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    What is the APIS Drone?
    The APIS Drone is a ninth drone that can be acquired via collecting blue prints from the Pirate Booty, or purchased directly at a high cost.

    How do I gain blueprints and where can I see them?
    Blue prints can only be gained from the pirate booty, you can see how many you have collected in the tech center.

    Apis 1.png
    You can access the screen by clicking the drone icon in the top left. A meter will display how many blueprints you currently have on the right hand side.

    How many blueprints will I need?
    You need a total of 45 blueprints to complete the drone, once you have all 45 you can click “produce” to acquire the drone, it can then be equipped in the equipment client as normal. You can of course complete the production of the drone at high cost if you do not wish to collect all 45 blueprints.

    How much destruction can the drone handle?
    The APIS drone can handle 100 destructions before it is completely destroyed.

    Can I repair the APIS drone?
    Of course you can repair it, the drone repair CPU will also work on the APIS Drone or you can repair it manually.

    However, once destroyed, it will be gone - you must then recollect 45 blue prints to get the drone again. You can collect a maximum of 45 blueprints at any time, so if you have the APIS drone it is possible to collect another 45 until the drone is destroyed and replaced via this method.

    How many blue prints are given out per booty box?
    You can get one blue print per booty box. They are randomly distributed, just like other items in booty boxes.

    You may also get lucky enough to get a full APIS drone from a single Booty Box.

    What are the statistics of the APIS drone?
    The drone has two slots and six levels, the same as the Iris.

    If I wish to produce the drone instantly, will the rebates work?

    Of course, the premium rebate and the rebate package will naturally affect the production costs as normal.

    If I wish to produce the second drone, will I be able to?

    At this time you are not able to produce a 10th drone if you have the 9th already in place.

    Apis 2.jpg

    Apis 4.gif Apis 5.gif Apis 6.gif apis 7.gif Apis 8.gif Apis 9.gif

    Thank you \-Sephiroth-/ and Kalona for your assistance with this thread.

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