Astral Ascension Expansion April 2023 Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Apr 26, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the April 2023 Astral Ascension Expansion. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Thank you,
  2. Excessive

    Excessive User

    "The Prime Astral Booty Boxes contain a possibility of obtaining:"
    I'm guessing these are the same "Possibility" as any other upgrade module
    * Slim chance of getting one as a drop
    * With a 1 in 74 of it being for a ship you'd like.

    • Tetrathrin
    • Kyhalon
    • Bifenon
    • ABR
    • Indoctrine Oil
    • Permit
    • GGEU
    • PrimeCoupon
    • Extra Energy
    • Salvage Core
    • Isochronate
    Are these rewards "as well as" the "possibility" of the 1 in 74 chance for a decent upgrade module, or (more likely) instead of..

    Would be helpful to know what the minimum drop will be for the effort put in to obtain a Prime Astral key.
    If it's just a bit of honor, EP and uri - Is it worth the time and effort?
  3. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    could be fun but after 3 or 4 jumps still no way to recharge hp, shields recharge but not hp. so I myself see no reason to do it, kinda of a waste of time. didn't even get any uri, honor for popping the npcs.
  4. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    yep same thing botrs never take any damage, so walk through waves, real people cant repair hp, so its pointless, your dev team once again cater for the cheats, WELL DONE not !!!
  5. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Well that went pretty much as expected.
    3 hours of my life I'll never get back for;
    Prime Astral Booty Box collected.
    You received 146 Isochronate(s).
    You received DMG-XOF02. - 6% laser damage for Holo - A ship that isn't even listed in the Hangar or the shop
    You received 100,000 EP.
    You received 5,800 honor points.
    You received 10,000 Uridium. - I could have made 4 or 5 times that shooting BK's or ubers.

    The gate itself - Boring as - The rewards, seriously poor.
    The concept is good, the application of that concept leaves a lot to be desired

    I know full well feedback here gets ignored but hey you have it anyway..
  6. after this update we stuck in the rifts each time and gate can't be chosen ...waiting 5 min to respawn at x-1 map and then continuing to play boring
    add more range to particular (fastest NPC's) like Icy's and chaos protegits are horrible than the shortage of ammunition...

    The leaderboard does not display the player's points correctly,
    points are the sum of all portals completed, other than best 3
    it is improper intentional and deliberate behavior towards others with the purpose of confusion.
    Either I don't understand how the points are calculated or there is a bug or the ranking does not show what you describe...

    Or event champions still take advantage of the exploit in the portal by going through it with the standard ship

    P.S. HP bug still exist starting gate not with full HP
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  7. Astral Ascension Expansion?

    Expanding astral ascension?
    what exactly is the expansion...
    or is it just a bug fix and the changes mean gate balancing...

    I have an idea what an Expansion is

    change the portal completely:
    only contain NPCs from previous events and give you rewards from those events like ammo and others (boxed rewards like the chromin event), to help people understand what they are and prepare for them.
    keeping the look and feel of the portal by doing a bit more on the randomization side of the waves to prevent them from being memorized exploiting them for certain rewards you know what I mean

  8. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    Yeah "expansion" is a bit of a misnomer
    Current rewards are just way too random and have no value as far as "time taken and input vs reward".

    You can't keep expecting players to participate if the rewards are just extremely low RNG chance.

    NB; Last rankings I finished top 20 after completing 15 waves of the new improved "expansion". (done just to see if there was any reason to do it - There isn't)

    Bottom line; If you want players to do Astral make the rewards ""Rewarding""..
    No-one wants to spend 3+ hours grinding the same NPC's over and over again for a "chance" reward.
  9. Excessive

    Excessive User

    "Today we also deleted the banned users (temporarily banned as well as permanently banned) from the Astral Ascension rankings."

    But we still gave them rank rewards..

  10. are you sure about this? because this free GG gives you a chance to win a "free" Prime astral box module
    and 4 modules in 3 months is not little, but still something
    compared to the expensive crafting modules from BL-EGG this is more than enough
  11. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    1; The Prime Astral key is NOT free, the "chance" to get it is RNG based.

    2; I've done another 2 gates to completion, 30 rifts and didn't get enough Atlas Shards (I ended up with 296 shards) to craft a Prime Astral Key. That's 6 hours give or take a few minutes of my time for basically no reward. Crafting the modules is the same - Those 30 rifts didn't give me enough to craft even one of the 4 modules.

    3; On my 3rd set of 15 rifts I did end up with enough shards to craft a Prime Astral key and got 6% hitchance 1% honor for a Holo and Spearhead, that was supposed to be the X2 variant. So for 9 hours of my time I got a useless module and 10k uri.
    On my worst day I can make 100k uri shooting BK's in less time than it took me to get a lousy upgrade module and 10k uri.

    I do every resource rift that comes up but RNG does not favour me it seems.

    Yes Crafting modules from EBG is just as bad. over a few days I did 10 EBG to wave 102 (1500 black light shards per), crafted an SPC X2 for 14,500 shards + sundries and got 8% hitchance 3% honor for Goliath X, Goliath Veteran and Goliath Saturn. None of which I own or fly. When I looked at recycling it I saw it is only worth 2 Unstable Shards - The same as recycling an X1.
    Can't really see the point of crafting X2 modules when everything is RNG based with the odds Against getting anything decent for my time and effort.

    Last event, I crafted 6 XT10 modules, got 1 for an Orcus - 6% damage to players of another faction, -2% speed. The rest were all for generic ships. One, a 12% damage XT10 was for Spearhead, Spearhead Elite, Nostromo Diplomat.

    When you have to spend 9 to 12 hours doing a gate that has no rewards other than an RNG based "chance" at a decent module with far more chance of getting a useless one - Astral gate leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I finished one and see no reason to waste my time anymore, I'll add this to the worthless file along with the Chromin Rush that one is joke also takes 10 gates to get a enough to to use and not enough time to do them, plus they take at the end, they don't let them save them so you could use them. I'll give the gate a rating as a 100% waste of time.
  13. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Closing as feedback has been sent up.
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