Agatus breach event feedback.

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ]Coldheart[, Jul 27, 2020.

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  1. As a UFE returned to see the game and new event. Your game is absolutely doomed. You devs have yet to get your heads out of the sand after years of declining game quality. Your event payout is not even worth doing the event. And the promises from Khalid years ago stating DO would transition away from a money grabbing gate grinding game was a complete lie as well. Learn to LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYER BASE Learn to make the game worth staying for the newbies and not just for the UFE players, sure make it fun for UFE players but give a way to have a fun play-worthy payout in the event for players of all skill and equipment level. Find the balance of payout to keep the newbies around while UFE still have to play smart and hard to get a good payout too and not just us UFE's dominating every damned event you guys seem to think up in a 5 minute late night talk session. The payout for the boss NPC is next to nothing. I'm starting to think this event is set up to catch botters in action ( I do hope so) but knowing DO's actions in these recent years I have to doubt that.
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  2. mxmumefort

    mxmumefort User

    another event for the big clans to gang up on players for kills... not even worth it for blueprints... and bad payout of splinters...
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  3. .ΛĊΞ.

    .ΛĊΞ. User

    There have been some bad events but this is probably the worst.

    One, it's not long enough to accomplish anything.
    Two, the Boss NPC that gives the most valuable rewards is almost impossible to kill in upper maps, because it dies in 3-5 seconds.
    Three, the Spinels don't give Splinters often enough.
    Four, the booster is a waste of money and should last longer. I know it's only $2 but the average player would have to buy at least 5 to make a noticeable dent in one of the assembly builds.
    Five, there's no other alternative to get resources. Chromin is available for sale, but Agate Splinters aren't? Why?

    It's a shame because this event would benefit a lot of people, with the assembly items available to build
  4. HMS_Shotts

    HMS_Shotts User

    Bigpoint Devs please read and take in the feedback! Its already all been said here! Are you paying attention?
  5. this event needs to be revamped, and the people who bought boosters today and now cant use em because the event is suddenly over
  6. I will not play this event.
    Shot a few Spinel's and got NOTHING.
    But that's ok 'cause I have other things to do.
  7. Covid-19

    Covid-19 User

    Impossible for an above average player with x4 and rsb with seprom.
  8. Heaven

    Heaven User

    Shocking that you guys would make an event like this, with assembly items that A LOT of people could use, and not even make them obtainable.

    There has been ZERO positive feedback on this topic, so I would highly consider have the developers remake this event. Also.. there is no chance for noobs to get anything from this, like guys who are building who you need to expand the game's population. if you read this forum, a good 20% of it is about them and how hard it is to build an account, and asking for change in the entire game. The game doesn't need to be changed, but the events need to be able to help them more, because as it stands now, they have no chance. Even with the doubler, they would have to stick to lower maps, and take less rewards because the uppers would be too difficult.

    Suggestions would be.. make this event last a week, give more frequent agate splinters, reimburse the people who bought boosters today and wasted them because there was no event, make the boss npc harder to kill, and give out more rewards, not to the top 3, but like, the top 8 or something like Demeanor does, and do something for the noob players who have no chance in building anything from this OR ANY EVENT.
  9. Veki

    Veki User

    Pros :
    - good event recipes

    Cons :
    - too short event
    - very hard to get Agate Splinter
    - too many Spinels needed to spawn Agatus

    I was lucky and managed to get 1 box on 2-8, got 125 Agate Splinter.

    Suggestions how to improve event (pick one or more, but not all) :
    1. Make Spinels drop Agate Splinter (e.g. 2-8 Spinels drop 15-25 Agate Splinter, scale drops on other maps)
    2. Make Agatus Agate Splinter part of rewards that are shared among players (like uri)
    3. Spawn more than 1 Agatus on map when enough Spinels are destroyed (e.g. spawn 4-7 Agatus)
    4. Reduce the number of Spinels required to spawn Agatus (e.g. 2-8 needs 20-30 Spinels to spawn Agatus)

    DO NOT increase HP of Agatus as that will lead to few UFEs (usually one clan) shooting all other players like on HITAC or Demaner event.
  10. Poorly planned event, It should have been like Cucubitor event during Halloween.
  11. lordofwar

    lordofwar User

    Event completely disappeared halfway into it and people got scammed out of their money spent on boosters and box doubler for NOTHING. and NO announcement as to why the event disappeared the 2nd day this is absolutely disgusting to see. Event needs to be extended or refunds issued.
  12. Pros:
    - none useful at all this time

    - Dominant clans own the alien
    - Lazy Dominant clans wait until some diligent players clear out the minions to kill the Boss and get the rewards (where is the fairness in here?)

    - Do not launch any event like this, until the ammount of rewards are balanced
  13. LOL this event was a great one for BP i logged in timer said i still had 9 hours of the event and i never even saw 1 alien for that event botched right from the start.
    That's what you get when your company can't even hang on to their Developers they all keep quitting.
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  14. Getting close to the boss is restricted to the OP few who kill off anyone but their little group. And the boss lasts only a few seconds with the OP group. What is the incentive for anyone but one of these griefers to do these events? We either have to navigate them (often got their gear from illicit playing habits, deep pockets or both) or put up with rewards that are piled up for just the top few damagers (often the botting crowd as well) instead, how about creating a more balanced approach of rewards commensurate with the kills made, overall damage, time to complete for more than a small limited group. You may be exciting some UFE players but you are discouraging everyone else. More and more of these events are leaving me cold. And I hear this from other players too.
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  15. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    At least extend the event to a week like all other events... so other people have an opportunity, jeeze
  16. Your English careless arrogance // bigpont // attitude towards the game and non-compliance with the rules that must be applied equally to all players make me grieve for your mind !!! I hope that in the next official announcement from you you will remember to write the date of the event !!!!!
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