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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Jun 22, 2022.

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  1. Yeah this event is still bugged i was almost in 1st place with the points i already had and it's telling me i only have 16k points i just killed myself as the game the event and the rewards all suck!!!
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  2. on which server is 16k points enough to win?:eek:
  3. No I was almost wave 100 in gate and it was telling me I only have 16k points and I know this is so wrong how do I know well killed myself off again cause something is amiss and started my third and last cpu only a couple hours ago and am 16th place already with almost double the points I had last time and am only on wave less than 50 something is so wrong lost 2 cpus this round and don't think any compensation will be given.
  4. The ranking rewards honestly aren't bad if you get top 10.
  5. I have more than 19k at this level
    points are considered for the 3 best attempts in each rating, so at first they are quickly gained, and then the waves are difficult and take longer to get
    so you start over and get fast and a lot of points
  6. I must be jinxed on this event wave 74 spearhead lasers wouldn't fire was killing it with rockets till i was told to try using control and lasers started to work again LOL.
  7. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    No it wasn't. I did a frenzied ammo rift and got an upgrade module, which I didn't need or want.
    And after having died a few rifts later, I have no ranking.

    I've said it before but - this event is nothing but a poorly coded scam. Bugpoint is really living up to the name.
  8. Yeah had 3 cpu's for this event and all 3 were bugged gates I think they can scrub this event won't ever do it again or buy the BP for any other event till I enter and find out how much of a scam it really is.
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  9. Honestly only issue I've run into is like 2 Booty Boxes from the event not counting towards the BP. I also found it odd I only gained 19k from doing over 100 waves and felt that was rather lacking, but the guy at first had 58k total points since like day 2, but either way, had 2 of my gates not been ruined by IRL interference on 1 and DO lag on the other, i'd have won.
  10. This is the same issue I had earlier if your wave 100 you would have more than 19k points today i had like 16k points at wave 100 something isn't adding up in this event.
  11. I had close to 19k (slightly above) I believe (not in game rn) and I did 102 waves I think.
  12. you probably take too long to kill bosses and take a lot of damage
    and do not go to the difficult option port
  13. Ranked 4th in last and I beat my best since that one and the leader isn't close to my points I had the last time, No it's a bug in the event!!!
    Same with my first run point's weren't event counting and was my best run and others had the same thing happen checked my logbook and portal never got put down till after there was already ranking in the event so it has many issues still like the one you had last time.
  14. I don't see any issues with points.
    like everyone else, I don’t get points for boss 45, everything else is fine
  15. That's nice I didn't have the issues you had last run but I didn't come to the forums and tell you that there isn't anything wrong with the event did I?
    05.07.2022 - 07:40 Received item: Laser - LF-3
    05.07.2022 - 07:40 Received item: Generator - G3N-7900 speed generator
    05.07.2022 - 07:40 Received item: Generator - SG3N-B02 shield
    great rewards everything a UFE player needs right damn these people that work at BP must not even know anything about their own game, everything just keeps getting worse!!!!
  16. yes, trophies are disgusting

    except for the rewards for the top and completing the pass, I don’t see the point in this event at all
  17. I agree don't think I will waste any more resources to craft anymore key just for more useless garbage.
    Although 2 times now I did get 100 scrap with the booty boxes pretty much the only thing I would use.
  18. AVIT

    AVIT User

    something is wrong ! ,,i got to 4th place on sunday ..ever since then i have not got any points 2 days later .. ive done all objectives rtho ,but the ranking is broken must be .. hope they sort this out if this event is to be played again /
  19. new rating needs new processors
    and only 3 best teleports are taken into account
  20. Mag天4

    Mag天4 User

    rank is definitely broken!!! the score just doesnt adds up,NOT COOL!!!! the event is boring enough,give us the earned points!!!
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