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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 28, 2021.

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  1. Can we have some kind of feature that allows us to create x4 ammo using all of our existing ammo?
    For example we could use 1,000,000 x2 ammo to create 100,000 of x4 ammo

    We all have millions of x2 ammo which never gets used so it would make sense to have a feature that allows us to craft it into x4 ammo instead.
    Or craft x2 ammo into x3 ammo and then into x4 ammo.
  2. I have been asking that myself for years now
  3. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    x2 is my x1 :) so how about making x2 for credits;)
  4. At this point with the cost of the game and the increased hp on many things ammo such as x2 and x3 should be revamped cost and damage wise. I watched my son doing a B gate in a regular goli with lf4s and it was painful. UBERELITE ships power through as they have piles and piles of bonus percentages. Regular players trying to play are at a disadvantage that should not last years to play honestly.
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  5. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    I think this is a great idea.

    Also to add onto what jayherbo said, make x2 available for credits.
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  6. I'm not against this. This would be really cool for all!
    Maybe these ratios would be fine, for crafting ammunition.

    5:1 ratio for MCB-25 - SAB-50.
    10:1 ratio for LCB-MCB-25, MCB-25 - MCB-50.
    100:1 ratio for MCB-50 - UCB-100.

    I wouldn't be against adding some sort of crafting fee for that, to balance it out of course, such as 10 Credits per MCB-25 or SAB-50 crafted, 25 Credits per MCB-50 crafted, 1 Uridium per UCB-100 crafted.
  7. 100:1 ratio for MCB-50 - UCB-100. I find this a little insulting, so your saying 1000 x3 for 10 x4 with maybe some uri also for not even 1 shot from lasers? No I don't like this maybe like 25-1 or something like that but I think 100 is too much.
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  8. Best would be change x2 for uridium 1:1 ratio.

    Joking aside, as we can craft cc-c ammo for x4, wouldn't be terible to have ammo which we can craft with x2 that would do x4 pve and x1 pvp
  9. Maybe 25:1 MCB-50 - UCB-100, but I'm alright with the other ones. This would be available only for mid-late game, since you can craft MCB-25 and MCB-50 with LCB-10 ammunition. x4 isn't supposed to be something you should have easy access to, imo. With this, you'd need to burn lots of credits to get to this ammunition.

    If you want x4 to be incredibly accessible, might aswell make Seprom craftable with 10,000 Credits, 1 Uridium, 10 Promerium (from Ship and Skylab) and 5 Xenomit per 1 unit, with a +5 sec per unit wait time (crafting 4 seprom will make u wait 20 seconds to receive it) AND make Osmium accessible outside of the Chromin event.
  10. Don't know how much you played the Christmas labyrinth but I went through about 7 mil x4 for one event, and i have over 200mil x2 that I figure is a waste of time using in these event as like you said we don't have unlimited seprom, well non botters don't anyways. The bot's get hundreds of millions of x4 and seprom free from the game why is it so hard for some to understand they are leaving all legit players behind as the game doesn't give the same benefit's to all players.

    Also I am not asking for it to be absolutely free I am willing to pay something but remember we already payed to get ammo even if it were just from doing events or spinning gates why should we pay much more to convert it?

    The way I see it is BP should give us a way to use all our ammo up they force us to get it don't they, I don't see anywhere were when I spin gates I can tell it I don't want any x2 ammo and before you say no one is stopping me from using it I would say to that I would quit the game if I built my ship the way I have to sit for long periods of time to kill ubers with x2 ammo.

    And before anyone thinks the way most think in the game lately, no I don't want to use a bot to use all my lower case ammo it's my choice and I am not gonna let BP or anyone else talk me into having a third party program on my pc to play a game for me as it sounds even more boring than shooting ubers with x2 ammo.
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