Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s FAQ

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    Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s FAQ

    What is the “Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s” Event?
    This event will bring a bit of excitement and fun to the game: A new P.E.T. prototype, developed by Dr. Confusius, has gone rampant and has been infecting other P.E.T.s to attack and disrupt space pilots’ ships.
    To that end we have added 14 new missions in 2 difficulties each – one for pilots of Lv. 5-13 and one for players of Lv. 14+ - one of them being an epic mission; we introduce an event gate with 3 waves including a P.E.T. boss also in two versions for low- and high-level players.
    Space pilots will be able to complete 5 achievements
    Rewards, event boxes, NPC drops and sales are P.E.T.-themed (see below).

    When does the event start and how long does it go?
    The event starts on the 21st of September 2015 and will run through to the 4th of October. The start will be 0:00h LST and it will end at 23:59h LST.
    All event elements (boxes, gates, NPC, sales) will be active throughout the whole event.
    Only the missions will unlock one per day, so that at the last day all missions are available.


    Yes! Next to some special P.E.T. related sales spanning everything a proud P.E.T. owner could use like fuel, protocols, gears you may even find some of these things in the event boxes and as mission rewards!

    P.E.T. Boxes may contain the following:

    · Credits
    · Extra Energy
    · Laser Ammunition
    · P.E.T.
    · P.E.T. Cargo trader Gear (G-TRA1)
    · P.E.T. Combo Guard Mode Gear (G-GM2)
    · P.E.T. Combo repair gear (C-CR2)
    · P.E.T. Enemy locator (G-EL1)
    · P.E.T. Fuel
    · Rockets
    · Mines (DD-M01 and SL-M01)
    · Uridium
    · Xenomit

    Any gear or locator collected from a bonus box will be a level 1 item. However like all other items, they are affected by pilot bio and box double bonuses and therefore it is possible that you can receive multiple of these items.
    (Updated Monday Sept 21, 2105)

    How hard can it be?
    Quite hard, to be honest! The manipulated P.E.T.s have learned a new ability: They are now able to disrupt the communication between ships and the P.E.T.s that are following them. In short this means that your P.E.T. will not be able to participate in the fight against the NPC P.E.T.s!

    While your P.E.T. may be locked in “Passive” mode, your existing P.E.T. is not in danger of turning against you. The P.E.T. behavioral modification virus can only be transferred during the production stage. P.E.T.s which have been shipped out to the shops and those already owned by space pilots on duty have verification and anti-virus measures implemented that will ensure that no new programming will be accepted.

    - Exterminator Kill 100 P.E.T. Scout NPCs
    - Trapper Kill 100 P.E.T. Destroyer NPCs
    - Hunter Complete all low level missions
    - Fierce Hunter Complete all high level missions
    - Big Game Hunter Kill a P.E.T. boss NPC

    That’s it?
    Pretty much, yes, that’s the event!
    Maybe you should notice that the about 16 new NPC roam quite everywhere and that it is possible that they have created disruption zones literally everywhere.
    The P.E.T. event gate will be located in the X-1 zones.

    P.E.T. event gate - This is part of the mission of next Sunday (Sept 27th). Like any other event mission it will be available to be accepted until the end of the event.
    (Updated Tuesday Sept 22, 2105)

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    Attack of the Killer P.E.Ts Sales Package

    P.E.T. Gear Pack

    Description: Get a pack with the best Gear Selection.

    Item Quantity
    CRS-02 1
    G-AL1 1
    G-EL1 1
    CGM-02 1
    G-AR-1 1
    G-TRA1 1
    G-REP1 1
    G-KK1 1

    PET Protocols
    Attack Improvement ("'Barghest' P.E.T. Protocol")
    Description: Package contains all AI protocols you need to improve your damage


    AI-LM1 3
    AI-AIM1 3

    Defense Improvement ("'Cerberus' P.E.T. Protocol")

    Description: Package contains all AI protocols you need to improve your Hull and shield

    AI-SM1 3
    AI-HP1 3
    Loot improvement ("'Sirius' P.E.T. Protocol")

    Description: Package contains all AI protocols you need to make your scavenging more effective.

    AI-CR1 3
    AI-R1 3
    AI-AL1 3
    Super PET package ("Award-winning P.E.T. Pack")

    Description: Amazing deal for an already leveled up PET with best gears and protocols at an incredible price!

    PET Level 5 1
    Gear CRS-02 1
    Gear G-AL1 1
    Gear G-EL1 1
    G-KK1 1
    AI-LM1 3
    AI-S1 3
    AI-HP1 1
    Fuel 50000
    For the actual prices - you will need to log in to see these in your own countries currency.
    Please note - you will need to confirm that you want to make this purchase before you are asked for any type of payment information. You also still have the option to close the window if they do not want to purchase.

    Questions and Answers:

    What Level are the Protocols and Gears in the Shop packages?

    All item packs in the shop contain „only“ Level 1 protocol and gears.
    These packs are mainly targeted at those players who did not yet own a P.E.T.

    Have a nice day and enjoy the event.
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