Add Palladium to Skylab

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. ANgry.mN

    ANgry.mN User

    Nice Idea :D
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  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Originally proposed no to the idea, but on a side note, how about an alternative method of obtaining palladium. Skylab makes it far too easy, there has got to be a risk factor involved. Perhaps pirates should drop palladium in their cargo?
  3. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    No thanks, palli is supposed to be hard to get, not as easy as watching your skylab produce it.
  4. Dude stop palling go to pvp if u work a lil hard and u spend $17 on a doubler that u can obviously get any day at any time everyone(in US can buy a game card(i dont remember de name exactly)) you can easily make 500k uri perweek n im not even playing i do my college homework while i leave my spearhead floating there with my pet activated and it sometimes gets me like 140 perday just leaving mi pc on more than half day and taking care of the connection every 15 to 20 min.. so yeah no bad idea pally in skylab
  5. agreed just like when people say don't kill in pirates its a pvp game your supposed to die there's no agreement saying you should work together

  6. same here idk bout u but i just spent like 2 hours in pally field then log ( cuz of boredom) ok winter quests are out now so i dont realy bother going to 5-3 now ( december= uri making month for me)

    and just like u say bout the little guy that cant shell out 100$ (me) 5-3 is his only hope.
  7. so just because you cannot afford something it should be given for free?
    this is what is currently annoying me bp starting to give free stuff to noobs etc to help them i didnt get this help when i started why should you?
    you cant give 1 player 1 thing then another nothing its unfair on everyone apart from the person that gets something you got palla go do it if its in skylab people wont do it hense the map becomes useless
  8. u kno wat its no use talking to you, i can c that u are a player that doesnt think about the noobs, and also u like empty maps , wel good luck finding noobs to pop.
    i mean i didnt send you to use ur $ on this game. lol and you get mad cuz u use $ and i dont . i rather spend my hard earned money to buy thing that i need in order to survive in this hard world

    ok then wat about my idea, instead of 15;1 they should make 10;1.
    if u stil dont like it then im srry man. i lol i stil dont get the reason u hate when ppl get paly for gg, lol its not the noobs fault u use $ on this game and that ur so impatient.
  9. lmao what? i spend my money because i can i never said i dont like empty maps i said i dont like the fact noobs are getting help yet when i started i never got help lmao

    and i dont hate noobs collecting palla i said or meant was i dont want it in skylab because thats what this thread is about because noobs wont be in palla to pop they will just either not play and let the skylab do it or just do cubes meaning less cubes for people who can solo them
  10. exactly

    ill go noob hunting then lol

    there needs 2 atleast 1 uppers map w/ no pvp it wont make a diffrence i just sit outside palla and wacth tv or somthing soskyab mght have me farming bks 4uri while i wait 4 palla peaple r already lazy lol
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  11. no its a pvp game you cant just say this map you cant shoot people otherwise people would want it in other maps
  12. wel anyway DO wouldn't alow this update even if u guys were up for it( but in this case u guys are against it ). so no point in arguing about it anymore lol
  13. Yeah, there is no way the developers would ever put this in. But it's a nice thought, you know?
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  14. lol i kno its nice

    but do could should consider my idea u kno instead of 15 pally for 1 gg, they should chance it from 10 pally for 1 gg .
  15. This would be nice to have but we all know thats not going to happen :(
  16. i think you rigth , ugh DO wants to to drain uf from our money and time.
  17. Clack123

    Clack123 User

    10 pally too 1gg is much better idea... That I would agree with +1 here
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  18. BallistikD

    BallistikD User

    I only wish I had more middle fingers for this idea. Pally in the SkyLab. If your going to do anything to the SkyLab, update or give us the option to make our own xeno in the Lab. I mean why have the damn thing there if does nothing for you?
    5-3 not being fare. Grow a set or take a trip to the store and put a backbone on lay-away. You need one. If your having problems in 5-3, Go in there with a outfit or at times when your company is in those maps more then the enemy players.
    This is a fighting game and not a farming game. Your either hunting something or someone or something is hunting you. Pull your head out of your tail pipe and work on playing a little smarter.
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  19. Øмєga

    Øмєga User

    simply no

    finally someone that thinks like me .. I use to collect paladium ..but it got boring .its a PVP game .why should I farm all day ? now I just kill everything in every single map and I get pretty good fights in 5-3 .20 vs 1 most of the time ..but its fun .its a PvP . ur not hunting .but someone is hunting u and just because ur farming that doesn't mean he should 2
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