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  1. The past 2 years there were achievements for the Anniversary Gate. But I do not see one this year, will we be getting a gate tomorrow on the 11th like every year?
  2. White_Pepper

    White_Pepper Guest


    At this time we have no information regarding anything with the DO anniversary, I would suggest keeping a look out for anything posted in the Official Announcements.

    Do you have any further questions ?

  3. Hope there is an anniversary gate because they are always great fun to do :)
  4. The Anniversary Gate (is) going to be available.. but for the achievements question.. i have no idea..
  5. I hope there is one lol always fun to do. And I was gonna record my main in it this year.

    No further questions.
  6. I just hope that DO will also give something during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more years you have been playing here like 100K uridium every year and on 5th year, it would be like a 5 month premium package. Problem is.. they are not that generous enough..
  7. I just hope they won't add a "Suprise ButtXXX", random update for the 11th.
    But I still hope there's a gate, or some cool ''rewards'', like SPARTACUS mentioned ^^
  8. yeah I hope theres a gate too.. and omg lol use a different text color I have to squint and face plant the screen to read what you type.
  9. Wth, Is it just me, my laptop monitor, or both that let's me read THIS COLOR just fine?
  10. Lol seeing as I wasn't the only one to complain, as in the old forums others mentioned it, it is hard to read it, not everyone for example has the same settings on their computers. coloring is different for all.
  11. Expert_GH

    Expert_GH User

    No birthday gate this year... This sucks!
  12. it isnt the 11th yet on east server so still might get one
  13. Expert_GH

    Expert_GH User

    I'm on GB 1. Server restart has already happened and there is no gate.
  14. GB1 has a different time to get a gate it goes by servers b day not the b day of DO East will get it it first if we get one at all. example like german server started months before east did and gb1 didn't start on the 11th but they normally go by east1 date when it came online which was the 11th of course
  15. Expert_GH

    Expert_GH User

    No Cooter. It has always been on December 11th. The date the server was created doesn't matter. Darkorbit was created on December 11th, 2006. It's Darkorbit's bday. Not the server's.
  16. Darkorbit was created in the spring of 2006 since thats when I started on the german server and global europe was started even before that well it was really started years before that as a download game just in 2006 is when it started in its current form
  17. Expert_GH

    Expert_GH User

    Can I get a mod in here to say that DO was created on December 11th, 2006? It always has been. That's when the gate always is. Look, it's 12:03 and no gate.
  18. lol may be no gate but dec 11th wasn't when it was created it was just the date chosen global europe and german servers where on in the spring and summer of 2006 the old forums even have that comfirmed by a mod and I should know since i was playing then
  19. December 11th is its birthday, every year at 12 am December 11th a gate was set up. It is 12:13 and no gate. DO has proven once again not to care about the players. Good Job DO ruined your only decent remaining event.
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