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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. I didn't include all upgrades in my idea of course, because both double damage, and 100% maximum laser output are unfeasible.
    Ideas like this can be changed, but they're still not promising.

    VESPID User

    Hmmmm.....I don't know.
    Give me time to think about it.
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  3. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    This is a cool idea but how about making that x2 damage to npc's only?

    VESPID User

    Thanx for the suggestion bro.
    The evolved thread is now:

    The design I am proposing is available for all ships with an unadjusted bass of less than 160k Hp's.
    Only generators may be in the design equipped ships drones in order to gain the bonuses of this design.
    The purpose of this idea it to improve the ships that qualify for this tech.

    Destroy 100 of any single Uber alien type and 10k Uri to gain one of the following upgrades in this order:

    1) Full damage from your weapons
    2) A 10% shield boost
    3) Hit point boost to 350k
    4) The ships lasers gain a X2 damage boost against NPC's.
    5,a) The ship speed will be upgraded to 300 if needed.
    5,b) The color of the Uber.
    6) The dominant color of the Uber.

    This process may be repeated to add each ability in the order listed above and to adapt the ship color of a different uber.
    Please fully explain your answers when in opposition of this idea.
    This tech can't be used by the Leonov ship in the x-1 thru x-4 maps.

    The price of the design will be suggested at 100k Uri.
    Thank you TheTaser for the suggestion.
  5. Blah

    Blah User

    ok vespid why do u always make ideas to boost YOURSELF because you have a spearhead... even the generator thing is for the spearhead (speed). If you want a more powerful ship u shouldn't have gotten a spearhead in the first place. The spearhead and other credit ships were meant to be weak because they were cheap or the spearhead, which had the greatest speed in the game and some useful abilities. UEs would go around using spearheads whos real hp would be 350k...higher then a goli. They would have 29 lazer slots (apis and zues too) and with x2 to aliens... an ue with full lf4 (not upgraded) on a spearhead with no upgraded drones would already do over 11k x1 to aliens... with sep that's even more. 17k x1 NO UPGRADES. bad idea -1 from me. Like I said credit ships and the spearhead were meant to be weak and it doesn't help when you buff them.

    VESPID User

    Ok blah, what difference does it make if you don't like the idea anyway.
    Please spare me your elitist crap and keep it off my threads from now on.
    Thank you for your input and consider yourself dismissed.
  7. Blah

    Blah User

    lol so ur banning me from ur posts because im stating facts? What would you say if you saw someone doing over 17k x1 in a spearhead to an aliens and just as strong as a goli but way faster... u need to look at the big picture...not just things that help the spearhead or credit ships.

    VESPID User

    I do understand, I just don't see why extra damage to npc's as opposed to everything is being subjected to so much discontent.

    Consider the notion that they have to be in one of the ships they want this design to benefit in order to even obtain the well earned boosts and bonuses.

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