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  1. Hi all Rattus here ")

    This is a quick one to see what players think of having Aegis and Citadel pvp quests. I personally would definately want these quests and many other players in GB2 agree. Can we span this suggestion across all servers and find out whos interested in the idea??

    #1Love Rat
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  2. Alot of (if not the most) players will use the new ships if they are affordable to purchase them, and having over 1k of Aegis kills still makes me want to do these quests.. like making 10, 25 and 50 Aegis/Citadel quests like Goliaths have.
  3. Yeh i thought of this the other day when i got my 50 mmo goliaths in spaceball :p and i popped a number of aegis' but there isn't any quests that can offer to kill them :(
  4. Yeh i agree 2ndIdentity and Diamonds, we could do with likes on this thread and spread the word and hopefully a developer or 2 will discuss this appropriately with us !!

    #1Love Rat
  5. ANgry.mN

    ANgry.mN User

    Yea We need that quest :D
  6. yeh i agree then again quests for them should have been added when the ship was brought out on servers
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  7. yeh thats true Res, might be part of a big update 1 day tho ") hopefully

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