Add Palladium to Skylab

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. 5-3 is getting "hotter" day by day, noobs can't pally and build their ships and UFE players get easy kills. Making 3 different pally field for each company wouldn't solve the problem, UFE would come to hunt people in their pally anyway.
    So i think the best way to give everyone's a chance to build their ship and gates is to ADD PALLADIUM TO SKYLAB. For example, their production would be fast as seprom production, so you basically gain 4k palladiums a day with Palladium Refinery lvl 20, that are 266 extra energy, considering a gate usually takes around 1500-2000 extra energies, it can be built in a week. that would help noobs getting gates and lf4's/havocs/hercules that are not mentioned to be in upcoming auction. Of course people who wants to build more than 1 gate or need ammo and stuff.. would fight for pally field in 5-3, bringin some fun into the game withouth people complaining in chat, if they can't pally, they will simply wait for skylab and sell ore.

    Let me know what do you think about it, the 5-3 pally problem is a priority for free players and noobs, and UFE like to hunt there as well.
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  2. In that map is surviving who is the best. So let the game like it is now. "Noobs", like you call them, can make their ships in the way which it is now or just put money in game. This is a free game, but it needs to be a difference between players who pay and players who never put money in the game. If BP will put paladium in skylab everyone will make their lf4, havocs etc. very fast. Is not ok for people who really spended a lot of time for those items.
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    I like this idear I'm not a free player ( well I'm premium ) but other then that I don't spend, this idear is good for noobs and ufe they all get a chance to build gates quicker, there will still be fighting and pvp in pirate maps because the ufe will want more it also gives others chance to get ammo which means better fights with noob I hate being able to pop noobs that only have x1 and I have x3 but I'm not strong enough to fight ufe so will bring more spark to the game. It will bring back the old clan hunts ect
  4. Is verry OK without Paladium in skylab. Think just at the lag provocated by all BIG upgrades on the game.
  5. Zecora

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    No Palladium in Skylab... Collect Boxes on the PvP Map, then you get 2 EE/box, when you find EE.

    More Palladium = no work
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  6. Considering you need 30-40 gates to get havoc, 30-40 more gates to get hercs and many others to get lf4's, 1 gate a week is nothing, btw my speed production was indicative, it can be changed and lowered. i'm UFE i don't need this, but i'm not selfish and you can see the number of pilots is decreasing day by day, free players are 95%, the game can't survive only by wallet warriors, that's why we must help noobs to get their stuff easier than we used to.

    Because noobs are the future of this game, old pilots quit and noobs need years to get UFE, that's why everyone started botting because the good stuff price is too high for new pilots

    Box in PvP maps sucks, you don't get any ammo from them because of the armory capacity limit and the x4 you use to fight in there are less than the x4 you get from gates so box only wouldn't help noobs at all, if they do remove the capacity limit, then would be a chance
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    That's unfair, my friend :(

    no more work, only skylab ?
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  8. No to palladium on skylab.

    If newbies/noobs get killed then that's their problem. That's the way they will learn to be stronger. And truth is if they become stronger next time then they will start to kill other newbies/noobs.
  9. OK... I see both sides, yes and NO. but to say its "UNFAIR" lol...its not like its only for noobs, you will get palladium as well.;)
    Personally think its a good idea. maybe make it a bit slower in production than seprom perhaps around 1.5k a day. This would boost the population (which continues to decrease), having some uri to burn and ammo as well, without making GGs too easy to make. As the noobs become stronger they will lust for MORE and will spend $$ to become stronger. Thus creating income for DO :D Although I believe DO would never agree to this becuase players would focus more on making uri from gates rather than buying it...And we all know darkorbit would never create something that could possibly have a chance to decrease thier income by .001%...thats just immoral...o_O
    -Personal Opinion, also somewhat rant :p sorry i'm bored and have nothing to do at the moment...:cool:
  10. Very Nice 4K palla is not much per day and also noobs will get help their Gates and Ammo since where i play only UFE's survive 5-3 map if a Fe dude come some pop him in like 5minutes :) Good idea
  11. Adding Palladium on skylab its a very good idea, 1 gate every 1 or 2 week dont really make a big difference on UFE players but it will make a difference on fe players =) none will get more advantage on this because everyone will get the same ammount of pally
  12. TRUE and at the same time not TRUE.
    its true that they will learn but NOT true cuz how wil the noob get stronger if he keeps getting popped by UFE players like you , lol its easy for you you to say that he will learn and get stronger , cuz u are already UFE , and i gues a wallet warrior at that to .

    this isnt DO from 6 years ago where noob could get FE just by bidding on items
    DO from NOW is all about getting UFE stuff and that you can only get thru gates.

    and like u say how they become stronger next time LOL who else can they kill other then there fellow noobs , that doesnt mean that by killing noobs they wil get UFE equipment.

    and yea the game has started to die cuz there arnt any new noobs coming to play , witch means no new players , witch means only empty maps , witch mean you getting bored cuz there is no1 to for you to pop/kill (cuz i dont think that all the other old players that are UFE wil keep playing if there isnt much competition and no 1 to kill, like i said its a killing game) witch in the end means a dead server or worst case scenario no more DO.

    yup just as basch say noobs are the future , its the same when u rais a child , that child is the future , u feed him ( pally) to grow bigger . lol he cant work (yet)

    so yea basch a +1 from me im up for it
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  13. Daedalus

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    Adding Palladium in skylab is a terrible terrible terrible idea. People need to work for their gates and equipment. Adding palladium to skylab basically creates more lazy slackers that just wait for the palladium to come in without doing any work. And this IS unfair to older players who have worked very hard on their equipment, or at least spent money for an advantage.
  14. Is it unfair to the people who bought the S04-CPU (+10 extras) for 250,000 uridium a week before the auction system came out? Hell yeah it is. But you know what? Life isn't fair, and this game is never going to grow unless you guys can see that. I think this is a good idea, as long as it is implemented correctly. Producing 1.5k pally a day is only 100 spins, and a gate can't be built with 100 spins (unless of course you have the luck of the irish and you build epsilon getting parts every spin, no multipliers). Aside from a practically impossible situation like that, 100 spins a day is not going to hurt you. And if this came out.. I would still pally everyday. Know why? Because 1.5k is an hour's work, and I want to build my gates sooner.

    When the Kamikaze L3 gear was still 75,000 URI, I bought it. And somewhere along the line, the price dropped to 50,000. I never got a reimbursement for that, you know why? Because I paid to get the item at the moment with the knowledge the price could drop in the future. But I wanted the gear more than I wanted to wait, and that's the price you pay. Deal with it, life isn't fair and neither is this game.

    +1 from me.
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  15. ;D Bad idea from the names I see in here, You already know I kill everyone in pally If this is the case just make the pally feild a demilitarized Zone forget the skylab.
  16. Making the pally field a demilitarized zone is a terrible idea. Having a palladium skylab will not break the pally fields, it might even increase the amount of noobs for you to shoot.
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  17. In all honesty Whatever helps you guys do what you gotta do is fine with me if this provides more ship kills to me then Thumbs up go for it xD
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  18. That's what I think might happen. If the noobs who see what pally can do in their skylab go and investigate, you'll have lots of cannon fodder for your LF-4's. I can see why something like this would cause a huge uproar, but it might just be necessary or beneficial to the games longevity.
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  19. As It will mean I also get GG spins for more x4 ammo Bring on the palladium in skylab :p
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  20. I think that it's a good idea. It would be easier to get GG spins, and to build the GG portals. I like it.
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