Any way to play darkorbit using a Mac?

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by CT-PYRO™[SID], Jan 10, 2021.

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  1. Title question. Any way to do this?
  2. The simple answer is NO.

    Not at the moment anyway. The browser version has been closed down, due to the end of flash. And the downloadable version is windows only, at the moment. No one has said anything about a Mac version being produced, it its possible that one is being developed in the background, they may simply not be saying anything until its functional to avoid getting your hopes up.

    In the long term, the plan, apparently, is that they are trying to develop the game for the unity system. So, at some unknown future point, if it ever happens, a new browser version will become available. Until told otherwise, I think that is your only option, to wait for the new browser version to come out, if it ever does.

    And I'm afraid its likely to be the back end of the year at the soonest, if ever.

  3. mm alright, thought there might be some way around it.
  4. Can't remember who said it, but some people are saying something about using windows emulators on mac's. you could try that, but I'm not sure how well it will work.
  5. yeah, I used VirtualBox and installed a copy of windows there, but it's pretty laggy. Still, if you really want to play that's one way to do it.
  6. Lol, for many people on windows the downloadable client is laggy anyway, so that's no different to the issues of others.

    but, for now I think that's your only option.
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    Closing as there is other threads related to this subject.

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