    Come on.. Support, CMz and Admins.. you are reading our complaints.. and Well know we are Not children without parents.. we are Paying adults and understand the Value of our Dollars.. Euros and Pesos.. we want Fairness and FUN...

    what is so HARD to understand.. are we NOT Supporting you...

    Let me Spell it out.. so it has been CLEARly.. Written..

    We Don't Cheat.. We follow your Rules.. Pay Our Money We Work for to Have FUN.. Well .. IT Ain't FUN.. and WE Want a Change.. FIX IT..

    BAN Them ALL..

    For EVER.

    They Run a Hack and Buy a Mega.. and It HURTZ

    by ΜΞĠΛ♠ĦÙЯ╫ʐ
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  20. Some players have played this game a long time & have plenty of game-play experience. I hunt a lot solo & have done so for a long while. I often use a Vengy, yet what I find amazing is that there are players & certain clans who seem to be able to lock me anywhere & everywhere - normally when I am cloaked.

    I have read all the arguments about screen size resolution etc & sadly it doesn't wash.

    I play mainly using a gaming built quad-core pc with a 32" HD tv or on an Acer Aspire Z series 26" all-in-one touchscreen pc. I have everything set to maximum resolution etc & yet still fantastic locking goes on!!

    Excuses, explanatians will continue & people will come up with more & more of them. But, take it from an old hand at this game who has lots of experience, there are things going on in this game that shouldn't happen & AUTO-LOCKING IS JUST ONE OF THEM!!

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