Aegis Propulsor?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by PalafoЖ•MΞЖ•811†, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. El_Burro

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    I was thinking about the Event Horizon but hey, they both have Laurence Fishburne...
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  2. Good guess, But as far as I know, the best engine on Dark Orbit is the speed generator G3N-7900 that has nothing to do with "gravitational drives" or "extremely fast spinning black holes".

    Good Idea! But let`s remember that this is Space, not earth where a hovering ship would be useful, you would need an atmosphere and gravity for that to work.

    Now, we all know that the G3N`s are the main engines, question is, where is the exhaust in Aegis? The other ships have an exhaust, why aegis doesn`t?
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  3. The Obama Liberal anti-coal, nuclear, and American oil policies have declared that all ships are now powered by Fairy dust, Unicorn tears, and rainbow dust. Therefore since the fuel is are the engines.
  4. SPSAT99

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    So the real world is Earth? I think it has been found that Earth is an imaginary simulation created by machines to control Humans.
  5. Then you reaaaally have to watch it again. But before I`ll explain it to you. Machines have taken over the world and are harvesting humans for their energy. In this catastrophic world there is a group of rebels that have awakened of their slumber to hack into the Matrix terminals and look for the chosen one (Neo) that will save human race (or awake them of their fake lifes). In this REAL DESTROYED WORLD is where hovering ships exist, and they still need earth`s gravity to HOVER, because in space, there`s no gravity to hover on.

    With that crystal clear, tell me, where are the Exhausts??o_O
  6. I would love that my PET runs on fairy dust, that would save a buck. In the meantime, and knowing that this is all imaginary, where are the exhausts??? Why did the designers and developers Imagine all the ships exhausts but Aegis??
  7. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    The speed generators arent the ships engines. Every ship can move with its main engine alone and without the use of additional speed generators.
    Having a close look at those speed generators again, they look like enclosures for some kind of energy source.
    Since the "conventional" drives on most ships in DO seem to be something like an ion thruster that runs mostly on energy and only needs a very small amount of matter it totally makes sense that the speed generators (energy sources) increase the thrust of the main engine (running mostly with energy).

    Now all we have to find out is how a speed generator can increase the performance of a gravitational drive.
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  8. lol
  9. there is no exaust
    it uses a katalisator that keep all smoke inside
    when u do repair in station they replace it same time:p
  10. In space, to move a ship you can use solid fuel + oxygen to make a combustion and/or a nuclear reactor. Why point it out? because every ship has a combustion thrust, meaning that they are liberating energy of some kind, so it`s not electric or "gravitational".

    If we use the first choice (fuel+oxygen) I believe that every ship would have huge tankers on them to store the oxygen, and that we would need to buy oxygen on the store to move our ships (bad for our wallets lol)

    But if we go for the second choice, I personally believe that it would be the most accurate choice, because nuclear reactors can last for an average of 40 years.

    Ok now, all of the ships use the same speed generator right? that means that all of them use the same energy right? That means that Aegis shoul have a "combustion thrust" and an Exhaust ;).

    Right. but we are not talking about smoke here, we are talking about a "combustion thrust" and unless this cathalyst can store all the heat that is liberated on this reaction goes the question...Where are the Aegis exhausts??o_O
  11. realy fun post here
    please boys keep on the good work (smart answers i mean)
  12. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User


    (Yes, I'm screaming at you :p)
  13. The 'Global Warming" nut jobs have declared that Aegis exhaust along with cow farts are ruining the planet therefore in partnership with the Michelle Obama "No more chocolate in Smores" campaign, Aegis exhaust is prohibited. The thing runs on magnets.

  14. question answered
    please close post
    NO MORE questions of type <<Where are the Aegis exhausts ?>> :p

  15. Yes I know of that, but I believe that cows are now born with a cathalyst for their extreme farting, yet Aegis flightplan doesn`t have earth as one of the destination or any other planet, only deep space (and the known galaxy maps) but we still and yes STILL have to ask this question.


    Because i would love to see some hot looking thrusters on this ship, would be perfect, and maybe we can convince the developers to put some engine exhausts there!!

    Developers and designers, make some presence on this post please!!;)
  16. Spearhead , Aegis , Citadel is a new ship they dont need to have a old Propulsor Tech like all those other ships Lol
  17. BUT as we can see, spearhead and citadel have this propulsors, and as I stated before, they all use the same speed generator G3N-7900. So don`t tell me about "old propulsors tech" because spearhead and citadel ARE using them.

  18. come on Guys..
    Our Elite Engines are just that..
    DarkOrbit Technology is Based on Black Hole Energy Output..

    actually What seems Not to Be.. IS

    but One small Black Hole per Drive.. these Engines are Fixed in Generator Slots, there Output is Phenomenal, if you Notice that Green Panel, it is Eco-Friendly.. for this Reason when any Ship explodes.. there is NO Shock Wave to Out run.. the Black Hole Technology sucks the Explosion back Inside it's cores and leaves very little Debris in it's Wake.. All Ships use a GreenHouse Gas to Mimic the Exhaust, just like Old School HotRods used Dinosaur Fuels dumped into the Exhaust tips and Ignited with a SPARK-Plug .. see " Flame-Shooters " google it, its just a Visual effect..

    "Aegis" is a Shield.. and taken from that Idea, its Designers decided to Cut costs and leave the Visuals off so there was room for the Aegis Specials..
  19. One small black hole...per drive? well did they got THAT inside of an engine drive....I mean...:eek:...think nuclear...

    There IS a shockwave when you see your ship exploding, and is a big one, and when we pop someone you can see the debris floating on the empty space so...

    Greenhouse gas? seriously? just to add a "mimic the exhaust" kind of thing? Hotrods?
    this is SPARTA! (lol) I mean this is SPACE!! not a show off to how much my thrust lights out, the thrust stands for one of 2 things, fuel burning or nuclear reaction!

    Then you are telling me that the PET fuel is just to show off too? that the thrust on the PET is fake and that when the PET goes out on fuel the PET is too lazy to work? It`s FUEL, dinosaur or nuclear or whatever you want to call it. It liberates energy and with that, the ship(or PET) moves , simple as that.

    The only ship (human built) on the whole Darkorbit universe that doesn`t have an Exhaust is the Aegis, even the sibelons have thrust (and they don`t have G3N`s as far as we know) so why not aegis?

    I`m gonna make a rough design on how it would look like with some exhausts just to see what we are missing (If someone that has more skills on this than me please be my guest and do some aegis design with exhausts) ;).

    Thanks Dr. J
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  20. Rofl..

    Me too.. Put me on the Waiting List..

    Watch the New Star Trek Movie, when the Young to Bee. Captain Kirk is Drivin the Corvette .. the Mr Spock in that Version has that Pink Stuff based on Stolen DarkOrbit Engine Technolgy..

    note the Name was called..

    " Dark Matter ".. Those Pointed Earred Gobblins Stole OUR Engine Technogy and Killed a Planet with it..

    Did it Matter.. HELL Yeah.. angered that Romulan so bad.. He returned the Destruction of the Vulcan Homeworld.. but Really If you watch close enough ..
    You will See Planet Vulcan go Down the " Dark Orbit Wormhole "

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