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  1. yep no gate this year and yes always was dec 11 th when it was celebrated and think this is the first year we didnt get one maybe they have a surprise waiting for us after reset or something:rolleyes: but sorta doubt it
  2. Exactly the raging on my server has already begun in chat. If no gate comes about later in the day, there is going to be a lot of flaming.
  3. Expert_GH

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    Bigpoint is going to get one heck of an earful for this.
  4. more then alot... i'll literally be throwing flaming piles of poop in their direction... maybe it hits them, maybe it dont... gravity will have a chance to finish the story... because they are clearly wanting this game in the sewer
  5. Lol all I know is I said this in chat.

    "Dear Dark Orbit Players,
    As you can see, we have given you a total of 12 Green Booty Keys from todays missions. Use these for a chance to unlock the birthday gate."

    Was all sarcasm toward DO's "chance" crap, 10 mins later, someone in chat said, this is bull, 30 keys and no gate.

    I died laughing might be worth not seeing the gate right now lol. I still want one though. :mad:
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    As the OP has no further questions I will close the thread.

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