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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 8, 2013.

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    VESPID User

    The design I am proposing is available for all ships with an unadjusted bass of less than 160k Hp's.
    Only generators may be in the design equipped ships drones in order to gain the bonuses of this design.
    The purpose of this idea it to improve the ships that qualify for this tech.

    Destroy 100 of any single Uber alien type and 10k Uri to gain one of the following upgrades in this order:

    1) Full damage from your weapons
    2) A 10% shield boost
    3) Hit point boost to 350k
    4) The ships lasers gain a X2 damage boost against NPC's.
    5,a) The ship speed will be upgraded to 300 if needed.
    5,b) The color of the Uber.
    6) The dominant color of the Uber.

    This process may be repeated to add each ability in the order listed above and to adapt the ship color of a different uber.
    Please fully explain your answers when in opposition of this idea.
    This tech can't be used by the Leonov ship in the x-1 thru x-4 maps.

    The price of the design will be suggested at 100k Uri.
    Thank you TheTaser for the suggestion.
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  2. SauronL

    SauronL User

    it will not working if u will shoot this selected alien , your shields will grow ?
    and other is too upp , its not bad idea but it have a lot of mistakes , 100% damage on lowers is for the noobish , we can pop mordon in one shot so it will not working good

    VESPID User

    Thing is each phase sets up the next, I'm open to any constructive suggestions.
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  4. I think it's also a good idea. But it is not better when you can level up your design: here!

    Oh yes, it's german :) So U've to translate it.
  5. This idea will just make the game become really complicated and unbalanced.

    VESPID User

    Please explain how and to who.
  7. My point. This idea will just confuse people in the game and over complicate it. Also some of the boosters are wayyy to high.
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  8. Agreed lol

    VESPID User

    Considering the confusion there is little more I can do.
    Now for the boosters what would you suggest....please keep in mind the types of ships that this idea helps.
  10. It is kinda hard to kill 200 Uber Bks
  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I made this idea with the notion of being able to upgrade phase 3 at the pilots personal pace.

    "you don't have to start with that uber."
  12. Really 100%. This will completely destroy the game. I hit like 60-70k x4 max and with that i could be hitting aliens at a ridicules amount of damage.
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Really....Which credit ship are you in when you do that kind of damage?
  14. bad idea from me i cant see it working
  15. Not agree. Booster in shop are become un-useful.
  16. Well I was talking about a Goliath but whatever I still won it with credits! Also in a bigboy or something with 35 lf4s you would still hit a huge amount of damage and as said in previous post that it will just make boosters pointless and a waste of time if you have this.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Hmmm....My points don't seem to be noticed.
    This idea is not for all uri ships, just the spearhead.
    This idea is for "the most part" credit ships.
    This idea will not hinder the use of any boosters any more then any other design will.
    I doubt everyone has 35 lf-4's to use in concert with this idea and even if they did without a pet any ship using this design wouldn't be able to ever carry more than 28.
    To further drive my point, the number of guns this idea will allow will be restricted to just the number of gun slots the ship has.
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  18. Im just confused :L This is my point. It will just make the game confusing. I like the effort you put into this idea but i don't think it will work in a way because i find it hard to understand slightly :L
  19. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I take fault for that, I created this design too much like a quest in order to boost the designs abilities.

    I just wanted to create a design that would allow for many options concerning the end result.
  20. This is another classic VESPID idea. Take that as you will.
    It's not a good thing
  21. Hmm...stupid. Anyhoo, let's say I'm in my nostromo and I'm killing ubers, woops! I just gained 50% of their hit points. I now have 600k hp, but oh wait! the chip only allows up to 170k hp, so it turns off and I'm back to a nostromo...any problems here? I sure can't find any:p It is dumb.

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