Ammo cap

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SPSAT99, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. Lol it is such a simple thing to remove can't believe it's still not done!
  2. Tbh thats pathetic DO/BP should be ashamed of themselves.To think people
    spend loads just to get this kind of treatment.You would think that if someone
    bought a box doubler they would at least get to keep what they paid for:eek: What
    a scam.:mad: Glad I don't box.
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  3. Money = no shame
  4. because none of you think about it on global scale.
    i do want cap off aswell, but i understand why they dont want to take it off.. so it's still at status quo...
  5. Can still be done. It's the difference between difficulty and laziness (and greed).
  6. it's not thats the thing, it is super easy to remove it. however there are still lots of ppl who use all kind of programs to collect boxes, and they can't catch them.
  7. No..

    really, they are Still permitting the Use of.. ....

    Damn I get banned from the Game for even Whispering the Word.. substituting the word ===> "Programs" ..

    My Daddy, RIP.. used to "Switch" Me good.. because my Sister, RIP.. would set me up.. and He'd say to me like this..

    " Good People shouldn't have to Suffer, because of a few Bad ones, but they DO.."

    but I won't use cheating programs, even if everyone else did..

    It must be be because I'm Left handed I guess..
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  8. i kinda like the ammo cap, it adds an element of planning to the game you have to check your load out to see if it is what your going to need to get the job done. also if you fill your cap boxing, its time to go shoot something.

    That said it would be nice to keep the ammo cap but allow storage in hanger of excess collected ammo.

    maybe have it for sale as a hanger expansion aka "Ammo Dump 50,000 uri"

    Perhaps have a cargo function for transfering ammo to and from the hanger
    you could even set a particular capacity for each "ammo dump" and have them count as 1 of the 10 hangers your allowed to purchase
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    Enjoy it... This is what it has always been, and The way it is always going to be FOREVER.

    They will Never take the ammo cap off get over it

    It will be a cold day in Hell if they take the ammo cap off lol

    If I am wrong about this they can Ban me for 6 months lol

    But they won't ban me cause they will Never take off the ammo cap
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