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    This Auction is where you can bid credits on elite items, items that cost uridium.

    Auction Page: (As shown Below)


    Pink - Active Auction
    Purple - Completed Auctions
    Yellow - Auction Ends Timer
    Red- Auction items available
    Green- Buy it now Uridium Price
    - Open Bid area.

    Pink - Active Auction
    This tab will allow you to see the active auction that is running for the current hour.

    Yellow - Auction Ends Timer
    Located above the auction items area, this timer is a count down style timer and will show the time remaining in each hours auction.

    Red- Auction items available
    This area will give you the item Image of the current items available during each hours auctions. Each has its name exactly as it is in the shop area. If you need further information on this item such as damage, strength etc... it is best to check the shop for the exact details.

    Green- Buy it now Uridium Price: Here you can purchase items directly for the cost shown for Uridium.

    Blue - Open Bid area: Just type in the amount you would like to spend. (commas and or decimal points are not needed)
    *** Be very careful to the amount of zeros you place in your bid, as it has happened that player mean to bid 10 thousand and end up bidding 10 million.

    These bid will be every hour on the hour 24 hours a day.

    Your minimum bid must be 10000 credits

    If you place a bid below the 10000 minimum you will see the pop up window ( shown below)


    Once you have your bid and it is 10000 credits or higher you will receive a pop up window that will tell you your bid has been submitted (as shown below)


    This does not mean that you are the highest bidder, it just means that you have submitted a bid.


    Green- Current Highest bidders
    Pink - Your submitted bids

    To become the highest bidder you must submit a bid that is higher than the current bidder holder. At that point your User name will appear in the auction listing as the highest Bidder.

    Please note that when you make 2, 3, 4 bids on the same item the credits will be added to the previous bid.

    The bids do not add together or stack.

    First Example:

    1st bid - 10,000 Will process
    2nd bid - 10,000 (will not process as you have that amount currently as a bid)
    2nd bid- 20,000 will process

    Total Bid is the highest amount bid of 20,000. This will then only deducting an additional 10,000 from your credits.

    Second Example: ( when using odd numbers to bid)

    1st bid - 10,351- Will process
    2nd bid - 10,000- (will not process as you have that amount currently as a bid)
    2nd bid- 20,000 - (will not process as it is not 10,001 above the original bid)
    2nd bid- 20,352 - Will process

    Total Bid is the highest amount bid of 20,352. This will then only deducting an additional 10,001 from your credits.

    AMMO Bidding: When bidding on ammo in the auction please know that it will only allow you to bid if you have the current space available on your ship.You can attempt to place a bid (as shown below)


    No space available (As shown below)



    Purple - Completed Auctions:
    This is how you can see the winners at the hour and day they won.
    (as shown Below)


    Completed Auctions:
    View auctions that have been won by you or others in the community.
    As shown above you will See in the Yellow Box the following:
    Time Auction completed, Item Image, Item title and below the Title is the winner for that hour.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: If I bid on an Item in trade and get out bid, can I bid again?
    A: Yes, you can re bid you place a new bid on an item you've already bid on, it will be added to the previous total instead of overwritten, which will save you credits.

    Q: If I bid on an item and lose, will I lose all of the hard earned credits?
    A: No, you will recover the credits bid if you do not win the auction.

    Q: What do I have to do if I want to raise my current bid?

    A: Just enter the new amount you want to bid for the auction. Keep in mind that your new bid has to be at least 10,000 Credits higher than your current bid.

    Q: If I bid on the wrong item or an Item I don't want can I get a refund.
    A: No, refunds on items bid on in the auction area are a choice, therefore no refunds will be made.

    Q: Is there a minimum of Credits I have to bid for an auction?

    A: Yes, the minimum bid for an auction is 10,000 Credits.

    Q: Where can I see how much I did bid for an auction?

    A: Just go to the auction you have bid for and you will see your current bid displayed below the item description.

    Q: Where can I see the amount of the current highest bid for an auction?
    A: The current highest bid is not visible as long as you are not the highest bidder. You can always find your current bid for an auction displayed below the item description.

    Thank you ->Whitelazer<- for your particiaption on this thread
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