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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by (Stop-Do-not-shoot), Sep 6, 2023.

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  1. I haven't played this game in probably 10 years. I returned for a bit after skill tree and pirate maps were introduced but haven't played since.

    At the time I was FE. 8 Iris, all LF3, etc. Obviously a lot has changed since then and I'm wondering what I should focus on. I have the 9th done but not the 10th. 5 Prom lasers, 5 Lf4's, the rest Lf3's. I have all the old basic uri ships goliath (no solace, sentinel, etc.). I have a diminisher as well. Aegis too if that matters. P.E.T. level 15. I have like 25 modules but they are all for garbage ships and nothing I would actually use. I also reached a point in the BL missions where it's become almost impossible to do (Attend's are virtually impossible as a solo who isn't putting out a ton of damage)

    I'm trying to figure out what I should focus on. Should I just open up booty boxes? Should I focus on getting the 10th drone? I haven't really messed with the assembly very much either because I don't want to spend important items on something stupid. I don't mind spending a little bit of money (when the servers get fixed) but I have no idea what's important anymore and the FAQ section is completely outdated.
  2. Focus on finding another game this one doesn't run 30 days straight without any issues, they have given out 3 or more compensation packages in the last 45 days and game still runs like crap!!!

    Right now can't even login jumped through a portal and the game disconnected my account and won't let me login changes ships nothing, so looks like another day of not being able to play. Sound like a good game?
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  3. find another game bro, this is coming from someone that's been playing since the flipping floppy disk lol . dont waste any more time , devs dont care ,game is buggy ,full of bots and trains ,constant ddos attacks for the past 2 months,nothing works , no player feedback taken into consideration etc etc . find another game
  4. Been playing since 2008.
    Every. Single. Issue. Is on the players somehow. There is no management of the game for regular players.
    They introduce 'skins' constantly and things no one asked for. BUT what we do ask for is cut and removed.

    At this point if you see another player ship its probably an NPC and will fight better than you can since its all automated.

    They have had *YEARS* to address the issues and just hide in discord and ignore the forums. The only real activity is moving and closing posts as *we answered that by saying email support so they can send you a copy/pasta email saying its your cache*
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  5. mxmumefort

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    yea i got a 24 hr forum ban for speaking the truth... they hate when you call them out on the exact thing they know they are doing and that is what is screwing up the game... hey DO... like i said... stop selling the bot programs and DDOS will stop happening
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  6. Look. I understand there are a ton of issues. I can read the 1000's of other posts complaining about it. But just like all you who continue to return and play despite these issues.... that's what I'm going to do.

    So, any advice on my actual question?
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  7. PacificNW

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    that's kind of it, the game operates teriibly, DO doesn't care, yet here we are.

    but that dedication is being sorely taxed. more and more every day.

    won't be long before even the die hard LEGIT players will stop. give it to the bots.

    i'll paly a little longer but i won't spend any more real money. not worth it for a game with a limited future. there are other games i'd rather spend money on and in.

    see you in the world.

  8. Play the events finish Battle passes buy modules and whatever you need for upgrades with BP points, do events like astral for modules and learning how to play again it's free . Some events will allow you to craft some ships and designs you will want get the tenth drone. That's a good start.
  9. murdoc01

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    work on the last 5 quest for the other 5 prom lazers is a start also make alot difference
  10. Oddy

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    Here's the simple list what you can do (like what I am doing)

    1. Skill points: If you haven't, go after and try to max electro-optics ASAP and other useful skills like Alien Hunter, Rocket Fusion, Shield Engineering and Evasive Maneuvers.
    2. Galaxy Gates: Do Zeta gates for Havoc designs + keys and log discs.
    3. Do the events for ABRs and I-oil for upgrading your Irises, lasers (Prometheus lasers) and shields.
    4. You can craft Solace from Assembly and down to line Solace+.
    5. Open golden booty boxes for your 10th drone.
    6. Finnish the other BL missions for additional 5 prom lasers.

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