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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by SirThrills, Jun 22, 2022.

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  1. Played it until I found out my boosters were running but didn't count. No thank you.
  2. AVIT

    AVIT User

    WRONG ,i used a new one the next day and played 4 hrs in astral without earning a point ,,only reason i carried on last night was to earn the booty boxes for the keys on objectives ,,,,, i played in it today with same life for an hr and no points ,but after that hour it started to give me points again,but from last night of 4 hrs i was on high waves and no hp ,so i popped , ..started new gate ,and then it giving me nothing .

    it is defoo broken ..and if like what you say m8 ,they should say that in the rules of the event ,which they didnt .and if that was the case why does it let you make a gate and enter it ! if it isnt going to give you any ranking points .

    it is broken and you just making theories i think ,
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  3. [​IMG]
    I'm fine with points
    45+45+41 rifts

    I will try to explain the calculation of points:
    1st port 10000
    2nd port 15000
    3rd port 25000
    4th port 30000
    the total will be 15+25+30, only 3 best are taken into account
    points in the fourth will begin to be counted only after 10000, because initially the best result is 10 + 15 + 25
  4. after synchronization, the enrichment of generators / weapons stopped working
    now the damage is even less, the speed too, the passage will take 15-20 hours:D:D
  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    So what you're saying is - You did 45 rifts and only got 15k points, then you did another 45 rifts and got 25k points for them and finally you got 30k points for 41 rifts.
    Which when I went to school equals 70k points when in fact your spoiler (your actual points) is only 67,513.

    Me thinks you need to review your math, or just don't "guess" and leave it to someone who actually knows the calculation.
    NB, a spoiler would show how you actually did the math - Your's contradicts your math.
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  6. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    A true example would be reasonably accurate.
    You used a spoiler that did not match your example.
    Stupid is quoting something then contradicting it with an obviously made up example.
    eg; your final cpu you say you completed 41 rifts but got more points than you did for completing 45 rifts twice.

    First round I did 2 cpus and got 37k points. Now if as you say the first rift doesn't count I wouldn't have had that many points as my "best" completion was 17k points.

    Doesn't really matter as the event is nothing but a scam, unless they fix it so it doesn't waste boosters and sep for no benifit and polychromium is 100% easier to obtain- most players (me included) will never do the event again.
    480k uri and all my permits for 579 polychromium is nothing but a scam.
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  7. on the screen, I showed that everything is fine with the points in the event
    followed by a SPACE
    and only then an example of calculating points, which is in the official description
    I didn't write this anywhere.
    you came up with
    if in the fourth you have more than in any of the previous 3, then points will be added
    is it really that hard to understand?
    it's already been fixed today
    now the speed will be low, the damage will be without seprom and the passage will be much longer
    I will be very happy about it
    there will be fewer questions, disputes and accusations of foul play
  8. Would be nice if they gave us back all our lost booster time like xp and honor shield regen all things like this that we lost for all the time we were doing the gate, not all of us have unlimited free resources!!!
  9. I do not understand what you mean
    I REALLY don't like this fix. on 30+ you need a speed of about 430, which is unlikely to be gained without a promerium
    and I don't like damage without seprom either
    and there were no emotions in the text, no need to invent too much
  10. The problem was that boosters were being wasted without providing any benefit. I dont care if i will have to spend more time because i cant use seprom, i just want my resources not to be wasted. It is really that simple. Seprom and prom should not have been used anyway because the gate is completely independent from your main ships.
  11. 06.07.2022 - 11:39 Received item: Astralite (1,340)
    06.07.2022 - 11:39 You destroyed a Chaos Protegit alien ship.

    what idiot came up with the idea to turn off the promerium in the engines ????
    speed with the +5% module was 373, it became impossible to run away from some NPCs

    rift 44 wave 2
  12. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Is it though? You said you gave your example by what DO had stated and that your first cpu doesn't count, yet later you copy post the example you used from DO - It says nothing about first cpu not counting, only that the 3 highest scores will be counted.
    Hmmm, I ONLY DID TWO CPUS, they both counted - contrary to what you said as to how it works.
    You gave out false information you said "your first rift won't count" - Is it really that hard to understand?
    You wrote it above, do you not read what you've typed before posting and or replying?
    Your post
    I'm fine with points.
    45+45+41 rifts

    I will try to explain the calculation of points:
    1st port 10000
    2nd port 15000
    3rd port 25000
    4th port 30000
    the total will be 15+25+30, only 3 best are taken into account.​

    Me reading that sees your top 3 rifts and the calculation of your points. Which does not make sense - so I questioned why you got more points for doing less rifts.
    Now just maybe you should have done 2 posts or if that's too hard, a line break because the way it is written it looks like you got - 15k points for 45 rifts, 25k for 45 rifts and 30k for 41 rifts.
  13. I activated my first processor before the pass was turned on and before the rating began, so the points from it were not taken into account, I had to just die on low waves
    are you playing for the first month?
    Have you ever participated in the BL rating? similar system - if you activate the processor before the rating starts - the counter does not start
    or never seen the rating plutus? where only the top 5 scores matter for the ranking, here is the same system, only from the top 3 attempts
    and i have 8
    the first one was not included in the rating, I activated it earlier
    2nd and 3rd passed 45
    4th due to compensation I was removed at 33
    5th passed to be better than 4th
    then the second week began
    1st and 2nd passed by 45
    3rd finished on 44 today because they removed the promerium and the speed is too low to run away from the NPC

    how old are you? Why should I explain elementary things to you?

    I showed in the screenshot that the points are calculated correctly
    read the messages of other players, where I explained why they do not count points

    this was an example with random numbers to make it easier to understand the scoring system
    I didn’t write ANYWHERE that these are my points for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd processors
    no need to imagine it
    it's not my fault that you misread what I wrote
    and even more so you consider me a cheater without any evidence, which cannot be

    I indented to distinguish between different
    on our forum to punish for the fact that 1 person writes several messages in a row, so I try to write in one message even to different people
  14. So currently doing an Astral rn, my 7th one, so besides it being WORSE because Sep and Boosters don't count, I would prefer they did BUT I want to be rewarded for the fact I'm wasting stuff, cause otherwise the time consumption is terrible, could have at least waited until the leaderboard reset but sure, lets do it rn. Anyways, one of my LF3 doesn't even have its starter Levels, which is lvl 5 lol. Guess I'll go get bent.
  15. AVIT

    AVIT User

    wh dont they just make the ranking system more simplified ? like if you go into the gate you get points and they just add up everytime you enter the gate me that seems a more straight forward way of ranking people ,,, I dont know who is right or who is wrong in tis thread ,,its just all too complicated and unessary .
  16. It should be on waves completed, and each npc type has its own number as well, because some of these waves are way harder than others.

    They also need to buff the drops. Ammo needs to be better, gen drops needs to be better, cause I'll be real, I've gotten the WORST of choices in frenzied gates at mid to high waves. There needs to be changes to the gate otherwise the way its currently done is garbage, the rank isn't worth my mental health lol. Hours for a chance at top ranks, I'm seeing more bot names show up in ranks, and I know these fools don't play the game lol.
  17. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Been told one of the main bots people use now does Astral so I'd expect to see more of them if this rubbish event is ever run again.
  18. So at the end of the event they fix the seprom and booster issues I spend hundreds of thousand on keeping my boosters up and buying seprom.
    How about a compensation package for all the resources lost to each player!!!
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  19. You received Two weeks of Premium status.
    You received 325,000 UCB-100 laser ammo.
    You received 40,000 RSB-75 laser ammo.
    You received 6,000 Astralite(s).
    You received 15 Permit(s).
    You received 10 Galaxy Gate Excursion Unit(s).
    You received 600,000 Uridium.
  20. the window of the astral event remained on the map, which means that this event will be repeated
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