Accusations of Auto Locks

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by APOLLO[SKE★], Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. It is easy to lock cloakers jut for your information, don't be suprised that you have been locked
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    If anyone believes there's such things as auto locks etc, the only thing you should be doing is finding conclusive proof by either capturing conclusive proof or finding the program and relaying it to support. Opening threads like this wont help one bit.
  3. So locking vengies cloaked from WAY off your screen without hesitation is common? Would love to know what "skill" filled server you play.

    In case you were unaware, support does not take proof as it can be "edited"

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  4. I am in a Vengy & heading towards 4-4 mids from top portal cloaked at full speed. An enemy player is headed in the opposite direction in a goli. It would be very hard for the enmy player to lock you.

    As for proof, demon has explained it above. Support have been sent proof via videos posted on the internet, but they dismiss these due to the fact they state that they are not conclusive & have quite possibly been altered/edited!!

    If autolocks do not exist, then explain the following.

    So, as a DO game developer stated that in a video, are you still going to say that auto-locks do not exist. If you are, then you should go the moon & let me know when you find Elvis, the Loch Ness Monster & the Clangers there!!
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  5. Funny thing is, they claim some of these are edited, yet 90% of the players here, no no, 98% of them have no idea how to edit to that extent, my teacher once worked for Disney, and has produced a Capcom commercial, he himself has seen the game, as i have showed him, and he himself has stated the amount of work it would take to fake that.

    Also that ending was funny lol.
  6. Lol Demon, was going to add a few more .. but reckon the Clangers alone are probably far too old for most players to remember .. let alone Automan!!
  7. Everyone has different ranges due to screen resolutions, i have been accused in the past, yest proved them wrong, by locking the person and flying away so they are on the edge of my screen, i can see them, but they cannot see me.
  8. Screen resolution doesn't change the fact people can lock players going full speed cloaked at the edge of their screen, i doubt you have your mouse at the very bottom 100% prepped to click on the passer.
  9. no.. however, when i hunt, i mainly use the mini map, especially when chasing cloakers
  10. whoeva

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    I asked some of the ones that accuse me to put me in the corner of their screen. Then I put them in the corner of my screen and ask them to change drone formation to show that I can still see them. Then they fly towards me and see how much further away I am.

    Even after explaining about resolution many just don't seem to understand until they see this. Some of the more ignorant players refuse to even let me show them this and continue to cry on about autolock.
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  11. -Pacman2-

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    As this is an "accusations-of-auto-locks" thread;
    ( Not withstanding there are auto locker that get away with cheating, because it is not a priority for DO to sort it. We only need to look at what happened with bots.)

    I would say if you have I much greater relative viewing range and you are chasing someone to port who is clocked, then using the mini map to click on the port will then allow you sweep your cursor over the area in front of you to find the clocked ship.

    If they are stopped and you are running up to them using the mini map to fly at them you have a few extra seconds to locate them before they see you.

    The auto locking accusation I find the funniest is, when a player says
    "I was clock while you was circling the npc and you just locked me then went back to shooting the nps."
    What happens is, The player shooting the npc is click to circle the npc and happens to click the cloaked ship and instinctively re-clicks the npc then realises there is a cloaked ship there.

    This thread is not in anyway suggesting that autolockers do not exist. It is addressing the issue of false accusations, more specifically, because there is the potential for a player to have a much greater ship to ship viewing distance.
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  12. Wow..

    Its like.. DO we Believe that there are Some that are Using so Called Illegal Programs to Gain an Unfair Advantage in the Game ..


    Some think they can Excuse their personal use of These as.. " Skillz "

    Personally, I feel The Issue is..


    It is Easier to have a Non Tech person aka "Support" to suggest that the Obvious Evidence has been shall we Say.. "Doctored" and is Thus Invalid proof..

    What We are Seeing is that.. Players with these Skillz are using their Ships to Bully entire Servers, some of us that can Purchase Game Uri .. have Decided we will NOT..

    but many more New Players.. wishing to Get Strong enough to combat these Bullies are Supporting the Game.. once they Reach the Top Pinnacle.. and have Purchased all the Upgrades/Equipment/Galaxy Gates/BIO.. and then Feel they have enough equipment to make a Difference.. Get their Wallets broken by a " Script User "


    What should be Done.. can only be Suggested by those of us that..

    Want Fair Play and What We Get is a 6 hour ban by a CM.. for miss Interpreting a Chat Post..

    "Viewing Distance" is an acceptable Reason for gaining a lock from a Distance, Far beyond the Parameter of most Flight Screen Views..

    but What I see.. Is NOT the Same as what is seen by those in my Outfit.. given Internet issues/ PC issues / CPU or Video card Rendering..

    too much Attitude by well known players.. despite themselves.
    This Game is Written to be a Company vs Company vs Company..
    It has become a "Cheater's Personal GrudgeMatch"..

    " If anyone says anything about me, in chat .. about taking Advantage of anyone".. "They will Get a Permanent WAR"..

    Is this not the Total Embodiment of Harassment..

    will changes be made,
    highly unlikely..
    Other games that made it Impossible to Shoot at Same company, take advantage of Lower Level players.. made good Fun for many, but Lacks the Interest of the Chaos minded Youths today..
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  13. "ok"

    When Ever you see a [ Post ] that has a Red "REMOVED" line in it,

    that means either the Editor has seen that TRUTH was posted or spoken or,
    someone has used Bad Language,

    being that I have more than 12 accounts and Never log on from the Same IP

    and my posts are not Edited for Bad Language and wont be Traced for IP

    Figure it out

    YOU will Not be allowed to know the Real Truth about the Existing Auto Lockers, or Illegal programs that Can NOT be Altered .. but Support says have bean.

    they are Real.

    GI Joe Says. Knowing is HALF the BATTLE..
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  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    To be fair they are not trying to hide the existence of autolocks - if they were this thread would have been deleted.
    They just don't want people naming the programs or accusing people of using them.

    Also DarkOrbit aren't the FBI mate lol, they are not trying to track you down with IP address' and arrest you. The whole 12 different accounts on different IP address' is a bit silly x)
  15. All this chat about auto locking is really kind of silly in my opinion. All an auto lock means is that they get the first shot! DO has reduced the firing range of all weapons that it really isn't a significant advantage. Plus their are so many counter measures u can use these days like slow mines and slow rockets that one can easily escape firing range if u feel ur at such a disadvantage that you wont win a fight. Matter of fact on USA East 1 ...the server is so unstable that most times all u have to do is turn sharply and that usually works. Autolock doesn't mean you lose. Whats it does mean is that ur fighting a player thats relying on a computer program in place of skill. In my experince thats usually where MY advantage is found, and i wind up coming out on top.
  16. yeah..


    ask them to repost what I wrote and give yourself a Chance to JUDGE .. whether " IT" Should have been REMOVED or not.. but we known BigPoint Is NOT a " Leader of Free Speech ".. in a Free World.. called the Internet.

    Never Will I accuse a player or Post a Name.. I have been Warned before and wish to work within the Framework..
  17. You may think that,..but even in full screen mode with a 72 inch TV, must be in the "Range Parameters" incorporated by the developers? Obviously,..your way out of that range. I have people in my screen and I see their ship in the corner,..but I can't fire cause I am out of that range and there ship is right there.
    Why do people try to explain themselves away when the obvious peramiters are not met?;)
  18. Omega

    Omega User

    its not about shooting it .. I see a lot of people out of the shooting range . but I can't shoot them, BUT I can click them and see them
  19. Allow me to get right to the point.

    As money spender and one who absolutely loves PvP there's no doubt Auto-locks exist; for gods sake go to Google Type in DO auto-lock's millions of results and plenty of programs.
    On the other hand as a money spender and lover of PvP gaming I myself get tired of people accusing of auto-lock, in-fact I'd love for CM's to stop giving warnings and start them off with a 15 minute chat ban, then hour, etc.
    As previously stated due to the client update having a bigger screen now matters; also stated you MUST be within the set parameters in order to initiate an attack, also proven in Rick Dekards video about the new range system.

    So lets stop pretending that any program can allow the breaking of the game code to initiate attack and allow users to "Shoot you from across the map" <-- most ignorant accusation ever made.
    Allow me to introduce a get around to the idea of; OMG this guy locked me while cloaked as soon as I entered his screen.
    #1 - It is in no way hard to enlarge your mini-map to take up the right side of your screen which allows you to manipulate your clicks better and find a cloak.
    #2 - It is for many of us easy to click our mouses at 30 MPH and in randomized zig-zag patterns to get your lock while your cloak (some people are more lucky than others).
    #3 - My technique: Go to Google look up mouse pointers, download a green mouse pointer, download a red mouse pointer; right click on your desktop, go to personalize, got change mouse pointer; set the green mouse pointer to NORMAL SELECT, set the red mouse pointer to LINK SELECT.

    What this allows you to do is have your mouse pointer green and when you drag your mouse over a cloaker (link) at any point in time the pointer will instantly turn red.
    If you get good at this skill and you have fast reflexes as a gamer should you can click as soon that mouse pointer turns red which allows a super fast locking of cloaked players.
    Welcome to the realm of so-called "Auto-Locking" for legit players.
  20. Firing range doesnt change because of screen resolution or full screen mode. Firing range is determined by the relationship between grid sectors similar to your mini map and the amount of sectors or "space" between sectors u occupy and how closely sectors are occupied by other ships that fly in close proximity to you. So all that happens is everything is larger around ur ship, including each sector around ur ship. The distance hasnt changed..its just that everything has become enlarged. Like I posted earlier, its meaningless to have a lock that you cant shoot!

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