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    General information
    The new Astral Ascension Update presents a brand-new game mode: When entering the Astral Ascension, you’ll start with a pre-configured ship. You need to fight through waves to obtain various rewards. You’ll be able to obtain equipment to augment your ship during this game mode and you will have to use your wits to get as far as possible.
    Craft Astral CPUs to be able to enter the new Astral Ascension gate from the X-1 maps. The Astral Ascension gate is a Galaxy Gate of 45 rifts. Each rift has 3 waves and each player only has 1 life.

    Before starting your fight, you choose from pre-configured ships and loadouts and you choose the type of reward that you would like to earn. Clearing each Rift rewards you with equipment to augment your ship. The further you go, the higher chance of better rewards.
    When you die, you will obtain the rewards depending on how far you made it to the end and then you spawn back home.

    Preparation phase
    Craft Astral CPUs from the Assembly using Polychromium. Polychromium can be obtained from Retriever Dispatch and Gate Dispatch. Enter the spatial rifts of Astral Ascension from X-1 Maps with the Astral CPU!

    Choose from a set of pre-configured ships (every ship will be equipped with unlimited LCB-10 ammunition):
    ShipLaserGeneratorsDrones (Lvl 6)
    Sentinel3x LF-3 Laser, Lvl 54x SG3N-B02, Lvl 5 (shield)
    1x SG3N-3310, Lvl 5 (speed)
    5x Iris, Lvl 1
    Upgrade Lvl 1
    Default formation
    10x LF-3, 2 per drone
    Diminisher3x LF-3 Laser, Lvl 54x SG3N-B02, Lvl 5 (shield)
    1x SG3N-3310, Lvl 5 (speed)
    5x Iris, Lvl 1
    Upgrade Lvl 1
    Default formation
    10x LF-3, 2 per drone
    Pusat3x LF-3 Laser, Lvl 54x SG3N-B02, Lvl 5 (shield)
    1x SG3N-3310, Lvl 5 (speed)
    5x Iris, Lvl 1
    Upgrade Lvl 1
    Default formation
    10x LF-3, 2 per drone
    Zephyr3x LF-3 Laser, Lvl 54x SG3N-B02, Lvl 5 (shield)
    1x SG3N-3310, Lvl 5 (speed)
    5x Iris, Lvl 1
    Upgrade Lvl 1
    Default formation
    10x LF-3, 2 per drone
    Important: The ship that you select and all of the items equipped (including Drone) is „loaned“ to you for the entirety of your run. Once you are defeated, that same ship will NOT be available for you anymore. Instead you will be back to controlling your own ship. Any equipment obtained from this Astral Ascension is also loaned and cannot be kept outside of this game mode. You can however, obtain final rewards which will be given to you depending on how far you progress in Astral Ascension.

    Game Start

    1. Choose your gate and your Bounty: Choose one out of two gates. The gates differ in the rewards that can be obtained from the respective Rift. There are different possible types of rewards (called Bounties) that are randomly chosen for each gate. So you can chose between various types of Bounties which can be Weapons, Generators, Ammunition, Unstable Modules, or HP recover. All Bounty types (except HP recover) have 2 tiers – Normal and Frenzied.
    · A normal Bounty type means that there is a lower drop rate for strong, high level equipment
    · A frenzied Bounty type means that there is a higher drop rate for strong, high level equipment. However, the NPCs for the Rift will be stronger than normal.​

    2. Enter the rift and fight through 3 waves of NPCs

    3. Once all NPCs have been defeated, choose one out of 3 Bounties – the one that you choose will immediately be equipped on your ship (if your slots are full, it goes into the Astral Ascension inventory).


    · Ammunition does not require a choice and various ammo will be randomly given to the player.

    4. The next 2 gates appear as well as an exit gate in case you want to leave. There will be an manage tab in the event window where you can manage your equipment. If you leave the gate, you will be able to continue from where you left off, with the same configuration and HP remaining.

    5. Repeat the steps, there are 45 Rifts in total with a mini-boss at every 5th rift. Your HP recover by 50% after each mini-boss. At the last rift (45th), the Final Boss attends you! Defeat the Final Boss or die and lose. Afterwards, you get your rewards.

    Final rewards

    Fight through waves of relentless enemies and augment your chosen starter ship with bounties obtained from every rift cleared. The further you ascend, the more substantial your reward.
    RiftsBase Reward
    1 - 4250x Astralite
    5270x Astralite
    6 - 9350x Astralite
    10400x Astralite
    11 - 14500x Astralite
    15600x Astralite
    16 - 19700x Astralite
    20800x Astralite
    21 - 24900x Astralite
    25970x Astralite
    26 - 291050x Astralite
    301110x Astralite
    31 - 341160x Astralite
    351210x Astralite
    36 - 391260x Astralite
    A chance to drop 1x Astral Booty Key
    401300x Astralite
    A chance to drop 1x Astral Booty Key
    41 - 441340x Astralite
    A chance to drop 2x Astral Booty Key
    45 (Final Boss undefeated)1380x Astralite
    A chance to drop 2x Astral Booty Keys
    45 (Final Boss defeated)1400x Astralite
    A chance to drop 3x Astral Booty Key
    Please note: The rewards in the table above are the rewards that you’ll receive upon losing. They do not stack!
    · You die in Run 1 at Rift 4 => You’ll get 250 Astralite as final reward
    · You die in Run 2 at Rift 5 => You’ll get 270 Astralite as final reward
    · You die in Run 3 at Rift 6 => You’ll get 350 Astralite as final reward​

    New Items

    Astral Ascension Gate
    The Astral Ascension Gate spawns when you use the Astral CPU. This gate is where all the activities that are explained above happen.

    Astral CPU

    Needs to be crafted in Assembly. It’s the entry ticket for the Astral Ascension Gate.
    1x Astral CPU1000x Polychromium
    20x Mucosum
    Astral Booty Box
    The new Astral Booty Boxes are spawning on the maps X2 – X8 and on the Battle Maps. They can only be opened with Astral Booty Keys. The Astral Booty Boxes contain a possibility of obtaining:
    - LF-2
    - LF-3
    - LF-4
    - SG3N-A02
    - SG3N-A03
    - SG3N-B01
    - SG3N-B02
    - G3N-3210
    - G3N-3310
    - G3N-6900
    - G3N-7900
    - Axion Beam Regulator
    - Log disks
    - Extra Energy
    - Seprom
    - UCB-100
    - PLT-2026
    - PLT-2021
    - PLT-3030
    - Astral Pusat Plus Ship Design

    Astral Booty Key

    The Astral Booty Key can be crafted in the Assembly. You need Astralite to craft it.
    1x Astral Booty Key500x Astralite
    You need Polychromium to craft the Astral CPU in the Assembly. You’ll get Polychromium via Gate Dispatch, Retriever Dispatch as well as via our payment section.

    This is the resource that you need to craft Astral Booty Keys. You’ll get it as reward when playing the Astral Ascension Gate.

    There will also be more purpose to use Astralite at full release of the feature.

    Battle Pass Information
    • The Battle Pass window will be disabled within Astral Ascension mode
    Astral Ascension Rankings
    • The Score & Wave number will only be updated upon ending current AA run
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