Aegis Propulsor?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by PalafoЖ•MΞЖ•811†, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. OK now here it is, made with paint, not too fancy, but hey, here is the general idea:


    I took the spearhead exhaust and somehow I managed to resize it and put it on the back of aegis, you can take a close look at the image and you can see the exhaust burning that fuel (lol).

    Please, If someone here is a graphic designer make this a better looking idea, I know this is poor quality but hey, is made with paint.
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  2. I think you have a Point..
    that looks like a Methane Exhaust Burn.. Bovine Version

    Excellent Work..
  3. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    That exhaust doesn't look good at all. Seriously messes up graphics. No need for exhausts.
  4. Did I mention that I made it on paint? and that is just an Idea on how it would look like? There are guys that are experts on this subject and could make incredible exhausts on Aegis, I would expect someone to improve this idea.
  5. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    You called for it...
    I used my mad paint skills to work out two alternatives.
    Both of them run on renewable energy sources:


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  6. funny...but I believe that you are not the best on graphic design (but I like the rainbow though)

    I`ll ask the Mod team to close this thread, as is going nowhere, same 4 people answering leads us nowhere.

    Thank you all guys.
  7. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    Wait a minute... you were serious about this?
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  8. ohh Please.. for me.. combine the Rainbow and the Bubbles for the "Skittles Exhaust" Effect.. it will Blow everyone AWAY...:confused::p

    Hurry before it's Closed..

    ohh what..
    He was Serious about this..

    I thought the Aegis was using a "Micro Black Hole Gravity Drive".. hence no Exhaust..
  9. This is A gay ship that left the closet.
  10. WAS trying to, but looking at the answers, not anymore, I don`t care now.

    Is good to have a laugh here and there, but make a laugh of everything and post just to mock of people`s ideas or thoughts, isn`t cool.
    And this is something visual, something that won`t add power or shield or Hit points, is just something that would make Aegis look better, but hey! Here comes the mock batallion! Let`s tear this post apart and go to the next one!

    Thank you very much.

    Close Please
  11. you are asking this on wrong place.
    i remember when those ships first come out and i was wondering same as you now why aegis don't have exhaust like other ships,and thats true it would look much better with exhaust.
    none of us know, we can only guess.
  12. The most realistic answer of them all:

  13. Sir PalafoЖ•MΞЖ•811†

    Dear Brother, we .. well Let me say.. I, I thought you were joking.. to add some Wit to the Community.. my sincere Apologies ..

    I respect your Contribution, to the Threads you comment on.. and forgive me for getting carried away.. but this is a game and I'm here not to Torment or Harass or CyberBully anyone..

    I respect that the feeling of Pride you will receive when the Programmers will add some Exhaust Visuals to Aegis.. I DO Get it..

    We are I think just having TRUE FUN .. with the Subject you introduced.. and the Creativity of YOUR Friends here .. was Quite an Inspiration to ALL Readers of this subject..

    In my Heart,, I don't think anyone was DOWN Playing your Observation..

    Use a Repair Credit and Heal yourself.. give us a good Comeback.. Brother..

    I personally Loved the Rainbow one too.. had me Rollin on the Floor.. and almost Blew a Hole in my Depends.. ROLF & BHID..

    a new one..
    BHID.. Blew Hole in Depends.. to be Upgraded to DSAL "Depends Sprung a Leak", spread the word..:confused:
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  14. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    Please dont be so sensitive.
    I didnt mean to offend you, my sincere apologies if you thought I was trying to do so.
    What might have confused me is that we are in the "Speakers' Corner" section and not in the "Update & Idea Pool"
  15. Yeah.. can you just Imagine what wood happen If anyone had a "DSAL" in the
    ideal POOL.. o_O
  16. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I still don't think Aegis should have exhaust. It's the Developers choice.

  17. Thanks Dr J and El_Burro.

    And here SPSAT99 is where you are wrong, if you post an Idea and is accepted, it can be implemented on the game, maybe is their game, but still we can improve its looks, its way of beeing played and other stuff. You don`t just sit and say: "is what we`ve got" No sir! You have to be on improving mode to make a difference, and not just wait for them to toss you an update that you don`t like. And this is why we have a forum, and this is why we have a support email address, For making them now that we want a change here and there. I hope that someone posts a picture of Aegis overhauled.

    Waiting to see that...
  18. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    If aegis had exhaust, I think the whole ship has to be changed. An exhaust outlet looks terrible on current aegis (my opinion)
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  19. Well Played Sir SPSAT99 and I for one Like that..

    We in Our Community.. Must bee able to VOICE our Feelings.. our Passions.. Our FREEDOM is just that.. to Voice it in REGARDS to the Rules of Conduct..

    In this I.. I feel ... WE have NO Conflict..

    We that have the ""MARBLES.. to POST and PROTEST or ADD..

    I'm NOT Yelling..

    I'm attempting to Corrupt even the Thinking .. of the .. Forums, as I have Done on the WEST Coast Server..

    "We" ( YOU ) The COMMUNITY .. are the unity.. WE .. Rule this Game.. Each and EverOne of you.. Holds the KEY.. Set US.. Free..

    Tell Your Heart to the Others that Share. Spread the Passion, the Enjoyment of your Reason for Spending more than a Glancing moment of TIME.. on this UNDER Developed, Graphic Starved, Intelligence Challenged, Reason-less ADDIcTION of OUR Expendable TIME....

    Give Your HEART's Requests..

    To Salvage This Favorite of OUR..GAMING.. Life or Death.. It's REALLY up to US.. :oops:

    just a thought from the many that have whispered me, texted me.. and those spoken to me in TS..

    We Want to Go Back to DARK Orbit..

    Pre-LF-4, PRE UpGrades....

    BIO is Ok.. Skylab is Ok..

    but Giving Players an Advantage over The "SKILL" learned to Get to bee...
    a " STINGER " known as "FE"..

    This Game began to Lose IT's "BEST"..

    If there is an Intro-Duck-tion of Bo3 or LF-5s.. the Game will DIE..

    Stan LEE.. says.. " NUFF" said.. .. .. ..

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