Add Palladium to Skylab

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. =JUPITER=

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    it would be too easy
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  2. I agree on making pally in skylab, but not at 1,500 per day. However, my concern is not in that ships will grow faster. its not like newbs are gonna be lining up to upgrade with pally right away anyway. Half the newbs and a few fe's have not likely maxed their seprom refinery. Not to mention newbs won't benefit until they reach the appropriate levels to travel to 5-2 unless x-1 maps allow for a wider ratio of trade (like 20:1 or 25:1).

    My concern is how refining pally will end up affecting bonus boxes. If you have pally refineries the spins will make energy in the bonus boxes obsolete for everyone but the newest members. Ammo is the same thing because the ammunition you get from spinning will far outweigh what you get from boxing. That could affect spinning by Bigpoint lowering the amount of ammo you can get. If you have 100 spins (provided you traded in 5-2 and we go by 1500 per day), 66 of them are laser ammo and you average 240 rounds (regarless of type) per spin you'll end up with 15,840 rounds every day.

    I suggest something lower than 1,500. High enough for newbs to catch/keep up but not so high as the ufe's can't run away with the game. And only if Bigpoint allows pally trade in x-1 up to a certain level like they do with everything else in x-1.
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  3. well im UFE, and would also welcome it^^
    the problem with the hunt on 5-3 is normal on every server. i also have gone though it.
  4. Or maybe you guys could stop being lazy and go pally for yourself, and maybe they could put a faster pally spawn rate, you still need to work for your things, not everything should be handed to you.


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  5. You think getting a few extra spins a day is getting things handed to you? 1,500 seems high, so drop it to 750. That's 50 free spins a day, or around 20 days to build a gate. If you're willing to be lazy enough to wait that long, you deserve it. If you're willing to go work for it and get a gate every 3 days, you deserve it.

  6. Who says that i am a UFE or a wallet warrior? Come and check my profile of on GB2 =←♠_ЯΞΔPΞR_♠→=[1♠C].

    Truth. I become FE just by bidding on items.

    Who says UFE stuffs can only get through gates? spend your money on uri and got booty key and spend it on some apis, LF-4 or zeus event you will be UFE sooner then while doing gates.

    Yes i m one of them getting poped by enemy most of the time. But right now i have become stronger then before so no noobs come and pop me. And yes i agree with that we don't get UFE equipment from poping noobs that's the reason why i don't pop any noobs or low HP players but help them to kill pirates.
  7. I object to this idea, because people could just send it to the ship to be exchanged without having to put in any effort. -1 from me, sorry
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  8. Just like the 5 million free credits you get every 4-8 hours... or the 60% damage boost or 40% shield boost... with NO EFFORT put into it... really?
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  9. I agree with this, it would help noobs a lot.

    Those that opposed to this idea, by thinking this will make t 'too easy for noobs' well think again. 1500 pally, jeez that isn't a lot. So what of they get another 15k ammo for doing nothing, at least that ammo will help them get their ship better so these UFE could have greater battles - instead of just people running to port...oh and to keep the game going obviously.
  10. umm yes it does if you dont spend money getting uri isnt that easy . why do you think most noobs do mostly zeta gates , other than getting HAVOC's they mostly do it for the KEYS and logdisks. and thus getting keys and using them they can get some lf4's IF they get lucky , and yea ofcourse if they get help from some UFE's with cubes and do lots of bk's for uri , then yea they can buy a few keys , but that wont be much tho maybe 4-6 keys at most 10 keys.

    oh and yea i assumed u were UFE cuz the way u wrote , lol srry

    and yea u got stronger in you'r skills as a player, but not in you'r equipment.

    yea i got fe from bidding, and the way i am now is all cuz i had to pally and it helped allot. im not UFE ether ( lol i have ALLOT!!!! still to do to become UFE) so im actualy still a uber noob compared to the UFE players.
  11. Remember this line that you have posted before..
    And my answer was...
    This was my reply and a fast solution to be UFE. So is there any problem in here? Or is it that you don't understand clearly what i wrote since English is not my first language?
  12. don't forget not EVERYONE NEED'S PALLADIUM!!!
  13. Clack321

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    Honestly, coming back too the idea of putting palla in skylab I think it would be a rather bad idea because if you think about it, everyone has a sep refinery so every would have sep on, everyone has a prom refinery (too sell for credits) which just ends up getting spent inside of trade therefor raising the price for everyone else.... But because others have it, they are able too "Match" and really having it or NOT having it would not make a serious impact too the game... Or not as much as people think. 1 hour a day I make about 120 spins (when I was a noob and used too pally) 120 spins = 840 a week, it takes probably around 1100-1500 too make a zeta gate but if you take the 50k uri from it and reenter it that's plenty for a zeta a week. 4 zetas a month is 1-2 havocs a month so honestly you could be 9 drones full bio and full havocs maybe 10ish lf4s and enough too compete with the bigger dogs too atleast hold your own for 1 hour a day, but instead most people log on and talk in chat on a portal possibly killing a bk or two, I worked for my UFE status spending under $300 in 3 years of playing so... As for me -1
  14. That is comletly different, Seprom is only available from the SKYLAB, Palladium is available from the maps 5-1, and 5-3, if its skylab why would you need those maps?
  15. NoSkill$$

    NoSkill$$ User

    It's a no from me, You would get gates way to easy this way..
  16. sorry, no.. 266 EE per day is just too much.. Every free GG without work is for lazy guys :)
  17. it's a no for me. You can get a gate to easy that way.

  18. i kno wat u said and didnt u read wat i said after that?? ( wel tbh engllish isnt my first language ether lol i speak mostly dutch )

    and my answer to your reply, is why i said why u can only get UFE items thru gate , or let me say MOST UFE items , cuz yea zeta give 25 keys and 35k uri rigth, and with that uri u can buy like 20 keys , so actualy a noob can get for ONLY doing a zeta gate 45 keys , with luck thats enoufh to gt atleast 1 lf4 (dont mind my english its terrible lol) and with the pladium in skylab he wil be able to build zeta's a lil faster ( if he isn't lazy) by still going to 5-3 , while waiting for skylab .
    hope u understand now wat i mean LOL i dont wanna start some unnecessary lol dont mind my english
  19. it needs to be slower and maby it only works when you are activeand it is 1/2 speed of sep and x3 cost and upgrade time
  20. Saying it need to be slower, Darkorbit will never add Palladium to Skylab they put it in 5-1, and 5-3 for a reason, It won't be Added, so stoop suggesting lower producing rates, it is just unreasonable