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    The Assembly Launch Event FAQ

    With the introduction of the “Assembly” feature everybody should have a chance to try out the new system! So from Monday, 09 May 2016 to Sunday, 29 May 2016, 23:59h LST you can participate in the release event.
    Note: Exact start time of event may depend on when exactly the assembly update launches

    Is there a reason why you are running an event?
    As the Assembly system adds several new functions to the game and can have a big impact on the overall balance of the game, we want you to give it a good try first and see how you like it.

    Which new resources are there and where can we get them?
    First of all, we are going to add some new resources as drops to certain NPC and missions. Two of the more common ones will also be available in the in-game shop so you can focus on collecting the rare resources.

    Resource Names​
    NPC's containing Resources​
    NPC Type​
    Available in Shop​
    Lordakia & Lordakium​
    Regular, Boss, Uber​
    Devolarium & Sibelon​
    Regular, Boss, Uber​
    Kristallin & Kristallon​
    Regular, Boss, Uber​
    Saimon & Mordon​
    Regular, Boss, Uber​

    Which recipes are available during the event?

    For the time of the event only we are introducing a number of unique recipes.
    • 1x Pusat Vengeance design (once)
    • 1x Goliath Surgeon design (once)
    • 1x P.E.T. (once)
    • 200x UCB-100 ammunition
    • Customization options
      • Chimera – Cool Mint design
      • Mirage – Cool Mint design
      • Enigma – Cool Mint design
      • Phantom – Cool Mint design
      • Robobat – Poison Green design
      • Robobat – Demon-Glow Red design
      • Robobat – Acid Blue design
    “Once” means that a recipe can only be used to craft this one item once.
    All other items can be used multiple times as long as you have the required resources.

    Note that except the P.E.T. recipes these will be removed after the event ends. If you want to craft one or more of these recipes, you should take the opportunity and collect the required resources during the event. (As these items are very valuable, we will decide after the event when we will make these recipes available again.)

    For further information on the required resources and build times, consult the recipe in-game.

    Which recipes will be available after the event?

    Of course the Assembly is not a one-off event. The main feature will remain in the game and the following recipes will be available permanently:
    • 1x AJP-01 Advanced Jump CPU
    • 1x EMP-01 Mine
    • 1x Goliath Bastion Design (once)
    • 1x HST-2 Hellstorm Rocket Launcher (once)
    • 1000x MCB-50
    • 1x REP-4 Repair Robot 4
    • 1x SO4-CPU Slot Extender 4
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