Astral Discovery Event

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    General information
    Astral anomalies detected! Report to mission control to find out how to obtain the mysterious new resource, Polychromium! Purchase the new Inferno Berserker or try to get it and some other Inferno ship designs from the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Galaxy Gates!

    The Astral Discovery event runs from 9th June (00:00 am LST) until 16th June (23:59 pm LST) and presents the following:
    • Sun Boxes
    • New Inferno Berserker Ship Design in Galaxy Gate Special Reward and Payment section
    • Mutation event & New Achievements
    • Astral Discovery event missions
    • Special Reward Chance in Alpha, Beta, Gamma Galaxy Gates
    • There’s a special Summer Sale with some nice payment packages from 9th June (00:00 am LST) until 16th June (23:59 pm LST)
    • In addition, the WIZ-X ammunition is available in our shop area again
    • Introducing new resource Polychromium
    • Retriever and Gate Dispatch Update with new resource Polychromium
    Sun Boxes
    The Sun Boxes are special event gift boxes that are spawning during the event on all Company Maps, Pirate Maps and Battle Maps.

    According to your feedback, we removed Sprays and Emotes from the gift boxes that are spawning during this event. Instead, the Sun Boxes contain a lot of nice rewards such as WIZ-X rockets, Fireworks ammunition, Uridium, Credits, Extra Energy, Pet Fuel, Repair Vouchers, Jump vouchers, PLD-8 rockets, R-310 rockets, SAR-02 rocketlauncher, ECO-10 rocketlauncher, and a lot more.

    New Ship Design: Inferno Berserker
    The brand-new Inferno Berserker Ship Design can be obtained with a little chance when doing the Alpha, Beta, Gamma Galaxy Gates during the event run time. It’s also available in our payment section.

    Mutation event & New Achievements
    When using WIZ-X rockets, you have a 30% chance to transform the target into the following ships:
    • Inferno Pusat
    • Inferno Diminisher
    • Inferno Sentinel
    • Inferno Berserker

    There are some new achievements that can be reached:

    Infernal ScoutTransform 200 players into Inferno Pusat, Inferno Diminisher, Inferno Sentinel or Inferno Berserker using WIZ-X rockets40Infernal Scout
    Infernal ExplorerTransform 500 players into Inferno Pusat, Inferno Diminisher, Inferno Sentinel or Inferno Berserker using WIZ-X rockets75Infernal Explorer
    Infernal FrontiersmanTransform 1000 players into Inferno Pusat, Inferno Diminisher, Inferno Sentinel or Inferno Berserker using WIZ-X rockets100Infernal Frontiersman

    Astral Discovery Event Missions
    Daily – Minimum Level 6

    Travel in X-3 (own company) map for 25,000 Astronomical Units (AU)IAC: 2x
    EXP: 200,000
    Credits: 200,000
    Uridium: 500
    Honor: 80
    Kill 5 Boss Sibelon or 10 Boss DevolariumIAC: 2x
    Ex: 200,000
    Credits: 200,000
    Honor: 80
    Uridium: 500
    Kill 5 Boss Sibelon and 10 Boss Devolarium without using rocketsIAC: 2x
    Polychromium: 100x
    Honor: 300
    Collect 50 Bonus BoxesIAC: 2x
    Polychromium: 200x
    Honor: 300

    Epic – Minimum Level 12

    Craft 1 GGEUABR: 30
    Indoctrine oil: 5
    Ex: 500,000
    Credits: 500,000
    Uridium: 10,000
    Honor: 2,000
    Craft 2 GGEUIAC: 30x
    Ex: 500,000
    Credits: 500,000
    Uridium: 10,000
    Honor: 2,000

    Special Reward Chance
    During the event, Pilots have the chance to win a special additional reward for completing the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Galaxy Gates. If you win this special reward, there’s a drop chance of one of the following ship designs (if you already have the ship design, the usual fallback reward of 10,000 Uridium will drop).

    ItemDrop Chance
    Inferno Sentinel30%
    Inferno Diminisher30%
    Inferno Pusat30%
    Inferno Berserker10%

    Important: These rewards aren’t available for players who complete these gates via Dispatch! The Galaxy Gate Double Reward Day doesn’t have an effect on the additional ABG rewards!

    New Resource: Polychromium
    The brand-new resource Polychromium is necessary for the upcoming Astral Ascension event. In this event, you will need Polychromium to craft keys with which you’ll be able to enter the event.

    Retriever Dispatch Update
    With the Summer event, Polychromium will be added as a resource obtainable via resource Dispatch (R-01 to R-05) and Gate Dispatch.

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