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    Ammo - Standard & Pro

    This ammunition is used with your lasers. The Standard ammunition can be purchased on a daily basis at anytime during your game.

    Pro ammunition is only available at certian time in the game.
    This is usually 24 hours after a Happy Hour Event.

    x1.gif 2017-09-16_15-30-18.gif

    Low efficiency for a low price
    10 Credits

    x2.gif 2017-09-16_15-32-24.gif

    More bang for your buck: x2 laser damage per round
    0. 5 uridium

    x3.gif 2017-09-16_15-32-54.gif

    The best standard laser ammo: x3 laser damage per round
    1 uridium

    (4X ammo / Whites)
    x4.gif 2017-09-16_15-33-16.gif

    UCB-100 (also known as 'whites') is an elite ammunition for Laser Cannons
    which is considered very difficult to obtain due to it not being available
    in the Shop for purchase. Also known as the x4 ammo,
    this Laser Battery deals four times the normal damage.

    Ways to obtain UCB-100 are:

    A.) By random using the Galaxy Gate Generator and receiving
    50 to 120 ammo each time
    B.) Completing a Galaxy Gate and receiving it as a reward
    C.) Certain Quests give UCB-100 as a reward
    D.) Receiving it from bonus boxes in the Cubikon's Graveyard
    (1000 units each box)
    E.) Booty Boxes
    F.) Certain events like Spaceball can give x4

    rsb.gif 2017-09-16_15-33-43.gif
    One type of ammo you just can't do without:
    Rain death on your enemies when you fire off a rapid laser salvo.
    5 uridium


    sab.gif 2017-09-16_15-34-03.gif

    Shield-absorbing special ammo
    1 uridium

    JOB-100 (PRO)

    job.gif 2017-09-16_15-34-37.gif

    JOB-100 (Jack-O-Battery) is elite special laser battery ammunition that
    was released during the Pumpkin Fest 2012.
    It deals 3.5 times the damage to Aliens and 2 times the damage to players.
    0 . 5 uridium

    (Combo Battery Ordnance)

    cbo.gif 2017-09-16_15-34-20.gif

    CBO-100 (Combo Battery Ordnance) is elite laser battery ammo that has a unique form of damage. It inflicts the same damage as MCB-50 along with half of anti-shield effect from the SAB-50 ammo.
    Using CBO-100 causes your ship to shoot large blue
    fireball-like laser battery ammunition.
    It is available in the Shop for limited times only.
    5 Uridium


    (Infection Laser Battery)
    pib 100.gif 2017-09-16_15-34-57.gif

    4 times stronger than conventional lasers, this ammunition also disperses virulent spores that infect other players.

    9 Uridium

    (Radiatium Battery )

    rb.gif 2017-09-16_15-36-05.gif

    This special-order ammo developed from rare Radiatium packs a
    wallop four times stronger than conventional lasers when used
    on anything but Demaner hulls, against which it deals eight-fold damage!

    Available during special events only.
    Can be purchased in the shop while your faction is dominatin.
    Dropped by beacons when they are captured.
    However, this is a rare drop, but if you capture beacon from
    the beginning to the end, there is a bigger chance
    to receive RB-214 (up to 20 units).

    5 Uridium

    CBO.gif SCA.gif

    Ammo begins at X1 power and increases after each stage based on the performance of the teams in the corresponding group

    Quarter Finals = X4
    Semi Finals = X5
    3rd Place = X5.5
    2nd Place = X6
    Champion = X6.5

    Spacecup ammunition will be increased PvE (damage against aliens) ONLY.

    For PvP it will be x4 damage and will NOT change depending on where teams finish in the world cup.



    Red (Standard)

    Red is the standard laser color all players shoot when equipped with any Laser Cannon and Laser Battery.

    Blue (LF-3 Required)

    Blue lasers mean the player has LF-3 filled in every laser slot their ship can hold. Must be using x1 or x2 ammo.

    Green (LF-3 Required)

    Green lasers mean player has LF-3 filled in every laser slot their ship can hold. Must be using x3ammo.

    White (UCB-100) X-4

    White lasers mean a player is using x4 (UCB-100) ammo. Types of Laser Cannons do not matter when using this.

    Orange/Yellow (RSB-75)
    Orange/Yellow lasers mean a player is using x6 (RSB-75) ammo.
    Types of Laser Cannons do not matter when using this.

    Blue Circles (SAB-50)
    Blue circles means a player is using SAB-50 ammo.
    Types of Laser Cannons do not matter when using this.

    Bright Blue Fireballs (CBO-100) (Not Shown)

    Purple and white soccer ball shaped lasers mean a player is using CBO-100 ammo.
    Types of Laser Cannons do not matter when using this.


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