Add Palladium to Skylab

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. says some1 whos already UFE (wel u sound like a UFE)

  2. Words of wisdom. I actually agree with palladium in skylab as long as it is a slow production. Many here don't like it but what you do not realize perhaps is that producing 100 EE a day, will still take 30 days to build a kappa gate and that means at least 30-40 months before you get full hercules.(not to mention LF4s and havocs) Free? not quite...

    If you want to get it faster than that, by all means go palli. I would do both. Look at it realistically. People aren't gonna be building gates double time with this idea.

    And whoever said that you get over 15,000 ammo from 100 EE is lucky. I average 9-11k laser ammo every 100 spins.
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  3. Øмєga

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    now I'm ufe ..but I was doing it even when I wasn't because that's the point of the game .I do it on small accounts to so no point of saying that I only do it cuz I'm ufe
    • Swearing (abbreviations are the same as the words)
    I agree, a lot of people says that the game will be very easy and there will not be more work and only skylab, but there's a REMOVED work on being all the damn day collecting a kind of magic stone that give you some extra energies? no! so this will do that the people instead of being all the day on 5-3 collecting magic stone, will be real playing while the skylab do that boring work, and it will give you your GG's to get more x-4 for killing players, doing it more funny, and it will give you uridium to buy more and better equipment, avoiding people to leave the game because "it's to difficult, I can't get a REMOVED LF3 per week and the REMOVED UFE's have thousands of REMOVED lf4's upgraded to REMOVED level 16, REMOVED"

    in brief, it will be good

    Sorry for my bad english, I have 15 years old and I speak Spanish:)
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  4. i kno how u feel bro, let it all out bro, let it all out.
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  5. I agree with the slow production and also the ammo people would get from not playing would grow and grow. Agree with you!
  6. completer

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    For you to say this, it doesn't just mean for newer players like it just being for when you get to a certain ship level. You're making this for everybody which is the most ridiculous and means you should include yourself in your term, noob, for that. Please, read the game changes. A lot of things are better for everybody and new starting players. You're looking at this in the sense of before new changes that are better for new people on this game. This seems like you just want this more for yourself, and you just using the word noob and all that to get it, but basically making the whole game weaker and without skills which would become more a kiddie game.

  7. you kno u could just say " nope i dont like this idea, so -1 from me" instead of saying something that doesnt involve the subject , its just nonsense wat u are saying there . sjees we dont need such drama , and if u read the previous replies , u can c that we already kno it isnt going to happen, so plz keep all your drama to yourself.
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    Very Bad Idea.
  9. Why is it a bad idea? 100 free EE per day is extremely low. If there was a spaceball every week, and you made 700 EE per spaceball(I've seen many get even more than that), does anyone complain about free spins and it being too easy? Nope. I'm fine with the skylab producing palladium in small amounts and think it is a good idea. A gate a month for those that are lazy is still not gonna get them anywhere.
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  10. Hhmm, if Palladium was added to Skylab it should take away Seprom to even things out. Just like Xeno is not added to you for transport.
  11. This game will never be fair as long as you have players putting in thousands of dollars into their ships. I think it's killing the game. It's been a long time since I've seen any noob ships and the ones I do see have levels too low to attack. The only ships I constantly see are the level 19 and higher and rarely anyone around my level. I can't blame newbies for not wanting to play. You can play for 7 years and get destroyed by someone who joined yesterday and put 5,000 dollars into their ship. And after they destroy you with their OVERPOWERED ship they'll call you a noob....aka..poor. I actually did a cost analysis and it would require close to 10,000 dollars to FE your ship with all lvl 16 weapons, shields, drones, pilot points, all galaxy gates, etc. The only thing a new player can't buy is experience so their pet would be weak but they'd have no problem leveling it up quickly in the galaxy gates. Actually, if I play for 3 hours I sure as heck don't run into thousands of players. I mean if DO really has 80 million players spread out over a few servers you'd think you'd run into thousands of ships at a time. But no, I'll see around 80 other players a day or less. I'm on the English server.

    So what I'm trying to say is that if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend the game will never seem fair to you and we'll never really know who the BEST players are. I really think that on the Sunday Battles that if they want to be fair everyone should get the same ship, same ammo, etc and then see who the best are. This is the only game I've ever played where you don't get stronger by leveling up, you only get stronger by putting money into the game.

    Oh yeah, I tried that about 5 times now, every time someone comes along and blows up my ship or uncloaks me for giggles. I think you're just blowing smoke.
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  12. Would make it way too easy to open gates.

    We might want to remember that BP still needs to make some money out of this game.
  13. ~Dr.Agony~

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    I like this idea. It would provide a chance for new / less power players to build up their ship. The whole "no work involved" idea is bogus. The players still have to go through and kill all the NPC to get rewards from the gate. And as of late, they have been pushing through changes to help new players get stronger faster. Yeah, some people have spent a lot of money trying to get to UFE status, but before Havoks, Hercs, LF4, Apis and Zues came out, people had spent a lot of money just trying to get to FE. Yeah, I think there should some difficulty to building your ship, but nor do I think it should such a daunting process, considering how strong players are now compared to what they were.
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  14. not bad idea
  15. make some money??? plz tell me your joking.
    ok ppl buy uri for spins rigth??? ok is that the only reason why ppl buy uri???
    1- u can buy premium
    2- u can buy doubler
    3- u can buy uri for anything in game ( spins not included)
    4- u ca buy ships
    5- u can also buy spins and jump creds
    6- ok lets just add the urii for spins to

    ok and worldwide millions of ppl play this game and most of them spend on the game,
    and dont forget most of them also have noobs acc's (those noob ships arnt realy noob ships, its just weaker then there main ship) that also takes some spending on. and not to forget some players also have more UFE ships in other servers.

    so u are saying that BP still needs to make SOME money from the gate ??????
    wait dont forget its BP ur talking about not DO, and BP has 20+ games that are played worldwide where ppl also use money on for like prem and all that other crap.
    lol again u say they should stil make SOME money .
    from my point of view they already make TONS of money . maybe its cuz ur a rich guy idk ( i said MAYBE, didnt say u were). u dont c it.

    and DO doesnt want to this teeny tiny thing for us????
    lol even my idea ppl hate. thats is smaller then this 1
    my idea --->

    wel anyway its not going to happen anyway
    ugh i just wasted my time writing this ugh im so stupid -.-
  16. Yes trUe BP owns several other games which brings money in - however they have target o which Dark Orbit itself has to make to keep Dark Orbit running. They can't just 'borrow' money which other games makes because how are they going to keep other games running if they're using its fund on Dark Orbit?
  17. even with out borrowing money from the other game's BP makes HELLA alot off money from DO already , even MORE then enough (thats wat i think)
    Reference to deleted post

    I love this idea but I think to balance it out a bit (otherwise we will never see this AND 5-3 would be empty) the pally should be produced using Seprom from the skylab.
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  19. yeha, +1 for me, if they did add this to the skylab it might be worth while maybe doing something to the xeno module so that produces something? i dont quite get what thats for, i assume that the skylab will go for a rework soon anyway as its very outdated compared to the more modern outfits,