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  1. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Darkorbit

    General Information:

    Strange aliens, dubbed "Agatus" and "Spinel", have been discovered. Their bodies are made of a strange material that causes breaches in the fabric of space when they gather in large numbers, allowing them to periodically drift into our maps. Collect the Agate Splinters from these aliens to craft special recipes!

    The Aliens are appearing on the X-3, X-4, X-5, X-6, X-7 and X-8 maps.

    They will spawn at the following times (Local Server Times):
    • 08:00 to 16:00 (8 hours) and 18:00 to 23:59 (6 hours) everyday

    First, you need to hunt down the aliens called “Spinel” to make the Boss Alien “Agatus” spawn. Agatus spawns Minions called “Spinelus” which are attacking you when you enter their range But be cautious: If the Agatus get weaker, they’ll drop ACM-1 mines!

    On kill, the Spinels have a chance to get Agate Splinter as rewards which can be used to craft special recipes!

    When killing Agatus, a reward box is given to the Top 3 Damage Dealers which includes a some Agate Splinters, as well as the chance to get PLT-2021, UBR-100, Extra Energy, SAR-02, MCB-50 and PLD-8.

    Please note that the “Spinelus” don’t drop any rewards boxes!

    After the event ends, the Agate Splinters that you’ve collected during the event will stay in your account and you can use them in case the event will be repeated in the future.

    Event Recipe:
    There are some event recipes which can be crafted during the event.

    Category Name Amount Requires Craftable
    P.E.T. G-HLP01 (HP-Link) 1 10,000 Agate SplinterOnce per Event
    ExtrasSPC-SPD01 1 6,000 Agate Splinter
    Multiple times​
    ExtrasSHD-BACH01 1 8,000 Agate Splinter
    Multiple times​
    New Booster:
    During the event, there’s a special Agate Splinter Booster AS-B01 available in our payment section which doubles the amount of Agate Splinters that will be dropped by the Aliens for 3 hours.

    New Ship Upgrade Modules:
    During the event, it’s possible to get these new ship upgrades:

    SHD-BACH01Shield+ 15% ShieldG-Champion
    Aegis Series
    250,000 Credits
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  2. Oddessey

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    Event recipes

    There are some event recipes which can be crafted during the event.

    ExtrasDMG-RET01110,000 Agate SplinterOnce
    ExtrasSHD-BACH0118,000 Agate SplinterMultiple times
    ExtrasDMG-NPC01110,000 Agate SplinterMultiple times
    TechSB-1 (Speed Burst)13,500 Agate SplinterMultiple times
    TechBRB-212,500 Agate SplinterMultiple times
    TechBS-212,500 Agate SplinterMultiple times
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  3. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

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