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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Jun 22, 2022.

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  1. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I just want to know how to get Polychromium.
    Ran out of permits so doing RO2's and not getting either permits or polychromium.
    300k uri so far - simply wasted.
    I have enough diametrion and new launchers, no need for dispatches aside from this event SO...

    Lost my first gate due to having run out of ammo, now can't even build another.
  2. there will be a choice of 4 ships already equipped
    none of your personal ships and items can be used
    pet is also disabled there



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  3. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Good for you, rng worked in your favor - or did it?
    I presume you got those 33 Polychromium from 5 RO2's?
    RO2 X5 = 10k uri = 33 Polychromium = 330000k uri - for 1 cpu.

    If like me you spend near 300k uri to get only 72 Polychromium and 1 permit - It becomes even more bloody expensive CPU.
    I don't bot and am not $ rich so 300+k uri per gate when several are required to complete the battlepass (4 at least), well I think it's too much for the minimal rewards, time and effort required.

    Add to that I only lost my first rift due to having run out of ammo on lvl 29 - An issue that has now been rectified without any compensation.
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  4. from 2
    sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't
    better on Monday and Friday
  5. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    would love to try the new gate but to do so I would have to use the Dispatch. Would rather do the stuff personally. Can buy it, because I refuse to give anymore money to this game untill they address the Botting issue or shut it down. which ever comes first.
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  6. 5 х R-02

    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Polychromium (14)
    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Polychromium (18)
    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Polychromium (21)
    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Polychromium (18)

    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Diametrion (9)
    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Diametrion (7)
    27.06.2022 - 06:38[​IMG]Received item: Diametrion (10)
    is that a bad result?;)
  7. This doesn't happen all the time is only every so often you get drops like this so please don't post it like it happens like this all the time, sometimes i get an r-05 back and all i get from it is xp.
    Don't know what i am missing from the gate done it 4 times never finished it always only have x1 left when I get to the final boss is never enough hp, I know how to do gates just the gate gives very little even when doing frenzied the drops are no better than regular just reward points are better!!!
    One thing I did notice is the drop in uri on my main account replacing the seprom and boosters that give no real benefit to this gate!!!
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  8. tibstar

    tibstar User

    i hope my normal boosters are not run down while in this gate
  9. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Yup they do run down, there is NO nor has there ever been any option to turn boosters' on/off (uri sink)o_O
  10. This Event is awful, probably the worst alongside with chromin rush

    Let's start with positives:
    +you don't have to use your own ammo in this gate
    +it was nice to see some aliens that have been unused for years like pets, cyborgs and unidentified destroyer (sadly no sunburst lordakium even though this is summer themed event).

    And then the negatives:
    -This gate is a chore to do, it is not fun and the pace is snail slow. It took me 1 hour just to do 15 rifts so it takes about 3 hours minimum to do.

    -The rewards are useless, about 5 keys for finishing the gate which give you useless junk that I have had already enough for 10 years, If I would desperately need an speed generator or lf3 I would shoot aliens to buy one, it would be much faster and fun this way.

    -You deal so little damage in this gate, when your damage has increased about 15% the aliens hp and shield are already tripled from the start. You also get very little ammo from the ammo rifts and they are gone in an blink of an eye.

    -Getting polychromium is way too slow and expensive, let's say you buy R2 dispatchers and they give you average 15 units 33% of the time: it would take 66 dispatches to get enough for one CPU. THAT IS 133K URIDIUM! For a gate that gives you junk!

    -Your boosters are not used but the timer still goes down when in the gate.

    -lasers don't have 100% hitchance in this gate, I understand that this is normal without pilot bio but it is so frustrating and annoying when it feels like 50% of the time your lasers miss and it drives me nuts.
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  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    yes you got 33 from 2 dispatches but how many did you get none from in that group?
    That was my point, it is all RNG, you do 5 dispatches and 2 of them give you small amounts of Polychromium.
    At the rate you got it, it would cost you a little over 300k uri for 1 event cpu.

    Well if you could get that drop rate from every 5 RO2's you did, it would still cost you over 200k uri, for 1 event cpu. So as far as a player who doesn't have millions of uri goes. No it's not a good result.
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  12. about 10 hours
    4/5 is a good score

    I don't see any problem with sending retrievers

    Moreover, before the start of the event, I already had resources

    even an average player can get a lot of uri in 1 day, which will be enough to build processors
  13. 9KKO

    9KKO User

    Well, this is obviously a pay to win event. Spent 60k uri just for 32 polychrom, and as a casual player that does not bot or spend shameful amounts of money on the game that is way too much for simply trying out this new gate with mediocre rewards. Came here to just enjoy flying around in my hard earned spaceship on a whole new event just to find out my endless amount of gaming hours doesnt measure up to anything. Waste of time and money probably wont even come back here again. GG DO game is actually dead this time.
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  14. I think the event is interesting, but there needs to be changes.

    1: 2nd Configs are still broken.
    2: The gate has a lot of lag.
    3: More ammo from ammo reward gates, especially the + ones.
    4: Rewards from the NPC kills, you're using my sep, might as well give me the kills.
    5: Better end rewards.
    6: You're also wasting my Boosters.

    There's probably a lot more, but that's what I got right now.

    EDIT: It just popped in my head, but why is this event not Level based? By that I mean, Levels 1-15 should have a rank system using the x-1 Gate. And Levels 16-20 should be in x-5 with their own ranks, and 20+ should be in x-8 with theirs. This way the newbies are being better rewarded at the end of the event, also, the higher end players can be given more as once you're this far up, the hell is the point in anything? Don't get me wrong, the possibility of improving and reviving DarkOrbit is 100% there, but you need to think more about the players, and listen to some of us, not the ones that just rage and have nothing intellectual to say.

    If you couldn't keep up with the game as a free player that's just your skill and intelligence lacking. Unless you retired for YEARS you have no excuse to be behind if you've been playing.

    I played from beta up to 2015, had no issues, was always on top as a F2P player, and I didn't cheat. The introduction of the new LF4 Variants was simple enough as I got loaded with them coming back. If you never stopped, even proms were easy. Stop making excuses.
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  15. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Ok, a little challenge for you..
    Don't use any of the uri you currently have, use only uri you make and see how long it takes you to build a cpu using RO2's only.

    Big difference between a player who has 28mil uri and 1 who relies on what he or she can make per day from npc's when it comes to this event.
    Sadly the game is balanced around players like you who have plenty of everything while the rest of us just try to stay in the game.
  16. The booty box rewards are very insulting that we have to do an event and craft special booty keys that have less rewards than a green booty box has, this game is really going into the toilet for me.
    They must have hired a kid to manage the game as it seems that's all they can afford!!!
    I rate this game as .5/10 is very bad BP just expects us just to hand over our hard earned money to play this [REMOVED] managed game and I am truth full when I say the whole problem with this game is the management, please fire whoever you hired as all they seem to be doing is drinking coffee and laughing at all the real players wondering when they are all going to leave and be replaced by all the botters.
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  17. activated script for accrual of 3 astral processors and 2000 astralite
  18. [​IMG]
  19. You make 7k daily from the Daily Missions alone. Uri is VERY VERY VERY simple to make compared to the past, saying otherwise means you're the problem.

    I collected a few and was blown away by how they're literally new player based rewards, nothing good was given to me.

    Was pretty sure I saw an update stating 2nd configs were fixed.
  20. earlier it was possible to turn on the second configuration, but there were no weapons on it, because of which many lost their lives
    now it is not possible to enable the second configuration
    this is what was fixed

    and I talk about it:D
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