Asmodeus Lasers

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  1. So am wondering if we were just ripped off using our BP rewards to craft 2 Asmodeus just to have to buy the third one to even have them work.
    I already upgraded the first 2 to lvl 20 now what I have to buy the third one?
    If this is the case BP should have told everyone before we all used our crafting materials for something we will never get.

    Am asking cause we already had another event go by without the option to craft the third laser and there is no way I would ever buy all the lasers to fill a ship that's just insane for an outdated bug infested game that never gets fixed so all can play without lag disconnects, no connection auto lockers botters and so on.
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  2. Hi, my understanding is that, it is not necessary to get the 3rd one to make it work, but to set the bonus. That being said you're right: if it works like any other laser till you get 3 of them, it is pretty useless indeed...
  3. AVIT

    AVIT User

    its just another rip off ,,,we had parity lasers for npc ..we had magma lasers for damage we have proms and a new npc laser.

    they all get nerfed also so they can bring out another laser sometime ... game is just one big ripp off and full of cheats .

    SHIP MODULES ,made this game unbalanced as its a lottery for what modules a player gets .

  4. Its not nessacery to buy the 3rd laser as you can also get them from the battle pass booty boxes
  5. madhatter2

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    the wide use of bots made the PVP side of the game a joke !!! as they just use a damage hack.