Ammo cap

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SPSAT99, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I think they removed the ammo cap now. This is what it shows...

  2. pecanin

    pecanin User

    no they didn't...still cant collect one from boxing

    Removing ammo cap is so easy and yet they wont do it
  3. You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.
    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.

    Nah they have not removed it yet
  4. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Hmmmm..........must've been a visual bug
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Even the bugs want the ammo cap gone.

    It's funny because even if they ever do it the community will still be annoyed because it took them so long to do it.
    They don't even have to make it unlimited ammo capacity, they just need to change the capacity of each ship to something like 5 billion, literally a 10 minute job.
  6. when you have used up your CAP.. and fall below it.. you get what I DOnt think is a Reward for Trying to " Put a CAP in Someone's " .. ah .. Ask a question..

    then when your boxing you will pick up more ammo while boxing.. however the number of GG Credits are Siim pickin lately..

    Why is DarkOrbit bean so Stingie.. its us Free Players that give the Wallet Warrior Somethin to shoot at anyways.. they dont shoot each other ... unless We are Flying too close to um.. they never worry about Ammo Caps..
  7. Unless they tried to change it and failed. Usually happens.

    But we need the ammo cap removed as well as all the other false promises we have been given over the past few months (instead given that horrible influence event a complete waste of the devs time - the Easter one I mean - at least this domination livens up the battlemaps for a bit).

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Players will count millenniums before they remover ammo cap lol... You can die and go to hell and stay there 100 millennium and come back and ammo cap will still be on
  9. What is needed here is a 'Thinking Cap' - inflation in the obvious areas has gone UP, yet the ammo cap is still here :rolleyes:
  10. well here is an Idea..
    we need a "Uber Ammo Storage CPU"
    .. and as for it Being a Thinking Cap Idea.. we can call it.. a 10 gallon Hat.. or Sombrero

    wasn't the Ammo cap installed to curb those Illegal botters

    they are gone and when are they gonna give up to the Loyal Fans of DarkOrbit our Uri back in the Boxes and more ammo.
  11. This is so ******* ridicilous that they promised us that ammo cap will be removed early this year and now it is already 8 months gone.

    And where is our online player amount?!?!?!?!? They told they will bring it back but I can't see it anywhere.
  12. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User's been more then halfway though the year and nothing much changed
  13. Or make the removal of ammo cap a benefit for premium members.
  14. This game is advertised as a farming game...if I collect - I pick it up/clicked on it/P.E.T. fetched/freedom garden - therefore I GET IT! Get it!!!! :rolleyes: Yet, I am capped :mad:
  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Well, it says Browser MMORPG space shooter game in the description. it doesn't say farming anywhere.
  16. you just bid on ammo once your full and you have ammo over your cap
  17. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Dude these days the word promise has no value and promises are like a Fart in the wind

    How do we know what kinds of people we have to deal with in this world? it is essential to stay away from people like that

    Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.

    burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on me
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2014
  18. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User


    The more someone gets killed because of a lack of ammo it is more likely that he or she will run the credit card to buy ammo

    With Dark Orbit keeping players High and Dry chances are that player will quit or Run credit card
  19. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I am sure they want to keep it that way if not they would had changed it

    Try to get them to understand that, I am blind, deaf and dumb Me no see, me no hear, me no talk. -__-
  20. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Dark Orbit loves crippled ships, gotta run the credit card get ammo quick! Someone has to be a target for the paying players A ship like a Peanut that can't shoot back is Ideal for an excellent target, a sitting duck especialley when that peanut has no ammo it is even better lol
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2014